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Skyrims' first DLC is out and it... is really underwhelming. What seemed to be some exciting gameplay additions turn out to be tedious and not worth it. This really makes Ron Hoffecker of question the price tag.

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chukamachine1847d ago

skyrim on it's own is overhyped.

Most games are these days.


WeskerChildReborned1847d ago

Yea although i liked Skyrim, it wasn't as epic as i thought it would be. Still not sure if i should even get the Dawnguard DLC.

ApolloTheBoss1844d ago

I'll be honest with you. It's worth it but at the same time it's not. I would enjoyed it more if it was $15, and/or if it was as big as Shivering Isles, but it kind of felt like I got ripped off. Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed it, but I feel like it could have been better.

Trenta271847d ago


doogiebear1847d ago

^ Ah, to be 13 and a fool again...I don't miss those days at all.

Trenta271847d ago

I don't miss them either. Dawnguard was fun and all, but the whole Twilight thing stained it in a way. I just can't look at vampires the same way.

shammgod1847d ago

Agreed. The game is not so good, the DLC isn't much better

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execution171847d ago

I thought the Dawnguard DLC was going to be something like shivering isles type of size, since they said they DLC was going to be like "Expansions" :/