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Iwata on lack of recent Wii games, Wii U stacking up to PS3/360 successors

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata comments on the lack of Wii games in the past couple of years and addressed a concern that the Wii U could lose out on some future games if it's not as powerful as the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 successors. (PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

MacUser1986  +   751d ago
I still play my Wii, I just bought Resident Evil Zero and Mario Galaxy 2.
ShaunCameron  +   751d ago
I just bought MadWorld last week.
SilentNegotiator  +   751d ago
Read: "recent"

Only "recently"? hur hur hur hur hur
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Skateboard  +   751d ago
Resident Evil 0 is one of my favorite games of all time.
AWBrawler  +   750d ago
Recently got Arc Rise Fantasia and have 2 games coming in the mail next week: Secret files Tunguska and Fragile Dreams Farewell Ruins of the Moon
corrus  +   751d ago
Actually is not some will lose everything and fans of Nintendo again will play only on Mario and Zelda
yabhero  +   751d ago
Im a fan of nintendo and I play way more than Mario and zelda
Instigator  +   751d ago
I have 3 Mario games and 2 Zelda games on Wii out of around 60 titles in total, not including Virtual Console and Wiiware games. Tell me more about how I as a Nintendo fan only play Mario and Zelda.
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live2play  +   751d ago
yea and xbox fans only play halo and gears
ps3 fans play uncharted and... idk?

shortsighted person
bothebo  +   751d ago
Trying to sell it as a social device is not a good move Nintendo. We have these things called computers and phones which we already use to socialize with people and to play games.
hoopstar13  +   751d ago
Perhaps you didn't see any of the game demos or controller functions at E3.
modesign  +   751d ago
hate to be camptain buzzkill, but the wii tablet is probably limited in range so you cant take it everywere to play games, and if you can why would you.
CLOUD1983  +   751d ago
When PS4/nextbox launch Wii U will stay back again no brain the new consoles will be so strong & the graphics so advanced that ports will be impossible on Wii U unless they downgrade them hard, as I have already read in many articles already Wii U cant even keep up with PS3/xbox so figure out by that.

Btw what's this crap Ninti continue say that consoles distract every1 on home & other family members cant see TV? they continue to say this crap again & again, how no1 told them that there is no chance a gamer doesn't have a 26-32'' LCD TV on his/her room, most houses have 2-3 TV maybe more so why they continue to say this & use it as a marketing tool.. get real dudes we live in 2012 not in the 60's & 70's where every house have 1 TV only.. :/
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darkgod  +   751d ago
oh lord oh so it cant keep up with ps3/360? i herd otherwise lol
yabhero  +   751d ago
Sir do you have specs for any of the three consoles you mentioned? No. Then kindly shut up... It's makes you sound ignorant when you talk about WiiUs power or the other consoles when nothing is know about them expect fanboy speculation and rumor.
Ramas  +   751d ago
yup use your brain, simple logic, WII U will be first new generation console, so ofcourse it will be most powerful console up to date. my personal guess 20% more powerful then current consoles.
After 1.5 year when ps4 and nextbox will be released they will be ofcourse much more powerful then WII-U.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   751d ago
Truth be told, like I've said numerous times already, we won't see a huge jump unless Microsoft re-writes the API for software engineers or if maybe Sony introduces new televisions that can output more pixel densities.
Jadedz  +   751d ago
What the Wii "really" suffered from, was its basic online service
Though functional, it wasn't really the ideal platform for those who spend the most of their time multiplayer gaming online (Barring: Cod's, Conduit 1/2, Monster Tri, etc.). Limited hardware also played a role in the Wii's lack of potential AAA 3rd party supported software.

I would like to think of it as an, "you live and you learn" experience for Nintendo. Whatever the shortcomings - the Wii is Nintendo's most successful hardware console they've ever manufactured in their history of gaming.

They've negated the bad (basic online service, friends codes), and have expanded upon the positives. The Wii U will be a balanced console for gaming's next generation.
Qrphe  +   751d ago
The Wii U will have the cost and amount of games advantage by the time the PS4/720 come out. However, all of them will also be competing against the PS3/360 at the same time.
metroid32  +   751d ago
yes with Sony pushing ps3 so hard they will need a DX11/DX12 chip to get ps3 gamers to upgrade,WiiU as we know is DX11/Compute shaders ect is as good as a high end PC,your right if Mic/Sony leave it too late they will die very fast.
Qrphe  +   751d ago
I doubt anyone will die in this. Sony and Microsoft keep breathing life into their consoles which will be enough to compete with the Wii U for a while, just like the Wii U will have to compete with the other next-gen consoles even with inferior hardware.
the worst  +   751d ago
wii u is going down
bothebo  +   751d ago
Iwata definitely did not make it sound like a seller. We already have streaming services and other ways to socialize with people. What makes the Wii U so special? Not to mention gaming on the Wii U has yet to convince people to buy one.
AO1JMM  +   751d ago
What makes the 360/PS3 special? or the PS4/720 special?

"Not to mention gaming on the Wii U has yet to convince people to buy one."

That is the wildest comment I have heard on N4G yet.

I am convinced and I WILL be getting a WiiU
bothebo  +   751d ago

"What makes the 360/PS3 special? or the PS4/720 special?"

Probably the games they have including third party and first party support. Not to mention the services both Microsoft and Playstation offer which Nintendo compete with and has admitted to. They also actually give you something for your money.

"I am convinced and I WILL be getting a WiiU"

I'd like to know what convinced you? Was it your bias towards Nintendo? Or, the ports and multiplats that'll you'll have to pay $300+ to play when you would only have to pay $60 on any other system to play?
StraightedgeSES  +   751d ago
Seriously what did Nintendo do to you? your acting as Nintendo raped your family or something. And you made your look like a hypocrite with that last comment.
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AO1JMM  +   751d ago

"Probably the games they have including third party and first party support."

So far the WiiU has pretty good 3rd and 1st party games for the launch time frame (my opinion obviously).

"They also actually give you something for your money."

Nintendo doesn't? Please explain.

"I'd like to know what convinced you? Was it your bias towards Nintendo?"

The games! Also just because I like what I have seen so far doesn't mean I am "biased". I do after all own all 3 current gen systems and a gaming PC.

"Not to mention gaming on the Wii U has yet to convince people to buy one."

YOU do NOT speak for every gamer!!!!!

"Or, the ports and multiplats that you'll have to pay $300+ to play when you would only have to pay $60 on any other system to play?"

First off I buy every console specifically for the exclusive games that go on it and that is why I have all 3 plus a PC. Multiplats I simply choose to play it on whatever system I choose to do so.
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LOL_WUT  +   751d ago
So Mr. Iwata can't promise that 3rd party publishers won't abandon the Wii U once PS3/Xbox successors come out.

Lets just hope he's doing some deals because once those other consoles come out and that happens we'll all know who to blame for their incompetence. :)
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greenlantern2814  +   751d ago
well he did say their actions in preparing for the 3ds and wiiu have let the wii suffer. so that is a mistake, the next mistake he will be telling people about is the wiiu's power.
you cant make a next gen system that is only as powerful as what is currently out (360,PS3) the fact is nintendo greatly under powered the wii, it should have been what the wiiu is. and they did this cause they wanted to be cheaper and appeal to the casual gamers. and the fact that wii has basically lost all support including nintendo's, forces them to release a next gen system before ms, or sony. but once again they want to be cheap so they under power the wiiu so it will be outdated faster than the xbox720 and ps4 so they will once again have to bring new hardware sooner. maybe by than nintendo will learn there lesson and remember making a console to be the cheapest means it suffers
gk07  +   751d ago
I like where he's coming from my girlfriend is always bitching about the t.v having to watch it in her room wii u would so shut her trap lmao
blackdream  +   751d ago
Nintendo has become the new Sony corporate liars.
ChickeyCantor  +   751d ago
He is actually admitting that he doesn't know how it will turn out for the future.
Don't see how that makes him a liar.
mochachino  +   751d ago
While I don't own a Wii, you can't criticize Wii owners for only playing Mario and Zelda games when the majority of PS3/360 owners only play COD and the current years sports game.
hoopstar13  +   751d ago
Everybody is a "fan-boy" for something. It's been going on since before Atari vs Coleco-Vision. It's great to have various products to choose from
Ezio-Auditore00  +   751d ago
I wish i could buy the wii u. I would have the money at the time but my dad would fuckin flip it i already have 3 ps3's and a ps vita
metroid32  +   751d ago
Well specs are official now and there at least 6x ps3 easy.

DX11/Compute shaders.
3 coherent cores WOW.
2 gig RAM/568mb on OS.
HD6770/1.34 terraflops.
CPU using Watson tech.
32mb/728MB of EDRAM,Massive WOW.

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