Remedy is gearing up for an Alan Wake 2 announcement

Amazing news for all Alan Wake fans as Remedy has registered the domain name for

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Frankfurt2204d ago


The backstory blog with the new Alan Wake characters has been amazing.

ATi_Elite2204d ago

Day 1 PC release this time around!

Plagasx2204d ago

Unfortunately, I doubt that will happen...PC gamers always get fucked over when it comes to simultaneous releases..

Trebius512204d ago

Gettin it on PC for sure. 1st one wasnt so bad, im sure they wont make the same mistakes twice though.

Here's hoping.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232204d ago

can not wait. Remedy are one of the best writers out there. loved AW & AW:AN.

also day 1 PC release please this time, you know we made you profit in 24hours.

IronFistChinMi2204d ago

Because it was cheaper to port over as all the ground work had been done for the 360 version.

dirthurts2204d ago

Profit is profit. It doesn't matter why.
If they have the resources, they'll release it for pc as quickly as possible.
I don't mind waiting if I must, quality is worth the wait.

FinaLXiii2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Is Alan Wake IP still a xbox exclusive? just wondering

coolbeans2204d ago

The answer to that would be no. I'm pretty sure Remedy has stated their complete control over the Alan Wake franchise at least once.

greenpowerz2204d ago

He already knows the answer to his question, he's just trolling. If a person knows and cares enough about the franchise to ask one would know by now or would have googled it.

Patriots_Pride2204d ago

Alan Wake launched as an Xbox 360 exclusive in 2010. It launches on PC this week nearly two years later. Alan Wake's American Nightmare is an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive game.

So far, Alan Wake has yet to grace a PlayStation platform, and it sounds like it will continue to skip Sony consoles in the future - despite Remedy owning the Alan Wake IP.

"I know you're never going to see Alan Wake or Alan Wake's American Nightmare on PlayStation," Hakkinen said. "Those are Xbox exclusives.

"The franchise is really close to our hearts. It's something we developed for a long time. You'll be seeing more of Alan Wake in the future."
But will Alan Wake 2 be multi-platform?

"With all honesty, there are absolutely no plans for that at the moment," Hakkinen replied.

"I'm not going to say never, but at the same time I'll say there are no plans. There are no conversations and no plans going on for multi-platform."

FinaLXiii2204d ago

If Sony makes a phone call tomorrow we will know about it.

ALLWRONG2204d ago

I guess you can just call it a "MS exclusive" seeing how you can only play it on Windows and 360.

As in: PC no MAC and 360 no PS3.

ATi_Elite2204d ago

No such thing as a Microsoft exclusive!

Alan Wake is available for 360 and PC!

You can play Alan Wake on an Mac through boot camp.

Also Alan Wake is playable through Gaikai allowing Linux and Mac users to play it!

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Agent_hitman2204d ago

Good! good! Remedy go for it!!!.. I love Alan wake series.. I'm a big fan of it.. Love the story especially the American nightmare..

user54670072204d ago

I hope they dont make it so you have to play American Nightmare......action based Alan Wake was not my cup of tea. They should of just kept going with DLC for the first game

southernbanana2204d ago

If this pans out it will be music to my ears. Alan Wake is one of my favorite games this generation and I have been hoping to hear news regarding a sequel.

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