Stat resets and player bans? Don't cheat in Call of Duty, warn enforcers

El33tonline writes:

"Call of Duty Senior Community Manager Tina Palacios and the game’s online enforcers have reminded players that any cheating, glitching, boosting, hacking, offensive behaviour or the use of an offensive GamerTag are all grounds for punishment in the game.

What kind of punishment? Harsh stuff."

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Thump19671986d ago

Thats great kick the cheaters on there azz

InTheZoneAC1986d ago

the kids who cry on facebook about online bullies are the same ones cheating in online video games.

WeskerChildReborned1986d ago

Hacking is only the real problem i had with players on COD. Idc if they boost cause it's not affecting me unless you were on MW2 and you were trying to get a nuke.

urwifeminder1986d ago

Was in a battlefield 3 game on pc last night metro map a guy got 224 kills no deaths spaming the spawn with mortar another guy recorded is going to post on youtube when ur rank 5 every other person was max rank on the other team i may as well go in armed with a packet of gravel.

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