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Reggie, I Think You’ve Gone And Mixed Us All Up

Pikimal: Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo’s always lovable President of its America division spoke to Stephen Totilo about gamer reactions to the Wii U and its associated titles recently and, well, it’s causing quite a stir. He rails on audience expectations and reactions to Nintendo’s actions, describing gamers as being impossible to please. While some can argue he’s got a point, the bigger issue is that he seems to be listening to all sides at once and losing who’s saying what when and why. (3DS, Reggie Fils-Aime, Wii, Wii U)

JBSleek  +   1155d ago
This was a very true article actually. Gaming websites and critics and fans are critizing Nintendo left and right and they perform well to the task they have.

It does put out a rather interesting point that the online gaming perception is no where near the consumer base thinks. For example, many gamers feel Nintendo lacks "hardcore games": the general population says Mario, Zelda, SSB is hardcore enough.
LightofDarkness  +   1155d ago
You may want to re-read the article, that is not the point.
JBSleek  +   1155d ago
It's not? I thought the article was taking what Nintendo has said and is critizing it again by not being what "core" gamers want but in that regard Nintendo arguements are exactly what it claims to be.

The article takes what Reggie says and gives counter arguements that don't go in line with what consumers what because "core" gamers thing they are the important gamers.

doogiebear  +   1155d ago
Not only do you miss the point of the article, but the opinion you just shared is wrong too.
JBSleek  +   1155d ago
My opinion is wrong? Since when was that ever possible?
doogiebear  +   1154d ago
I don't know....ask the total of 31 dislikes you have, from across all of the comments you've made so far. <3
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Sono421  +   1154d ago
Sorry but even if I disagree with him, just because more people disagree with his comment than agree don't make his opinion wrong. But the fact that people are disagreeing with his other comment "My opinion is wrong? Since when was that ever possible?"

Shows it is only childish fanboy morons disagreeing anyways. The amount of hate on these Wii U/Nintendo articles lately is pathetic to say the least. Do you really feel that threatened? Sad...
MacDonagh  +   1155d ago
I'm not sure whether or not I'll get a Wii U but the hate Nintendo seems to generate is just reactionary bile.
Hicken  +   1155d ago
An opinion is not a fact, therefore it CAN be wrong.

Just sayin.
WonderboyIII  +   1155d ago
Reggie Love,

Its the core gamers that helped make the "Nintendo" brand. When you decide to completely change the market you want to aim for and use the brand we helped you make to sell million of copies of "crap", then dont you dare use these numbers to prove your point. Clear enough?
MrMister  +   1155d ago
^ this
raWfodog  +   1155d ago
That was exactly what I got from the article. Just because you're a good salesman, it doesn't mean that your product is 'quality' to everyone.
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StraightedgeSES  +   1155d ago
In terms of quality yes the core gamers helped make the Nintendo brand in terms of sales not so much. The Wii U need to be marketed towards everyone not just the core gamers but the casuals as well that's why the ps1 and ps2 was so successful because it was marketed towards everyone.
TruthbeTold  +   1154d ago
He goes on about 43 million copies of Wii fit sold, but who still uses theirs? Who actually used theirs more times than they can count on both hands? I bought the damned thing unfortunately, and I played it 3, maybe 4 times. I thought we'd get maybe a cool Silver Surfer game or something for it...

But yeah, point being that Nintendo seems to be proud of the fact that they sell millions of copies of things that people end up wishing that they'd never bought. Not a good business attitude for those who plan to stay in business and have repeat customers.

Gamers want deep, new experiences to be shown at E3. Not mini-game collections, ports and the like. I understand if Nintendo has to act like this or that so as not to lose face. But they are coming off as people who just don't get it. And when they don't get it, there's little hope that things are going to get better any time soon...
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DlocDaBudSmoka  +   1155d ago
i think reggie looks like a serial killer, or at the very least Frankenstein's monster. hell give him some green face paint and he'd look like Herman Munster.
Clarence  +   1155d ago
Great article. Even though the wii is first this gen in consoles sold, I put it last. The fade of motion control helped the wii sell. I also like the fact that it points out just because you sell a ton of games doesn't make it the best game.

That's how I feel about the COD/MW franchise vs Battlefield. Activision rehashes the same game every year, and people rush to get it.

Wii U has it's work cut out for it. All the little kids that bought the wii are not little kids anymore. I don't believe Nintendo can create lightning in the bottle again next gen.

I think the PS3 has the best console this gen followed by the 360.
StraightedgeSES  +   1155d ago
Which is why the Wii U needs to be marketed towards everyone.
bothebo  +   1155d ago
Yes but how are they going to do that? They don't have the hardcore games. ZombieU looks mediocre and it is not the first nor best Zombie game out there. The only decent titles they are getting are AC:III and Pikiman. However, you can get AC:III and the majority of Wii U games on other platforms.

I think Nintendo needs to make a decision. Either commit to the casual as they did with the Wii, which will burn the core audience again as shown at E3. Except, this may not even work considering the price point and how quickly iPhones are selling and as Clarence pointed out people have grown up.

The other option is they try to appeal to the core which will be difficult considering the lack of third party support. The support they do get is usually Ubi multiplats or just crappy Ubi exclusives: Rayman. They also need to be worried about the Xbox 720 which will probably destroy it in late 2013 and put a ton of pressure on Sony. CHECK LINK:

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StraightedgeSES  +   1155d ago
@bothebo How does ZombiU look mediocre?
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bothebo  +   1155d ago

The gameplay looks unbelievably bland. It looks like I've already experienced this all in L4D.

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