PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIV Introduces the "Cross Hot Bar" Interface

Square Enix isn't just porting over the PC version of Final Fantasy XIV to the PS3. The interface is being totally redone for PS3 players, Famitsu reveals this week.

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AsimLeonheart1905d ago

This game is still alive? I didn't hear about the PS3 version for so long that I thought it has become a vaporware. Come on SE release it already. It was released on the PC in September 2010!

Squall50051905d ago

The game was a disaster when it first released on PC. It was broken as hell and was made 'Free to play' as compensation for subscribers.

I'm glad it hasn't been rushed out onto PS3. I just hope they've manage fix a lot of the problems with it. I'm sure it'll be a totally difference experience to what was originally released on the PC. Whether it's good or not, we'll have to see.

ChrisW1905d ago

Hmmm... Not "Hot Cross Buns"?

hintonmj1904d ago

Terrible, terrible name. First thing that came to my mind as well.

Kyosuke_Sanada1905d ago

I am truly at an impasse of keeping my sexy human avatar or just sporting the cute "Manthra" look....

1903d ago
TheHardware1902d ago

bout time.....hurry this up please