5 Dumbest Final Fantasy Villains Final Fantasy has some great villains. Sephiroth, Sin, and Kefka come to mind. But for every embodiment of evil, there are the villains who are so driven by ambition, they lose sight of common-sense. When I say, “dumb,” for the list, I don’t mean they’re badly designed or even dumb ideas for characters. Some of these characters are pretty amazing and prove integral to the plot, their inclusion a necessary piece. But their “lack of vision” causes them to get seriously messed up or in some cases, killed. View these as cautionary moral tales. Spoilers abound!!!

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BringingTheThunder2153d ago

i dont think seymour belongs on there, he's pretty smart for surviving like 5 defeats.

don cornio easily belongs on there.

Godmars2902153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

I think its the very fact that he's defeated several times that's the point. It, having a villain get beaten only to walk away and come back later, was also an early sign of Square's poor story telling.

And of course this short of thing has been happening since FFVI.

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user54670072153d ago

"A man who was once a fellow SeeD, this guy takes more whoopings than almost any other FF villain except Seymour (who I’ll get to). Lackey of Ultimecia, he gets beaten at the Timber TV station, at Deling City, in the Galbadian Garden Invasion, and near the end of the game. Add incompetence to the list. What is his ultimate goal? To prove he’s better than Squall? He already has Rinoa’s attention affection"

How does that make him dumb

He wants to proove himself that he's better then everyone and not getting to become a SeeD made him even more annoyed.

He's like any other villain out there....keep on going despite being defeated a ton of times.

Nerdmaster2153d ago

I love how FFVIII fans keep making up excuses for the game's terrible characters.

DragonKnight2153d ago

I love how FFVIII's haters lack the capacity to understand even the most basic aspects of the game.

user54670072153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

I love how FF7 fans or FF8 haters like your self try make FF8 look crap when most of the characters in FF8 are better then FF7s

Squalls character development in FF8 is better then any other main FF character.

Nerdmaster2153d ago

I love how FFVIII fans assume that those who don't like it are FFVII fans. FFVIII is bad, but FFVII is even worse.

TheFinalEpisode2153d ago

I love how people lack the capacity to understand that other people can have their own opinion...

Nerdmaster2152d ago

I love how people don't realize that when they try to shut anyone up by saying "people have their own opinions", they are doing exactly what they are supposedly condemning. It's my opinion that your opinion sucks, and I'm free to say it.

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TheFinalEpisode2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

I wouldn't consider him dumb just stuborn, like most villans

SactoGamer2153d ago

I was expecting more from this article.

LiViNgLeGaCY2153d ago

I'm going to say it...


Yep. I hated that I was fighting this insane, stupid looking clown idiot.

My opinion of course.

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