Today: 50% Off Atlus Games in the “HOJAEFJAAM” PSN Sale

Friends of the Blog of PlayStation,
‘Tis a week — nay, why not call it an entire month — of celebration! Those of you who hath recently vanquished thy terrible foe known as “school” are now celebrating as much sloth and inactivity as your parental figures are willing to permit. Those of you who work for a living are looking forward to pleasant possibilities of the vacational variety, hoping some pool/beachside lounging is in your immediate future. The United States and Canada both celebrate their Independence Days.

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Swiggins1933d ago

Atlus has literally nothing to do with Dark Souls.

They only published Demons Souls in North America.

pixelsword1933d ago

Hence the question mark.

Thanks for playing.

PoSTedUP1933d ago

persona3portable $10!? thank you atlus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blastoise1933d ago

Nothing for the EU I guess?

Dark_Overlord1933d ago

I've never known Atlus to have an EU sale, then again I can't remember seeing an Atlus published game over here

DivineAssault 1933d ago

great sale! ill take about 4 of em