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Submitted by nextbigname 1312d ago | article

Why Consoles Aren’t Going Anywhere

In the gaming world, everybody is behind their PCs at all times, so there is no chance to have a beer together; or split a chocolate cake for that matter. When it comes to debates, the hottest one on the market right now, and has been for the past few years, is PCs versus consoles opera. Its hard to say how people are still not tired of expressing their hateful feelings towards one or another at every single article on the topic of hardware. My best guess would be too much free time, but you know what – that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that one side is clearly winning, and that is of course PC enthusiasts (lets leave the worn-out word “elitists” out of this). (3DS, Casual games, Dev, f2p, GameCube, Industry, Kinect, Next-Gen, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PSP, Tech, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360)

DeFFeR  +   1312d ago
What consoles need are the ability to upgrade. We've been almost 7 years on 360 and 6 on PS3 (let's ignore the Wii for now...).

The graphical upgrades in the last 6+ years have been astronomical, but the hardware on consoles have been hindered by 'old tech.' If they made it easy to swap out a graphics card or add RAM it would be an easy alternative to PC gaming.

Sure, PCs will most likely always be ahead of consoles, but that doesn't mean console games aren't good - it just means they do what they can with their limitations. Reduce some of those limitations by allowing OEM hardware upgrades (a slot for RAM, a slot for graphics card - much like replacing a slim HD?) and you can improve the experience for console gamers.

It's a stretch for sure - you're adding an element of difference between the consoles at launch and later in the hardware life, but to stand stagnant the entire console life (aesthetic changes not withstanding) only hinders gamers looking for the best experience.

TL;DR: Make consoles upgradeable - aim to make most games work on every version of the console. Make AAA titles REQUIRE updates to play (ex - Halo 4 requires 8gb HD installation)
LightofDarkness  +   1312d ago | Well said
That kind of destroys the convenience of consoles, so no. If you're going to go down that route, you might as well just buy a PC.

These sorts of things intimidate and confuse the average consumer, and they might feel pretty angry that they have to continually buy new components to play the latest games, because that's historically NOT something consoles do. Plus, having multiple configurations out there takes away the optimization advantage; console games would start to look worse on average in order to remain compatible with the variety of configurations out in the wild.

You need only look at things like the N64 expansion pak to see that this is not a good idea.
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NoFanboyRequired  +   1312d ago
Good explanation right there. People fail to realize that its a lot easier for developers to work on a single GPU than trying to get a game to work with multiple cards out on the pc. If a developer worked on only one card on the PC, and everyone had that card, It would be one hell of a game, graphically!

But yeah, i don't see this ever happening in the console world. It would be a headache for the not so tech savy people and create many problems for most.
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HammadTheBeast  +   1311d ago
Agreed. This is the reason a LOT of mobile devs stay away from Androids, and why we don't see Infinity Blade and stuff on Android. The developers want to work on one thing,and make it run great instead of a few meh things.

I'd love to see some kickass android games that worked well overall.
decrypt  +   1311d ago
There are several reasons why consoles cant be upgradable. People should stop requesting for such stuff.

1) Consoles are designed to be as cost effective as possible, meaning everything is soldiered in. Making upgradable machine first of all will cost more.

2) Even if they did make it upgradable, think of the bottlenecks. If you had a 5 year old motherboard, its pointless throwing in the latest graphics card on to that thing. Just too many constraints, console specific parts will be more expensive than PC versions due to royalties and not enough production, performance wont scale due to other parts being old. Why do you think companies like Intel, AMD introduce new archtectures every few years, its because new hardware can be taken advantage of.

3) Not many people will be willing to upgrade, when it comes to the PC. Millions of people who arent even gaming need parts like CPUs, Ram, Motherboards, HDs. The only part really designed for gamers is the GPU. Hence when all the other parts are made in such mass quantity it solves the problem of consumption. Its not like console makers will be using off shelf ram, CPUs etc. Hence it will cost them more to make those specific parts and then if the demand is not so great that will become a problem.

Overall i dont think its a feasible idea to make upgradable console, not only for the above reasons.
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SITH  +   1311d ago
@lightofdsrkness. And that is what I just did, I bought a PC. I am sick of waiting for the possibility of a console to get the power it needs to run the games I want to play. Wasn't always that way, I played PC before consoles. Time to go back. I want to play Arma 3, and serious flight sims again. I miss space games, and there are no serious space sims on consoles at all. I miss the mouse and keyboard.

I will still pick up a next console system, but this way I satisfy one missing element consoles continuously lack for me.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1312d ago
so you want a small pc?
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SITH  +   1311d ago
Not for me but... it just so happens to be a compact pc as big as a current gen console. And yes, it will run battlefield three on high settings.

And consoles already implement upgradable parts. Anyone increase their hard drive size before? That is one type of upgrade very common in PCs.
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NoFanboyRequired  +   1311d ago
Lol, who the hell would buy a dell? They suck.

I'd rather spend the couple hundred dollars more for this thing than buy a crappy alienware.
JBSleek  +   1312d ago
"What consoles need are the ability to upgrade."

Then they become PC's and not gaming console with strict guidelines so everyone has the same experience.

"If they made it easy to swap out a graphics card or add RAM it would be an easy alternative to PC gaming."

Or it would be a PC.

If graphics are your allure I would very much say that you become a PC gamer and I'm sure you already are.
DeFFeR  +   1311d ago
"If graphics are your allure I would very much say that you become a PC gamer and I'm sure you already are."

I am a PC gamer as well as a console gamer. Mostly, I was trying to find an idea that would justify a 7-10 year console life cycle with "old tech" without the games being held back by the console they are created for.

"Or it would be a PC."

Aren't they already though?

I didn't really like my comment up top after I posted it, but I figured I'd share anyway.
slayorofgods  +   1312d ago
They don't need to upgrade, just future proof a little better. Really, processors / gpu's / and ram last even in a pc for a long time if built properly. For example, people may laugh that I still have a ati 5770 gpu (4 years old) but in reality it still performs very well with modern graphics. This card can easily last 6 years and still run games very well, despite other cards outperforming it. IMO, Technology advances a lot quicker then the actual times and gpu's perform a lot better then any games that will be out anytime soon.

The mistake that the 360 / PS3 made is they didn't take the 64 bit revolution seriously and average ram usage jumped to 8 gbs.

Also, a lot of people think graphics are starting to slow due to costs to produce. So I wouldn't expect a huge jump in the next 5 years.
krazeecain  +   1312d ago
I'm also running a 5770 right now, and I've only just recently started to crave an upgrade (still don't *need* it though.)

I think people often overestimate how much PC gaming costs nowadays.

With Moores law starting to slip, I think PC gaming will become a more viable and future-proof option for people.
slayorofgods  +   1312d ago
Moores law is still in effect. They do have 6870's at a price point just a little higher then 5770's making them almost a impulse buy and they do perform at least twice as good.

But I don't think programmers are keeping up as well with the increase in technology as I haven't had to upgraded my pc in 4 years and it still handles modern games very well. A lot of people exaggerate how often a pc has to be upgraded or replaced before its obsolete.

IMO, a pc can last the same length as a generation of consoles before a single upgrade is needed. Any upgrades in that time are only luxuries. And a console still can last 5-10 years before it's time to be replaced.
s45gr32  +   1311d ago
I agree my gaming PC has the NVIDIA GTS 480 which is the flagship graphics card of the 400 series; yet, it runs almost every game at max settings which includes Metro 2033. So, is pretty much becoming a fact that you don't really need to upgrade to the newest graphics card as it used to be in the past.
JAMurida  +   1312d ago
Dam... That's the first time I've seen the first comment on an article get nothing but disagrees and no agrees, lol.
Autodidactdystopia  +   1312d ago
I think Deffer is on the right track.

I think that an upgradeable console would do wonders for the market.

only if done correctly.

for example.

a 4 stage upgrade kit like you saw in those mini rc cars at radio shack.

start with level 1. level 2 not being released for a year or so to come level 3 continuing the trend.

However each and every game must have options for each spec, at that point its not about differing hardware or confusing the consumer especially if the upgrade has a big fat sticker on it that says "#4 do not insert upside down"

so in the future any little boy who deperately wants a tbox-250 can have one and play every game released for the system for half the price, albeit at lower graphical settings.

and every enthusiast, can buy level 4 when it comes out and continue enjoying the console for years to come.

a time upgrade scheme would make things far more affordable for the entry level user and a far better experience for the enthusiast.

the only condition to this all running smoothly is that every game must support all 4 configurations which is not very much in terms of development, as they would likely carry the same architecture.
jeeves86  +   1312d ago
Ask Sega how well they did with this.
jetlian  +   1311d ago
sega never did it so you cant ask. all pc games have a lot of assets! The new console should be something like this.

stage 1 30 fps, 720p, 16 characters online

stage 2 60 fps, 1080p, 32 characters online higher texture pack too.

The games run under the stage you got. The design should be like 360 harddrive. Simple push button whole stage release add new stage.
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DrRobotnik  +   1311d ago
Um yeah sega did do it. If your old enough to remember.
original: sega genesis
upgrade: sega cd
upgrade: sega 32x
It didn't work to well as I recall.
s45gr32  +   1311d ago
Oh please no as a console gaming vet that is what pretty much ruined this gens' consoles. The whole putting your console game onto the hard drive, the patching, and the constant updates. Don't get me started on those firmware updates. Now both the xbox 360 and PS3 are bloated with multimedia features, etc. No an upgradeable console would destroy the biggest advantage over PC gaming accessibility and I really doubt the big three have a clue on how to do it.
jetlian  +   1311d ago
no sega did not and im 30 and I fully remember. Im saying you buy 1 game and it works across all upgrades! You couldnt buy sonic 1 and if you had sega cd it up the graphics so no sega did not have the same model
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badkolo  +   1312d ago
this is exactly what the ps3 was going to be about, i will look fo rthe article but before the ps3 hit the shelves there was a interview with Ken Kutaragi , where he was discussing on how they where looking into upgradeable consoles, what if oyu could add a new card, what if you could upgrade the ram. it never happened but i bet it will with the ps4.
badkolo  +   1312d ago
thats exactly what they initially had planned, so expect this in the ps4
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hesido  +   1311d ago
Consoles shouldn't be upgradeable. END OF STORY. I don't think we even need a discussion for it.
Wizziokid  +   1312d ago
I'm sorry but if Cloud gaming does indeed take off there wont be a need for upgrading a console any more. obviously this doesn't cater to those with a poor connection however it is possible than this is how gaming will end up.

No more console upgrades or PC upgrades. all you will need is a good internet connection.
kma2k  +   1312d ago
"all you need is a good internet connection" & no download cap! :)
BlackKnight  +   1312d ago
Even with a good internet connection your controller response time, at best, is 150ms but generally higher. A 60FPS game has a response time of 66ms (COD, GT5, etc) and 30FPS games that dont have lag issues (BF3, KZ2/3, UC3 SP, etc) have 100ms lag.

Any gamer that plays fast or even medium-paced games will notice the terrible delay with cloud gaming. And faster internet won't solve this (faster means more bandwidth, not ping). Maybe if they get enough cloud server where they have one no more than 20 miles from you, but that is just ridiculous.
BitbyDeath  +   1312d ago
@Whizziokid, do you remember the hate Diablo received for needing the game to be always online?

Well take that and times it by a billion.
It'd destroy any company that tries to do it.
DrRobotnik  +   1311d ago
Remember sega channel? It didn't work out too well.
s45gr32  +   1311d ago
Hell yeah finally somebody on this site that understands, that is what I am thinking cloud gaming is the future.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1312d ago
This is actually true if cloud gaming was the only source of gaming. It would basically mean one platform, no ports, avatar graphics. Fanboy wars would be about what cloud service is better. lol
_Aarix_  +   1312d ago
Thats implying everybody in the world has a decent connection. Cloid gaming will never take off until fiber optic cables become stand and when isp's stop becoming greedy assholes. If you have a good connect good for you, but you wouldbt know the problem.
SilentNegotiator  +   1312d ago
Don't worry, fiber optics will be widely available when the phone companies finish installing this pace, that would be 2105.
taquito  +   1312d ago
everyone keeps saying " upgrades, then they become pcs, no this, or then they become pc's"

what you need to realize is consoles are ALWAYS trying to become pc's, they just cannot ever possibly keep up

who did sony just buy fore everyone HATED the idea of cloud look at them line up to talk about how awesome its going to be.....

there's been cloud gaming on pc for 5 years, and it sucks, its basically a little bit better than console graphics, theres less jaggies and true 720p always vs the sub-hd of many console games.......but is is NOTHING compared to even pc games from 2005

cloud storage

free to play

consoles will always be a generation behind pc, and thats ok, but to know the future of your favorite console maker, just look at pc right now

....well....unless your favorite console maker is nintendo, nintendo do whatever they want. i respect them for it too:)
Hicken  +   1312d ago
Consoles are NOT always trying to be PCs for one simple reason: they don't try to be open, upgradeable system.

The stuff you're talking about is simply an evolution of consoles offering more gaming options and/or styles.

Free to play wasn't capable until consoles were primarily internet-capable, which means this generation. It doesn't mean that will become the standard for console games, like so many uninformed idiots out there believe.

Cloud storage is the same: an option, and a really cool one in the event you've got games that are cross compatible like, say, The Show on PS3/Vita, or if you want to make sure your most important saves are safe from hard drive crashes. The actual games are an extension of that.

Tell me: what generation is PC on?
Bladesfist  +   1312d ago
We don't limit technology. We let it evolve. So no generations
s45gr32  +   1311d ago
Actually today's consoles you can swap the hard drive and are upgradeable. For example the launch xbox 360 lacked HDMI connection, built in wifi, only had like 2 usb ports. Then came the xbox 360 elite with built in HDMI connection still lacked wifi and still had 2 usb ports. Then there is the xbox 360 slim with 5 usb ports, built in wifi, and the latest version of HDMI connection I believe is ver 4.0. Now the PS3 downgraded itself go freaking figure. Launch PS3 4 usb ports, HDMI connection, Flash card reader, and a piano finish. Slim PS3 2 usb ports, no flash card reader, and traditional console black finish. The whole software upgrade for xbox 360 and PS3 via firmware updates from adding Netflix, video editors, the internet explorer. My god why are they trying to make consoles like PCs. For crying out loud the PS3 allow the user to use any linux flavor so the user was able to use Open Office, Sony Vegas, etc. Here you are saying that consoles are not upgradeable/downgradeable. All those options like cloud gaming, cloud storage,etc. have been readily available for the PC.
Hicken  +   1311d ago
Swapping hard drives is hardly the same as swapping gpus. And that talk about the 360? You could just as easily chalk that up to Microsoft leaving out features so you'd want to get a new one with all the features later. Linux on PS3 failed because some idiots decided to try and use it to hack the system. You open up a console too much, and it stops being a console, because then you can do whatever you want with it, including play bootleg games.

The point is that consoles aren't open systems. Adding your own hard drive doesn't change that. Buying a newer version of the system doesn't u[grade your old one.

Call me when I can pop open my PS3 and swap parts out for whatever I want to upgrade performance.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1311d ago
gaming options like web browsers? Console = game, web browser, hbo, dvr, netflix etc.. They are gonna need more memory next gen for this stuff alone. lol ps4 will have photoshop.
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LNDCalling  +   1312d ago
VHS, Vinyl, Tapes etc etc etc aren't going anywhere!!

In my humble opinion both PC's and Consoles will, in the not-too-distant future, no longer be!.. at least not in the guise we recognise them today.

@comment#1 No no no.. it just wouldn't work in so many ways and if it were to happen we may as well buy PC's as that's what they'd be.

It would take away any benefit gleaned from consoles being fixed platforms, devs would have to cater for the lowest common denominator whilst in the other hand not bothering to push coding so far by relying on the hardware the few may have.. as with PC gaming today!
bumnut  +   1312d ago
I agree, I think cloud gaming/computing will remove the need for buying/upgrading consoles/pc's

Not for a while, but it will happen.
SilentNegotiator  +   1312d ago
You're comparing tapes and vinyl to physical gaming hardware? As in, a platform to a concept?

Delusion certainly isn't going anywhere.
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LNDCalling  +   1312d ago
I was trying to get at the difficulty people have in accepting change, see my response to @dumahim.

I hope your not disagreeing that when CD's, DVD's etc first came about people didn't say they would never replace Tapes, VHS, if so you are obviously not old enough to remember.

Vinyl, Tapes, CD's, DVD's, Blu-Ray are mediums for music and video as a game console is in a way a medium for delivering games.
dumahim  +   1312d ago
I don't think consoles are going to go anywhere either. There are games today that people complain about the lag between hitting the button on the controller and what you see on the TV. So now they're going to throw in sending the signal to a server and waiting for compressed video to come back? Just won't work on games that require very precise timing.

And much like Blu-rays are a high quality alternative to DVDs or streaming, consoles and PCs with actual hardware are the high end gamer's option. I think there's a place for both to co-exist.
LNDCalling  +   1312d ago
Don't take my earlier comment to mean I think game streaming is where it's at. Rather that I imagine consoles won't remain in the 'form' they are today, in the same way that PC's are evolving > PC, Laptop, Netbook, Tablet...

Thus I agree with what your saying.
PopRocks359  +   1312d ago
It's difficult to say, really. People keep talking about dedicated gaming devices dying out at the hands of smartphones and PCs and cloud gaming devices.

Part of me believes that dedicated gaming devices will continue to coexist so long as we, the gamers, stick with them and make them marketable. Hell, we've been making it profitable since the 80's. Until core gaming shifts solely to a cloud device, the game console will continue to exist.
tigertron  +   1312d ago
I don't see traditional gaming going any time soon.

Besides, people like having physical ownership and they also like the option of selling games once they play them.

With cloud gaming and digital distribution, you can't.

I will always opt for discs rather than downloads.
rulakir  +   1312d ago
What I hate about PC is the stupid compatibility issues with certain games. What OS, video card, blah, blah blah... With consoles you don't have to worry about that crap. It is so much better. So what if on PC games run at 6 million fps, and have a resolution of 53661 x 65985( i just made that up).
With consoles just pop in the game, and if it has to install certain things then install and then just play the game. I too prefer physical media over digital and all this cloud craze that's going on now, however as a gamer I know things are rapidly changing so with time comes the inevitable.
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EliteDave93  +   1312d ago
To whoever wrote this article, Your mother arent going anywhere except in my pants
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Sugreev2001  +   1312d ago
The bone of contention between console and Pc gamers are Graphics.Seriously,if that is your main criteria,then become a PC gamer.Console gaming is better for those people who want to enjoy their games without having the headache of optimizing it for every single title.
klecser  +   1311d ago
Console games are for people who don't have thousands to drop on a machine just to game.

Duh, of course PC games look better. But I don't have the 1500 bucks needed to make a "gaming" PC. You can't play the best PC games with the 400 dollar HP laptop you buy at Best Buy. And even THAT is more expensive than a console.

I'm not on either side of this "debate". People should play whatever they like. But console gamers need to stop pretending that PC graphics are not the best available and PC gamers need to stop pretending like consoles are not the cheapest option for decent gaming. The dumb middle ground is iOS gaming: more expensive than consoles and unable to provide the visuals that PCs can. Its lose, lose.
trenken311  +   1312d ago
It definitely feels like consoles in general are getting very stale. Nintendo could only come up with an enhanced Wii and Im sure all the PS4 and new XBOX will just be more powerful versions. It's gotten very dull.
trenken311  +   1312d ago
And I really agree with the guy that said the market is changing and that dedicated gaming machines will cease to exist. We're already seeing that changeover in motion. How much crap do these consoles do already? I feel like gaming is just one part of what they do, and that will continue as mobile gaming becomes more and more popular to the point where all you can buy is a sony cell phone called the PS Cell that just happens to play some games.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1312d ago
I will always prefer a console.
badkolo  +   1312d ago

and here it is from ken himself when he discussed making the ps3 upgradeable through ram and other means or combining them accros networks. im sure others can find even better articles but this was just one of many where he wanted to make the ps3 have the ability to upgraded later in its life.
horndog  +   1312d ago
So what if they do?
Oh no ! He won't be able to share his chocolate cake with his welfare buddy anymore. What a fu****g bum. who gives a crap where consoles go. Get a pc and be done with. It's where all devs would go if that were to happen.
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miyamoto  +   1312d ago
We have to give Microsoft credit – they are not letting Xbox 360 to go to rest so easily. Lately, there has been plenty of stuff announced for 360, such as TV ads for Xbox Live media player, and TV ads mean more channels and free stream content. They are also developing some kind of new media system on their Xbox Live. And why wouldn’t they, if the service has earned Microsoft 142% more advertisement cash since 2010.


Microsoft’s $6.2 Billion Writedown Shows It’s Losing War With Google
Jul 4, 2012 4:45 AM EDT
Fighting for online advertising dominance with Google, Microsoft bought aQuantive in 2007—and wrote down almost the entire $6.3 billion purchase price Monday. Matthew Zeitlin on Microsoft’s next field of battle.
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LAZL0-Panaflex  +   1311d ago
Sorry nextbigthing consoles are dead. Tablets are the new console. Deal with it.
klecser  +   1311d ago
I love me some inferior controls on a game that costs a lot more! It makes total sense!
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   1311d ago
Dualshocks along with other Bluetooth controllers sync on tablets dork.

Nice attempt at sarcasm. The funny thing about sarcasm is you need to be right, when you comment, for it to work.
#20.1.1 (Edited 1311d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
klecser  +   1311d ago
Sure they sync. Its the GAMES that have crappy controls. You can have all the "capability" in the world, but if your tablet maker doesn't understand gaming, and can't make a game worth spit, then your bluetooth controller is pointless.

Way to leave the "costs a lot more" hanging there. You don't have a "right" way to respond to that.
Elvis  +   1311d ago
Because they don't have feet.. they can't move.
SephirothX21  +   1311d ago
Cloud gaming or PC. The end of consoles is not too far off. Once fibre optic cables are widespread across most developed countries and broadband speeds for the average user reach 25mb and over, Cloud gaming will take over. Consoles will be be smaller cheaper devices that connect to the cloud and stream games. There will still be unique controllers, user interfaces and exclusive games. This addresses the issue of upgrading and the problem of piracy.
D3mons0ul  +   1311d ago
This is not a threat to anybody because it is nothing new.

PCs have always had growth potential that consoles don't

They have always been technically "superior"

With the right parts, they have always been able to render smoother animations, higher fps, sharper textures and overall just better graphics

And you shouldn't be threatened by this because it is nothing new.

Message to PC "enthusiasts"
Does this "debate" really benefit anybody other than people who just like to stir up a ruckus for "trolling" purposes? Does it get more devs to build a PC version of a certain game from the ground up instead of merely porting it? Does it get more devs interested in developing exclusively for PC? Does it have any effect whatsoever on your hobby to be this way? How does it benefit you to call somebody a "peasant" because of what they play their games on?

Message to console only players
----------------------------- --
People are gonna talk smack, it's what they do. Whether it be about a superior gaming experience, a favorite team beating a rival or really anything at all that could even feasibly be considered a competition...and it's really not a big deal. You can let it go. You don't have to shout back at them for being assholes (especially because they always destroy you in these dookie flinging contests), let them SHINE brightly for the humble to see so that they may turn their backs in disgust. Thier opinion of you and what you play on does not affect your gaming experience. Just because some internet trolls tell you that consoles are dead and they are the master race doesn't make it so... because none of this really matters. The industry doesn't care about this debate. Assholes are going to be assholes no matter what you do so just let it go. This certainly doesn't benefit you and when you shout back at them, you make yourselves look just as bad, especially when your facts are wrong as they most often are.

There's nothing to gain here by conducting ourselves as we have been for the last few years and I know that personally, I want to improve who I am and how I conduct myself. I've made inflammatory remarks in the past, I've been guilty of the same dook slinging that I am condemning in this post and you know what? I regret most of it. I don't want to be like that.

We don't have to be like that. There are greater possibilities than those that the industry would like us to believe. You should be taking your anger out on the developers who decided to give you a port instead of the PC gaming experience you have come to love. You should band together and strike back against greedy publishers. You should STAND TOGETHER no matter what.

We are all gamers, no? Can anybody deny that? Maybe you should experience the best of both before you can understand that they have their rightful place in this world and in your homes. For one or the other to die would be a detriment to gaming in general.
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Gamerpeanuts  +   1311d ago
PC gaming has always been big, never will stop. Everyone has a PC, not everyone has a console. Console gamers will also always stay. what the real problem is those cheap gimmics in mobile gaming. why get minecraft when i have it on my f****** phone....lets just say borh are great in their own way...after all, PC gaming started the best companies...Valve. It also popularized gaming itself. Who hasnt played DOOM? Just hope gaming on both PC and Console dont crumble from those stuipid mobile games. Dont buy them. I never have...Never will.
s45gr32  +   1311d ago
LOL and here is another mindless article which unfortunately ended up reading because of the studpid title stating that consoles weren't going anywhere. Instead is all about PC gaming vs Console gaming. Would someone change the title please like I stated before consoles will be replaced by mobile devices/tablets and the Wii U proves it. Now PCs and consoles here are the real differences:

PCs built it or upgrade an OEM and turn it into a gaming PC
Consoles just buy plug and Play.

PCs deal with drivers, blue screens of death, and five or four years later buy new parts that are compatible with the motherboard you own

Consoles deal with overheating issues, baloney decisions made by the corporation that owns the console, lots and lots of restrictions that some problems can only be solved through a desktop PC.

That's it yes today's consoles are software upgradeable and in the case of the xbox 360 hardware upgradeable compare launch xbox 360 with elite and slim in the case of the PS3 is hardware downgradeable look at launch PS3, 80gb PS3, and slim PS3. So

This eliminates the whole consoles are cheaper than PCs and accessibility argument out of the window. I do want to point out how is downgrading a system good and why did customers participated in downgrading their PS3's that doesn't make any sense.

Today's consoles required the games to be installed in the hard drive with the xbox 360 to ensure the DVD discs don't get warpy, or scratched, and in the case of the PS3 due to the low speed of the blu-ray drive. Patching and updating say console games is a must and you cannot play a game without updating or patching say game.

So yes and its sad today's consoles are PCs a shame really.
sly-Famous  +   1311d ago
"In the gaming world, everybody is behind their PCs at all times, so there is no chance to have a beer together; or split a chocolate cake for that matter"

And that is why most PC gamers are 40 year old obese guys pouting about their graphics cards allday and living with their parents ;) This article is right about one thing though, my console isnt going anywhere and will stay connected to my TV for a long long time.
user4672848   1311d ago | Spam
Asgaro  +   1311d ago
I'm a 20 year old PC gamer.
And I would choose to play with 40 year old obese guys over little children screaming through their microphones and calling everyone a faggot and cheater, any day.

Enjoy your time with the kids.
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sly-Famous  +   1310d ago
How would you know about little children screaming through their microphones and calling everyone a faggot and cheater? unless you have played with them? just saying. Later bro
_LarZen_  +   1311d ago
I want both....
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1311d ago
Yea I think ill stick with consoles. PC isn't that big a deal.

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