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Submitted by yabhero 1245d ago | rumor

WiiU- Confirmed specs from SDK and GPU info

If you read past the confirmed dev kit specs (developer confirmed from Nintendo's SDK) in the article and read about the features of Wii U's GPU you can understand how superior it is over the current HD twins. It basically comes down to the Wii U having a GPU using DirectX 11 features that are not possible on current systems.

Optimized post-processing effects – apply advanced lighting techniques to enhance the mood in a scene
High quality shadow filtering – no more hard edges on a shadow, see shadows the way you would in real life
Depth of field – use the power of the GPU to have more realistic transitions of focal points – imagine looking through a gun sight or a camera lens
High Definition Ambient occlusion – incredibly realistic lighting and shadow combinations

This confirms that the Wii U is a next-gen machine not in comparison to the Wii but in comparison to the current HD systems. All next-gen systems will have graphics cards that have the same/similar features from... (Dev, Industry, Next-Gen, Nintendo, Tech, Wii U)

Hard to tell
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LostDjinn  +   1246d ago
Well this looks legit.
It's not like it's a blog site or anything.

*shakes head*

Edit: I'm sorry but DX11? Really? Really?!
Funny how with all the "legit" info there's no mention of OpenCL.

Don't worry. I know what to do.
*grabs guitar and starts to sing*
"Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya"
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guitarded77  +   1245d ago
It bugs the hell out of me when they use the word "Confirmed" in the title when it's a rumor. Just put "Wii U - Rumored Specs" because it's not F'n confirmed... but that would take some integrity from the author to risk a lack of hits for the sake of telling the truth.

Anyway, until Nintendo gives us the specs or someone gets their hands on one and guts it on youtube it's still a rumor. Although there does appear to be some weight to the rumor.
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irepbtown  +   1245d ago
If you write 'rumoured specs' then who would click the article at all?
We've seen countless number of them. The title is simply to draw hits.

Anyway, whatever the specs are the Wii U is definitely something I'll consider. Some of the things I've seen (especially E3) has got me glued.

It may not be 100% next gen, but it will definitely be something we've never experienced before. It may just have the honour of lying beside my PS3 :D
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Computersaysno  +   1245d ago
It doesn't tell us a whole much about the machine's GPU performance anyway and its a rumour and list i have seen before here.

32mb of EDRAM and 1.5Gb of memory is reasonable enough but without knowing what sort of memory speeds/bus width/shader count/clockspeeds we can't give accurate performance. Only rumours and indeed guesses.

My guess is a part based off a low end Radeon, along the lines of the 55/5670. Anything much faster and we would have been made aware of it by now, we would have seen it in Batman leaps and bounds rather than slight improvements.

Its just this thing that says if it were really significantly superior to Ps3 and 360 Nintendo would have made us aware of it. They would have made it very obvious in trailers and such.

It was obvious within minutes of Microsoft demoing a host of 360 games in 2005 how much of a leap it was over Xbox.

In the absence of such evidence the only conclusion i have right now is that it is marginally more powerful than existing consoles.
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nukeitall  +   1244d ago
The easy solution is to keep down rating these sites that pull shit like that. As soon as those ratings starts affecting the sites, they will stop abusing titles!

Hit the plus sign next to the site url above and down rate that mofo site!!!
victorGma21  +   1244d ago
the original source is neogaf (which is a trusted source), but I agree with you on this one. I hate misleading titles lol. Why can't they just put "rumour" in the title? Is it so difficult?
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LocutusEstBorg  +   1245d ago
Just like DX11 on a GeForce GT420 rocks.
geddesmond  +   1245d ago
DX 11 is next gen lol. Its 3 years old. DX12 would be next gen. I mean we all knew the Wii U would be more powerful than the consols that are 6 and 7 years old but depth of field, realer shadows and better lighting is only a small step ahead.

Now if it could run games perfectly at 60fps and in 1080p while processing so much information on screen like 100 different enemies all doing different things at once then I'd definitely call it next gen


Well not so next gen when developers like ND have been using those effects since UC2. One of the main reasons UC2 looked so good was because of its depth of field, Lighting, Animation and particle effects and with The last of Us they just showed the machines capable of much more. These effects are clever ways of hiding the stuff that doesn't look great.

And thats why I said if the games could run all this stuff perfectly it would be next gen because so far its just rumours. We don't know how these games run with all this stuff yet. Rage ran at 60 FPS with a lot of these effects but that didn't run perfectly.
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Ck1x  +   1245d ago
Actually those are major steps in graphics over the current HD consoles. That's all any of the next-gen engines(UE4, CryEngine3, Frostbite 2) are touting, better lighting, shadows and particle effects for explosions without taking major hits on the hardware.
specialguest  +   1245d ago
There will never be a "next-gen" console according to what you consider next gen, because console developers will not sacrifice graphics quality over everything else.
metroid32  +   1245d ago
guess what EDRAM is used for extreme gameplay look it up and wiiu has 32mb/768MB of the stuff get a grip and 2 gig of RAM alright half a gig is used on the OS but i'm sure this equates to better AI and more enemies on screen at once.
PoSTedUP  +   1245d ago
@ck- i was blown away this gen by games like MS:pr, killzone2-3 etc. on a big HD tv with a good amp and big speakers cranking. Imagine it all with better lighting and depth of field etc. and better more realistic graphics!? i sold my ps3, tv and speakers (miss them dearly) but am going to start saving now for a PS4 and a 42-50in decent sony bravia. cant wait!!!
geddesmond  +   1244d ago

Wow pulling edram specs out of your arse because neither Nintendo or IBM have made any comments on those specs yet, plus since nintendos trying to get their costs down I ain't even sure on the specs they announced so far either cause some of them could easily change.


Ah no way, really? So what your saying is technology available now is not powerful enough to run 1080p games at 60fps while processing 100s of different things at once??Are you saying its impossible? of course devs won't sacrifice smooth running games for graphics but if they have the right hardware they wouldn't have to.
LOL_WUT  +   1244d ago
@ geddesmond That metroid32 guy has been posting these specs on some articles already facepalm. Little does he know that it's not even confirmed yet it's just a rumor.
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victorGma21  +   1244d ago
I am having a hard time trying to understand why you sold your PS3. I would just buy another one if I was you.
specialguest  +   1244d ago

Current Gen consoles have the tech to do all of that NOW, but its not going to happen with this console Gen or even next because consoles hardware will always be limited.

Sure, hardware tech will one day allow little effort to achieve what you stated as "next gen", but it won't happen this upcoming next gen. the ps4/xbox720 will not be massively more powerful than the WiiU.
OpenGL  +   1244d ago
Based on the specs in the article this GPU isn't DirectX 11 compliant anyway as the max texture size is listed as 8192x8192 but the reality is that DirectX 11 GPUs support 16384x16384 textures in DirectX 11 and OpenGL.
AO1JMM  +   1244d ago
"It was obvious within minutes of Microsoft demoing a host of 360 games in 2005 how much of a leap it was over Xbox."

It is obvious that the WiiU is a huge leap over the Wii.
InTheZoneAC  +   1244d ago
Blackdeath_663  +   1238d ago
anything will be a huge leap over the wii. chances are that when ps4/xbox720 are released the wiiU will be dwarfed and left behind.
Ulf  +   1246d ago
It's important to note that many DX11 GPUs are not as powerful (meaning texture, poly, fill performance) as the 360 or PS3 GPUs. These are the low-priced models -- exactly the sort that a company looking to lower the cost of their console into a range where families would find it affordable, *might* want in its console. A Radeon 6570 or 7570 would be only slightly more powerful than the Xenos or RSX, and would be a very affordable option for the Wii U, for example.

Also, the Wii U, due to its unique controller (actually 2), will also need to accommodate rendering images to at least one, if not two (for coop) controllers -- thus eating away at GPU power. I have no doubt that the Wii U GPU is better than the X360 or PS3 GPU overall, but we shouldn't expect to *see* much of a difference, in the end, due to this factor alone.

If we're lucky, everything will be true 720p, and a solid 30 fps, whereas the other platforms have often been "barely" there due to ambitious game design. The Wii U may provide just enough extra muscle, after the render-to-pad expenses, to give us the smoothest & cleanest overall experience with crossplat X360 and PS3 titles.
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wishingW3L  +   1245d ago
what you're talking about that an HD 6570 is slightly more powerful than the RSX and Xenos? Are you crazy? Dude, right now even integrated cards are much more powerful than current gen GPU's on consoles.

A freaking HD 6570 has around 480 stream processors for god's sake! While the PS3 only has like 24 (and not even using unified architecture) and the Xbox 48. An HD 6570 is much more powerful than an Xbox and PS3 fused together!! XD
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chukamachine  +   1245d ago
I'm lol right now.

Having DX11 in a gpu does not mean alot if it cannot pull off DX11 with ease and i can tell you right now. It cannot.

With any dx11 features involved, it'll be pushing 30fps max.

6570 has a 5200mpixel fillrate.

7800gtx has a 8800 mpixel fillrate

Although 6570 has better texture throughput, which is quite understandable. but only 8rops. a 7800gtx does 16rops.

My point is, people just look at graphic cards and go, yeah it's newer and so so much better.
Ulf  +   1243d ago
@ wishingW3L:

"A freaking HD 6570 has around 480 stream processors for god's sake!"

LoL. Do you believe that AMD GPUs are "more powa" because they have a truckload more "cores" than nVidia GPUs, even relative to modern designs.

You realize the GTX 570 has 480 cuda cores, right? Do you honestly believe that an nVidia core and a AMD "stream processor" are an even match? Do you have ANY idea what thread warping is?

A HD 6570 only has about 25% more texturing muscle than the RSX, despite having -- LOL -- "more cores". You honestly believe that AMD marketing drivel... what a joke.

Also, with regards to "Dude, right now even integrated cards are much more powerful than current gen GPU's on consoles"... what utter BS. An Intel HD4000 is AT BEST, half as powerful as the Xenos and RSX. Where on earth did you get the idea that they were more powerful? Please tell me you didn't read this somewhere on a respectable tech site, and not some random backwoods forum?
_-EDMIX-_  +   1245d ago
LOL. I have no clue what your talking about. I think you need to google what those GPU's are.

ANY GPU released pasted 2006 is going to be GREATLY superior to that of the PS3 and 360. Have you seen the APU's AMD has released? They are heads above anything on console. Mind you there like $70.

Though the Wii U is greatly more powerful then the current gen systems, it really means very little now. Its like the XB1, being really powerful means nothing if you don't even have support to make content on it that are not just PC ports.

Wii U will do great, but i think the GPU, CPU etc won't get used in the way people may think. Nintendo as a publisher will be the one to really take full use of such a powerful system.

3rd parties will just use it for watered down ports.
COD4 for Wii anyone?
Sony360  +   1245d ago
This is an example of someone who reads too much jargon on N4G and starts to believe they know what they're talking about when they repeat it.

The first paragraph is probably the biggest insult to anyone who's ever built their own PC. Do you really believe that most GPU's that support DX11 aren't more powerfull than the GPU's in current gen consoles, or did you just copy and paste that from someone else who's really not informed on hardware?

Are you forgetting (or did you know to begin with) that current gen consoles are using GPU's that were created 7 years ago, before even DX10 was out?
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tee_bag242  +   1244d ago
Tell me about out. Guy hasn't got a clue.

My old 4850 would push out better graphics performance than the consoles on multi-platform games. ie L4D2, RE5.

Yet Ulf wants to compare the RSX and Xenon to a 6xxx and 7xxx serious no friggin way.
Take your pick, a 6xxx or 7xxx, either absolutely spanks whats in the consoles right now.
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Ulf  +   1242d ago

"My old 4850 would push out better graphics performance than the consoles on multi-platform games. ie L4D2, RE5."

Do you have any idea how much more powerful a 4850 is, than a 7570? Just the texture performance is at least 3x. Just because a chip is modern, doesn't make it amazingly powerful. GPUs haven't gotten faster in the past 5 years, for the most part -- mostly they've just gotten *cheaper*, except at the very high end where they use the extra die area to load down the chip with more pipes. Do you realize how close the nVidia 8800 GTX is, to modern high-end GPUs? It's 5 years old, and will probably tromp what Nintendo will put in the Wii U easily.

Trust me when I say that Nintendo will NOT put a $600 GPU in the Wii U, or even a $250 one. More than likely, its a $100 chip on par with a 7670 (a 7570 would be too cheap, even for Nintendo)-- a chip with not even 2x the texturing ability of the Xenos or RSX, and less than half the muscle of your "old" 4850.

You know that the Radeon 6850 is not really better than your 4850, right, despite its being a couple years newer?
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tordavis  +   1245d ago
ROFLMAO I'm glad the other posters replied. This dude Ulf is smoking dem cracks!
Incipio  +   1245d ago
HungPHATx  +   1244d ago
Must be a VenomousFatman "1" fan commenting here :-)

Please take the stand Mr Venomous LMFAO....
donman1  +   1244d ago
You got to be joking... Wii U will have games running at full 1080p in the near future. The reason why the launch games are 720p is because they are ports of games also releasing on Xbox360/PS3. The games are already deep in development and not using any of the enhance capabilities of the Wii U GPU. Developers also have to learn how to enhance their games with the new Wii U hardware that is clearly more powerful than current gen.

This confirmed spec sheet of one of the earlier dev box shows this.

The next generation of gaming will be similar to the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era where Xbox and gamecube (to a lesser degree) were more powerful than the PS2 but not by much. Wii U will be the PS2 in this coming next gen in terms of first out the gate, with great install base and full 3rd party support.
tordavis  +   1244d ago
Yeah I agree with Donman1. It's not like the PC ports of these Xbox360/PS3 games run higher than 720p.
Irishguy95  +   1246d ago
Isn't it supposed to have a power 7 Gpu? Which makes it >>> 360/ps3. Meh, the fact that it can run Ac3 has decent AA on the WiiU version makes it better already.
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Shok  +   1246d ago
Power 7 is the CPU the Wii U is using, not the GPU.

But yes the Power 7 series is far stronger than the CPU's used in the 360/PS3, so on the CPU side as well the Wii U is stronger.
Irishguy95  +   1246d ago
oic, I misread it. Anyhow, I'd be shocked if the GPu isn't better. Considering how cheap a better one(even if only a little) would be nowadays
Shok  +   1246d ago
Seems legit. And some of those dudes on GAF I've actually been following and they leaked Wii U related things before they were even announced/leaked (like clickable sticks, instead of circle pads.)

I'd say it's pretty much real. There's nothing really unrealistic about any of that, pretty much the specs I was expecting.
mike1up  +   1245d ago
I have read the rumor, but I am a big time tech dummy. Is there anyway that you could sort of translate this for me?

In laymen's terms, roughly, how much more powerful are they saying than PS3/360?
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RustedMan  +   1245d ago
I got chills when I read your post.
it's almost like someone handing you a gun,
and you asking how to shoot it and who to shoot it with. You don't even care what the specs really are, just hellbent on saying that it may/may not be more powerful than ps3/360.
#4.1.1 (Edited 1245d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(17) | Report
mike1up  +   1245d ago

Sorry that I gave you "chills", you could try not adding an agenda/conspiracy to my comments. That might help.

Look, I am no tech guy. The most that I could understand is that the GPU is powerful, and that shading is suppose to be a lot better. Shok doesn't have to respond if he doesn't want to, however, I don't believe that there is anything wrong with asking for some sort of reference.

If you have the time, make sure to take your show on the road. Try condemning people posting rumors that the WiiU is less powerful than current gen systems. They might actually be impressed by your "handgun analogies".
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Shok  +   1245d ago
Those specs are, based off my understanding, about 5 times more powerful than the PS3/360. But those specs are also from the old dev kits from last E3, so we could be seeing a 6-7x leap.
Sony360  +   1245d ago
Just think of this, mr_mike.

The console is 7 years newer than current gen consoles. They'd be really stupid not to create a console more technically capable than current gen consoles.

It's like the Wii being less capable than the gamecube or original xbox.
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ZoyosJD  +   1245d ago
I can tell that saying #-# times more powerful isn't going to help, so I am going to begin by saying that what you see on the TV will depend on whats on the controllers screen(s).

On the TV at minimum expect 720p and 30FPS, but this would come with better image quality than what you see on PS3/360 and something also something being rendered in-game on one or two controllers.

Lets say your using the Pro controller with no screen in a multiplat game. Expect 1080p, above 30fps, and better image quality. Assuming its not a lazy port.

Hold yourself steady, take aim, and pull the trigger.

*hits target*

*high five*
Incipio  +   1245d ago
@ Sony360

Funny thing is...the Wii is technically barely ahead of the original Xbox.
JaggedCarpet  +   1245d ago
I agree. Rumors and speculation usually seem to be vague and non-descript, but this is quite detailed. Out of all the rumors, I would say that this one would be the most plausible.
Ck1x  +   1245d ago
It does seem legit as Nintendo is one to provide a dedicated DSP in their consoles. But the real question is, if these are reliable leaked specs from a Dev kit, then which version did they come from? Seeing as how the system has improved spec wise with each new Dev-kit, it's probably fair to say that WiiU is more advanced than what is potrayed here in these specs.
metroid32  +   1245d ago
Even thought these specs read out to be at least 6 times the power of 360 already and more powerful graphics wise than rumoured 720 chip ????
DivineAssault  +   1245d ago
same thing i been reading since E3 with minor differences.. This really isnt any new information
Laxman  +   1245d ago
I think the purpose of his post is that he now considers it to be more than rumor, which is what you would have been hearing since E3. Still, Id say its still a rumor unless Ninty want to confirm it. These 'anonymous close sources' dont make anything 'official.'
Plagasx  +   1245d ago
It's such a shame that Nintendo themselves have not released the full specs of the system yet...
--Onilink--  +   1245d ago
and they wont, they dont do that anymore. However, we just need 1 NDA to expire and we can get all the info we want for a 3rd party dev
thezeldadoth  +   1245d ago
these specs aren't weak enough to be good news on here
wishingW3L  +   1245d ago
How do you even know that? We still don't don't know anything about the GPU which is the most important piece here and the CPU is the same as the Xbox which can't even compete with the PS3's CPU.
donman1  +   1245d ago
I am amazed at how clueless you are.
Sono421  +   1245d ago
Don't you hate it when you post an obviously joking comment and some douche bag replies back taking it completely seriously..... *cough*^^^^
#7.2 (Edited 1245d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
iNFAMOUZ1  +   1245d ago
anyone who thought batman port sucked [which it did] therfore rendering wii u last gen eat your heart out lol , i dam knew it,
ninjahunter  +   1245d ago
Yea, a list of a bunch of standard features is pretty helpful ._.
malypso  +   1245d ago
Whats wrong with people, this is great news. Most people don't understand what this means so they're all like "meh". Get real! Wii U will undoubtedly be able to produce some amazing visuals and will be able to hang next-gen, unlike the Wii, the architecture is solid and good developers will take advantage of the juice on here.
blue_flowers  +   1245d ago
*head explodes* nice hope this is all true.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1245d ago
We all know that Wii u 1st party will look great but will 3rd party companies take the wii u serious specially with all these lazy ports
ozstar  +   1245d ago
Irony of ironies. We demand the specs to be more powerful, we demand Nintendo to tell us, and when they do, we don't understand them and ask someone else to explain them.

8 Gamecubes taped together with a 4 Gameboys taped together controller!
#13 (Edited 1245d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Garrison  +   1244d ago
lol great comment
corrus  +   1245d ago
Oh more BS
r21  +   1245d ago
when are we getting CONFIRMED specs?
madjedi  +   1245d ago
When someone does a teardown of the wii u.

Why is a next gen system constantly being compared to 7-8 yr old hardware, and not more powerful pc's.

Ps3 and 360 are ancient in comparison to modern pc hardware, being superior to the hd twins is a given, not a serious accomplishment. Show some gameplay that looks like a next gen game(for ps3/360 gamers not wii gamers) already.
#15.1 (Edited 1245d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ck1x  +   1245d ago
Probably because the WiiU isn't compeating with PC's for marketshare and it is with ps3/360 plus the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The PC community will always support that community, but console loyalist are as fickle as the wind changes. One day it's Nintendo or Sega until the end, or the next it's long live Sony or Microsoft. People are to territorial and unwilling to try a great game experience on a competing console simply just because.
ninjahunter  +   1244d ago
Would you rather we compare with smart phones or an arcade machine? Its the same market, its the competition, why shouldn't there be a comparison?
mamotte  +   1245d ago
Not that I dont care or disagree with you, but...
I always been wondering, What will gamers do when they finally know the real specs? Take a calculator, make some numbers, count how many polygons and effects will be on screen, make a mental simulation of a game with that useful accurate information, and then decide if games will be good or not based on that?

Long ago, gaming was based on games... what good days those were...
#15.2 (Edited 1244d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Garrison  +   1244d ago
lmao What would be even more ownage would be that if they spend 200 million on "the ultimate graphics" and the games cost 100 bucks who would buy em? lol
madjedi  +   1244d ago
"I always been wondering, What will gamers do when they finally know the real specs?" For some it will be buy it now others it will be better off waiting for the ps4 or 720 to release.

"Long ago, gaming was based on games" But it still breaks down to does this game appeal to me or not. And do i think "x" system is worth the asking price.

"lmao What would be even more ownage would be that if they spend 200 million on "the ultimate graphics" and the games cost 100 bucks who would buy em? lol"

Another fool that thinks gamers mentioning specs, care only about the graphics and will gladly spend any amount to get it.

If nintendo had displayed a next gen zelda, mario, metroid or a star fox, you wouldn't have people like me questioning it's specs.
TruthbeTold  +   1245d ago
Wii U is looking (probable specs-wise) to be the PS2 of the upcoming console generation. The other consoles will be more powerful. But in the end, there won't be that much more that they'll be able to do that the Wii U can't.

If these specs are true, what is telling to me is that there is PLENTY of room for Devs to expand a bit beyond what is currently possible on console. Any games that go too far beyond what the Wii U is seemingly capable of will cost an insane amount of money to develop. And we all know that even the Activisions, and Rock*'s, and EA's don't tend to put all of their resources into graphics and the like. They simply make 'good enough' looking products that play well and they market the hell out of them.

People who are in denial need to prepare themselves. There will not be a huge jump in look and gameplay capability at all in the upcoming generation. Any extra power that a PS4 or Nextbox may have will probably be used by developers to cut corners rather than push the consoles. Graphics whores can count pixels and compare shading to make themselves feel better about their purchases, but in the end, most games will look pretty much the same, regardless of console I think.
madjedi  +   1245d ago
Care to post the specs of all three machines, since you apparently have traveled back from 2014 or 2015 after all consoles have launched and had their specs confirmed.

Your making a hell of alot of assumptions, for someone going on strictly rumors. And why the hell would the wii u be the lead platform for multiplat ps4 and 720 games.

I'll give you a 10-15 million wii u install base by the time the ps4 and 720 are both out, 3rd party games sell bad on nintendo consoles, compared to the ps3/360.

Maybe your mistakenly assuming the casuals will bite again or that ps3/360 owners will jump to the wii u in mass at launch. i don't see either happening really.

Sorry but the go to console for next gen games for 3rd parties won't be the wii u, it will be the ms or sony console. 3rd parties can expect a good number of copies of their game will sell to that market.

"Graphics whores can count pixels and compare shading to make themselves feel better about their purchases"

And nintendo fans can always cover up a weak system, by shouting about how revolutionary the new controller is and how innovative it is to swing a wand instead of pressing a button to justify their purchases too.

Delusional much, the gaming industry doesn't revolve around nintendo and armchair analysts.

If your only spouting your opinions, you don't need the word truth in your username.
#16.1 (Edited 1245d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
ChickeyCantor  +   1245d ago
"3rd party games sell bad on nintendo consoles, compared to the ps3/360. "

Not sure why it would happen with this console. Nes and Snes did fine. Or do we only look at n64/gamecube/wii?

Btw Wii did ok for a lot of third parties. Many games reached the million mark.
Besides it's not our fault they decide to make everything an onrails game.
TruthbeTold  +   1245d ago
Funny how you talk about delusion, yet somehow believe that development costs are acceptable to most companies even THIS generation. I feel bad for people like you. You're in for some heartbreak.
victorGma21  +   1244d ago
"3rd party games sell bad on nintendo consoles, compared to the ps3/360. "

Of course, how can you expect people to be dumb enough to buy games like COD on the Wii if everyone has an HD TV now and most of the Wii games looks like crap? Of course people won't buy it.

Now the WiiU is a different thing. It has HD and it looks like it will provide a good hardware in order to compete against the other consoles (no, it won't be on par with x720/PS4, but at least it won't be the Wii situation).

COD sold more than 3 million copies on the Wii at launch (because the graphics were good enough for the time). If WiiU can mantain a good quality, then there is no reason for some people to forget about the WiiU like they did with the Wii.
#16.1.3 (Edited 1244d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
corrus  +   1245d ago
On this article will believe only blind Nintendo fanboys
omarzy  +   1245d ago
You post nothing but negative comments on Nintendo pages with random unheard of people saying that wii u is weak and you believe it to be true, but when a spec sheet is released(it is fake until Nintendo says otherwise) that shows some very positive specs for the wii u, you dismiss any possibility of it being real. Then you call Nintendo fans the "Blind Fanboys". You are a manifestation of a contradiction, and the true "Blind Fanboy"
yourmom2921  +   1245d ago

Judging by all of your comments as of late, you are:

1. A 12-year-old

2. A Full Retard


3. Both

I would also like to state that the irony is extremely strong with you regarding fanboyism.
Ck1x  +   1245d ago
Omg! I didn't want to be the one to say that, but i'm so glad that you did. I've read many comments by this poster and the sentences are almost always very hard to make sense of what he's trying to say. But to answer your question, Nobody goes full retard!
Zeppelino  +   1245d ago
Gosh. Would you please take this warm cup of shut the heck up?
samtheseed  +   1245d ago | Funny
These specs cannot be true or I will probably stop breathing. It's that serious. I refuse to believe these specs are true, even if they are true I will never accept they're true because I have no life as it is, and if these specs are true it means my sad life will be even sadder.

My small penis just fell off onto the floor at the sheer thought these specs are true. I don't know what to do, I think I might have to call the police, I won't let Nintendo get away with making a console much more powerful than the Xbox and PS3... it's like I have nothing to live for any more. I think my life is over.
yourmom2921  +   1245d ago
I must say, your post is the highlight of my day! hahaha!

Don't worry, I have a good sarcasm detector.
ChickeyCantor  +   1245d ago
This looks exactly like the rumored based spec sheet. Sure this isn't just a copy of that?

" With DirectX 11 "

Wtf did ever happen to OpenGL? Why can't people say OpenGL?
#19 (Edited 1245d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
ninjahunter  +   1244d ago
Because Directx is a more advanced, streamlined and easy to get performance out of on limited hardware, apposed to opengl. OpenGl is promising on paper, but in the field Dx11 kicks Opengl around.
urwifeminder  +   1245d ago
Still not sure about wii u be good to take it for a spin.
#20 (Edited 1245d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
LNDCalling  +   1245d ago
Rumour and speculation...

The only way we will really know is when we see the results with our own eyes.

As we should all know by know PC GPU results don't equal Console GPU results so you can't compare that way, plus a dev console does not always equal consumer console.

There should be no doubt that the WiiU should be above and beyond current gen consoles… the proof however… will be in the pudding!
metroid32  +   1245d ago
I said it all along WiiU will have NG Graphics DX11/Compute shaders make this a console that can do any graphics out there on high/ultra.
samtheseed  +   1245d ago
In terms of effects. It won't be pulling off detailed games at 1080p though.
Salamander  +   1245d ago
I dunno, Iwata seems to be downplaying the power of the WiiU. This might be too good to be true. Dont want my hopes built up and then dashed, better off expecting the worse.
sandman224  +   1245d ago
Those specs are better than the ps3 and 360. If I'm wrong let me know. Thanks
yewles1  +   1245d ago
Combine this with the rumor of 512MB of the system RAM being dedicated to the OS:

And you now might have a better understanding of how much the resource hogging tablet controller could be holding this console back...

#25 (Edited 1245d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
sly-Famous  +   1245d ago
Why are they even comparing the Wii-u to the PS3 and Xbox its supposed to be next-gen right? personally I think Nintendo is in a whole lot of trouble, they played their hand too early which will effectively make the Wii the loser of this gen. But then again its understandable Nintendo pushing the Wii-u, with the Wii running out of steam at a very very rapid rate
#26 (Edited 1245d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Denonfreak   1244d ago | Spam
josephayal  +   1245d ago
very interesting
the WII U is a POWERFUL Machine....(3 sec) a Powerful Machine
Honest_gamer  +   1245d ago
RE, ps3/xbox 360 is my last gen i'll be appart of (or atlest thats the plan) been slowly converting to a pc player for the last month, just not enough games i'm interested in, I like tactical/strategy, RTS, visual novel's (not eroge ones, for instance best GAMES ive played: clannad & ever 17 the out of infinity, both visual novels with no hint of hentai/eroge in them doubt theres a game ive played with a deeper story than them either (that includes mgs4 which imo has the best story for a "mainstream" game)), fired up my portal 2 on the pc (free with ps3 version i bought on launch day) WAS AMAZING god i love the comunity maps, theres some maps ive spent on that are LONGER than game campaigns it's mad (also does anyone know if you can transfer games from one account to the other, i would LOVE to put portal 2 onto my main account instead of the psn_ one :/ )
Raoh  +   1245d ago
One thing the WiiU could do is help extend the ps3's life.

With next gen around the corner for ps4/720, the wiiU will get games that can also run on ps3/360.

Not to mention if sony continues to support the ps3 internally with exclusives just for the ps3 even while developing for the ps4.

THe ps3 with more firmware updates and its recent gaikai acquisition could extend the ps3 life longer and better than that of the ps2.

I can't comment on the 360 much as microsoft doesn't want games that are not equal to its own platform (wiiU controller, move, vita support negate a 360 release)

Not to mention microsoft shut down the xbox on the 360 launch,not sure if they plan to shut down the 360 as well next gen which would leave wiiu and ps3 dominating last gen market the way the ps2 did.
NoFanboyRequired  +   1244d ago
Pretty sure Microsoft isn't shutting the 360 down after the launch of the nextbox. Its nvidias fault because they are overpriced pieces of craps. Microsoft never made profit on the original Xbox because of nvidias high prices. That's most likely why Sony is dropping from nvididia next Gen because nvidia blows. Also, amd is hell of a lot better in the mobile gpu department.
Denonfreak   1244d ago | Spam
NoFanboyRequired  +   1244d ago
Uhm, that was a few years ago. What does that have anything to do with the 360 when the problem is fixed?

And i was talking about the original xbox for your information. Go troll somewhere else little girl.
Elvis  +   1245d ago
Ahahaha this article is hilarious... oh, and the author is dumb!
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