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the_hitman30002060d ago

So it's just a new game with cod 4 and mw2 maps. I kind of find that lame if they just going to use old maps then why not use maps from every cod?

Lulz_Boat2060d ago

it's free, who cares if they use old maps?

the_hitman30002060d ago

Oops I didn't read that part my bad well then i guess its not that bad then if free. I just figured they was charging but nope that's good. Still would be cool to have maps from other games with them

GrumpyVeteran2060d ago

Screams lazy but you're right, it's free, let the standards fall further.

zeal0us2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Wonder how long this game turn out like Combat Arms.

P2W and filled with hackers.

TopDudeMan2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

So is it only in china? I think it's a good idea and would suit the FTP model.

Well, I'm sure if it does well in china, it will follow suit in the rest of the world.

DeFFeR2060d ago

@TopDudeMan - No. They'll never go Free2Play as long as each release of the console version sets sales and profit records.

If it starts to wean, then yeah, maybe explore a F2P type model, but there's a steep drop for that to become relevant.

Unlimax2060d ago


ljh2172060d ago

Isn't COD already online? Naming FAIL!

ALLWRONG2059d ago

So the people who normally support free are now hating on free because it's Activision/CoD?

This a bold move by Activision considering the fear people had over this

bakasora2059d ago

LOL, I remember someone from Activison said they are not making COD online.

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Blastoise2060d ago

Because CoD4 and MW2 had awesome maps...MW3 didnt..

supersonicjerry2060d ago

MW3 only had like 2-3 good maps.

Hufandpuf2059d ago

the only good map in MW2 was Terminal

Irishguy952059d ago

Eh I disagree, I felt most of MW2's maps where too random and all over the place. No structure like Cod4.

Genghis2059d ago

Highrise, Invasion, and Skidrow were pretty good maps. Plus let's not forget the love it or hate it Wasteland...

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Trebius512060d ago

CoD are the kings of the rehash. Most CoD fans will thank them and praise them for giving them rehashed maps. I dont thank a company for continuing to regurgitate the same content year after year and tell us it's "improved". "Improved" modified engine, "Improved" weapons. "Improved" multiplayer. "Improved" AI. "Improved" Improvisations. "Improved" "Improved" "Improved". CoD are the kings of improvements i should say :)

JBSleek2060d ago

What is innovation but an improvement on previous ideas and themes.

Am I saying CoD innovates, well that's up to the indivudual but constant improvement is how we got technology to what it is now.

Nothing that is brought out now is nothing "new" or "unseen"

Fishy Fingers2060d ago

Trebius, did you make that account purely to bitch about COD?

It's free and exclusive to China, give it a break.

Trebius512059d ago

Dont get mad BRAH. Just stating my opinion on CoD. Theyre greedy bloodsucking pigs.

Dont cry pls brah, not tryin to make u mad.

milohighclub2059d ago

Oh, I don't think I'm a lot dumber than you thought that I think that I thought that I was once.

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Muffins12232060d ago

2.China's first cod game

So this is aimed toured china and it is a really good game for the china consumers sense they really have not gotten the chance to play cod.So it will be interesting to see how well it does in china

zeddy2059d ago

isnt call of duty already online? this is just another way of activision milking the franchise. cept idiots will buy it just like they did with cod elite, which black ops had for free and built in.

mynameisEvil2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

I think it's problem is that of it's console brethren: It WILL be unbalanced and it WILL rehash more crap. And, knowing Activision, it'll be pay-to-win as well.

Now, back to Blacklight: Retribution...

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DarthJay2060d ago

This better be free to play, because it looks atrocious... or was this meant to look like it was being played on a Nintendo DS?

Summons752060d ago

Isn't call of duty always online? I mean they went from a story focus to a multiplayer focus and don't even have a story anymore, so why bother just making the same thing you will be releasing in less than 6 months anyway? Activision greed has no bounds apperently

Raiz2060d ago

the graphics looks like a SHIT.... Just feeling pity for gamers in CHINA.... Activision is just making FUN of them... by giving this BULLS*** in the name of a Call of Duty Free to Play Game... lolzz......