Well, These Dantes Certainly Don’t Like Devil May Cry’s Redesign

Kotaku: "Reader Eric, a mean Devil May Cry cosplayer (centre, standing), was at the recent ACEN 2012 in Chicago, where he joined some friends in visually expressing their feelings towards Dante's redesign in the upcoming DMC."

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Snookies122120d ago

Hahahaha, the one with long hair on the right!!

That's wonderful though, go kick that pansy's ass Dantes...

AsimLeonheart2120d ago

I wish somebody would do that for real to the new DmC and the new "Dante".

Ultr2120d ago

sry YO people, but the new one now looks bad-ass. The first time they showed him he looked really bad, but they changed him already, and he looks damn dantish!
Now STFU and wait for the game, cuz I have a feeling that it will kick ass (though I had that also with Enslaved wich sucked ass.. lets just hope!)

Squall50052119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

The game had just better be fucking good.

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