Top Tuesday: 5 Great Level Editors

Have you ever had a dream to create you own game? Giving people the ability to do so is nothing new, but here is list of Top 5 Great Level editors for you to start living the dream! What would your first game be about?

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DesVader2147d ago

My first game would have NOTHING to do with ponies, that's for sure. Enough ponies - Skyrim mod, then a pony level in D3 stopppppiiitt! :)

HanCilliers2147d ago

Bring on some more Indies!

DesVader2147d ago

Quite right. MOAR original content...NO MORE SEQUELS PLEASE!!!!!!

Choc_Salties2147d ago

When will you FOOLISH HOOMANS realise that the future is PONIES!!!

Choc_Salties2147d ago

And to be more specific, Fluttershy shall rule the world!!

Azurite2147d ago

That's not Counter-Strike models, Source models perhaps.

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