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10 incredible facts you never knew about Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3

Pocket Gamer: Konami has just released a new collection of Metal Gear games for the Vita, which neatly ties Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater together into one portable package.

We thought it was a perfect time, then, to delve into some of the more bizarre facts and legends about the two games. (Metal gear solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, PS Vita)

PirateThom  +   1019d ago
In MGS2, there's that really awkward cut where Aresenal Gear hits Manhattan and then Raiden and Solidus are falling off it onto the roof probably due to the cuts that were made.
Jio  +   1018d ago
Haha yeah, that always bothered me. One second they're still on the river on a crash course, and the next they're fighting on top of the roof. It didn't feel as epic as it could've been.
hkgamer  +   1018d ago
it tookme a long time to figure out tha they actually crashed... never really understood how they just transitioned into the middle of nyc and no one actually bothers to look...

i guess kojima should rerelease it with the crash cutscene and i stead of everyone just ignoring the massive destruction scene... have theme holding their smartphones taking photos and videos...
gaffyh  +   1017d ago
I knew about half of these. Also, Snake isn't Big Boss' son, he is his clone as are Solidus and Liquid.
Son_Lee  +   1019d ago
Most of these facts are pretty well known, especially to fans of the series. The only one I didn't know about was the cut ending of MGS2, which is shameful for me since it's my favorite Metal Gear, easily.
Ramas  +   1018d ago
your favorite? i dont believe you, there is nothing better then MGS 3, probably best game ever made of all times on any console or pc.
MrBeatdown  +   1019d ago
"Big Boss advises Solid's archenemy Ocelot on the type of gun he should be using in battle, for example, based on the young soldier's shooting technique. He suggests a revolver, and the rest is history."

Wow! That was an incredible fact I never knew, even though was brought up in a cut scene less than an hour into the game.
KwietStorm  +   1018d ago
lol maybe they meant little known facts to people who never played the games.
Irishguy95  +   1018d ago
"The first was simply titled Metal Gear and was released in 1987 on the MSX2 home computer. This was followed by Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake in 1990 (also on MSX2) and Metal Gear Solid on the PSone in 1998. Snake's Revenge on the NES doesn't count, apparently."

Not really true, MGS series is a remake, new story with some of the same characters.
strange1986  +   1018d ago
What? The MGS games and MG games are definitely part of the same continuity.
Irishguy95  +   1018d ago
Serious? Snake kills big boss in MG2. How can he have survived?

Edit--I've reevaluated my knowledge on the series, it seems you are right. I thought MG 1 and 2 were part of the continuity, but weren't entirely cannon. If you get my meaning. But..."Nanomachines"
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strange1986  +   1018d ago

I hear ya dude. I didn't really like finding out at the end of MGS4 that he's still alive. I just thought it was stupid. Oh well.
mistajeff  +   1018d ago
*spoiler for mgs3*

I would've thought they'd mention Ocelot being the Sorrow and Boss' son
D3mons0ul  +   1018d ago
I was aware of all of this.
MiamiACR21  +   1018d ago
I'll clap for you.
Mr_Kuwabara  +   1018d ago
Snake also masturbates on a locker picture on the tanker. I'm not kidding.
PirateThom  +   1018d ago
There's a trophy/achievement for it.
wnek9  +   1018d ago
he forgot the save in the jail cell in mgs 3 and wait a few hours and load your save up and para-medic will talk to snake about dracula. After this, quit by holding all the shoulder buttons then pressing start and select then reload your save and you will play the dracula(probably castlevania tech demo) hack and slash mini game lol. how ever this scene was removed from the HD collections
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Ultr  +   1018d ago
"The End's end

The other is to enter the battle, then save and turn off the system. If you don't play the game for a week, he'll have died of natural causes."

Kojima, I love you
trenso1  +   1018d ago
The one about the end snakes lucky charm and making snake vomit I knew. But the other are fun facts still like all the hidden details they put into this game

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