Downloadable PS2 Games Coming To Japanese PS3 This Month

Japanese PS3 users will be able to have access to PS2 games this month on PSN.

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asmith23061933d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing San Andreas on the list of upcoming titles.

yewles11933d ago

Good, now can we have some TurboGrafx games since JPN PSN already has them?

Bowzabub1933d ago

Just go buy Splatterhouse..comes with the originals and Bonk is already on the US store. There's your Turbo Grafx16.

kyon1471933d ago

Would be nice to see more games in the list, I think there will be more to come. I'd like to see Project Zero in there tbh

oneangle1933d ago

So much for a Dark Cloud hd series if it's gonna be released as a ps2 title on psn.

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