Europe Weekly Chart, Ending 23rd Jun 2012


1: PS3 - 49,587 (+5%)
2: 3DS - 37,846 (+10%)
3: X360 - 32,329 (+3%)
4: PSP - 21,430 (+8%)
5: PSV - 18,528 (-19%)
6: Wii - 17,585 (-10%)
7: DS - 12,977 (+1%)

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GribbleGrunger1875d ago

It's lonely once again in the European figures thread...

Dante1121875d ago

Word. The UK and US charts get approved instantly. Takes a day or so for the Europe charts to get approved lol. Glad to see the PS3 dominating in Europe once again, looks like the 360 got outsold by the 3DS as well this week. Good sales all around though. Go Sony and Nintendo.

Dms20121875d ago

3DS outsold the PSV. So did the PSP. Wait, why are you rooting for companies? Thats just silly.

JBSleek1875d ago

What does Sony outselling Micrsoft do for you?

Or 3DS out selling 360?

wishingW3L1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

what does rooting for certain team on a sport does to you? o_0

StraightPath1875d ago

i own all hardware listed on that list. People being fanboys need to get a life i am sure.

Haha1231875d ago

Cant wait to see the 3DS sales when the XL comes out

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1875d ago

Vita dropped after a huge spike from the release of Gravity rush. Proving that games are what move console sales. By this time next year, with a better library and a price cut It will be doing fine.

TheLyonKing1875d ago

Here be ps3 territory

Sony: Hey! We don't like your types round here
Nintendo: now Sony Xbox ain't hurtn nobody
Sony: No, I got a question for mr Xbox here, how come you have so many sales with so little exclusives.

That was a parody of south park and I did it for a laugh.