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'Xbox 8' Is a Better Name For Microsoft's Next-Gen Console

Microsoft secures several Xbox-related domains include a pair for 'Xbox 8.' Here's why that's a better name for the Xbox 360 successor and it has to do with Windows 8. (Microsoft, Next-Gen)

Nodoze  +   805d ago
That's it, use number trickery to fool the buyer. Clearly the Xbox 8 (really Xbox 3) would be better than the PS4 (really a PS4)...wouldn't it?
Ryo-Hazuki  +   805d ago
I'm almost positive Sony won't name it's next-gen console the "PS4". I'm sure they want a fresh new name
user5467007  +   805d ago
I don't know it seems a bit strange to use numbers then all of a sudden choose a name for their next console

I would just use the PS4 if I was them
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sikbeta  +   805d ago

Or maybe it has to do with the interactivity with Windows 8 you know... also X8OX = XBOX Infinity!
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WeskerChildReborned  +   805d ago
PS4 doesn't sound bad. I mean Apple names their products with numbers like Ipad 2 or Iphone 4.
Blastoise  +   805d ago
I heard somewhere that Microsoft didn't want Xbox 3 because apparently to customers they'd see a Playstation 4 and buy it on the number alone, assuming 4 must be better than 3. Hence why Xbox 360 wasn't called Xbox 2.
Not sure how true that is, but it makes sense.
nukeitall  +   805d ago
I think Xbox Infinity or Xbox Loop is far more awesome. The sideway infinity sign can double as the number 8.

Xbox 8 by itself is kind of stupid.
OneAboveAll  +   804d ago
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realiks  +   805d ago
It was the reason for 360 name. They wouldn't name their product same as PS2.

But Xbox 8 is better than 720 I think.
nukeitall  +   805d ago

"That's it, use number trickery to fool the buyer. Clearly the Xbox 8 (really Xbox 3) would be better than the PS4 (really a PS4)...wouldn't it?"

As a opposed to fooling users with words instead?

Also are you saying you are the kind of person that gets fooled by numbers in a product model name?

I sure as hell don't know anyone who would be "fooled" by a digit in a name.
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ATi_Elite  +   805d ago
I don't Know! I got nothing to add!

Just impatiently waiting for next console Gen to start like everyone else!
3GenGames  +   805d ago
No, no it's not.
Kran  +   805d ago
I said this earlier...

but has no one realised the 8 could mean "Infinity"

Xbox Infinity

That's not too bad of a name, but sounds quite dramatic if i do say so myself :/

Plus it makes no sense to call it the Xbox 720. 360 made sense cause it was 360 degree gaming.

720.... um...
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Irishguy95  +   805d ago
Or Xbox Loop
Hanuman  +   805d ago
Or Playstation U..
Maul_T_Pass  +   805d ago
The 360 in 'Xbox 360' has nothing to do with 360 gaming. It has to do with the fact that the Xbox 360 was designed to be a device that encompasses all aspects of entertainment such as gaming, movies, social networking, etc.

This is why I never understood people assuming '720' was going to be the next name. I will bet money on it that it won't. What company would want their users to walk into a room look around then walk back out? (some of you won't get that)
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Leathersoup  +   805d ago
I wonder if it's possible that Microsoft is simply planning to use the name for their Windows 8 Xbox service.
abc1233  +   805d ago
Yes but what about when Windows 9, 10, 11, etc. come out? Are they just going to rename the xbox with each iteration of windows just to confuse the buyers? Once a new windows is released, the name just won't make much sense anymore.
goldwyncq  +   805d ago
They should just call it Xbox RROD
GameOn  +   805d ago
Do yourself a favour. Dont go into marketing.
LOL_WUT  +   805d ago
Is the 8 supposed to be better or something because it's a higher number?

I think its pretty dumb but out of two (720 or 8) the 720 makes more sense.
cgoodno  +   805d ago
Reference to Windows 8, since Windows 8 is going to integrate all of Microsoft's future platforms (phone, tablet, PC, and console).
JellyJelly  +   805d ago
If they want that break in Japan they should call it something like the X-e-box-ie Ultratron 3000 Reiziger (they love german sounding stuff).

Or just simply call it the Schoolgirl Rapebox.
IM_A_MARVEL  +   805d ago
I really couldn't care if they end up calling it the Purple Monkey Dishwasher 3000, so long as it sates my gaming needs and interests like the 360 has, I'm sold!
Moby-Royale  +   805d ago
This ps3 only owner would totally buy a console named Purple Monkey Dishwasher 3000. Just dropping the name alone would be one hell of a conversation starter. Lol


Pretty funny.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   805d ago
Xbox 8 sounds, oook I guess. I think MS should drop the box part of the name and call it X sumthin "X-Phaze" "(neXt Phaze maybe) or the "X-revolution.
DivineAssault  +   805d ago
how bout "media box"
RevXM  +   805d ago
Maybe that 8 means Infinity.
Not so easy to type the Infinity character thing. I dont even know how its done with a keyboard without changing some computer settings or find it using word or openoffice...

I guess it is just a lot easier to type "8", than what ever it takes to get the Infinity character down on the paper every single time you mention it.

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