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IGN - The Implications of PlayStation Cloud Gaming

IGN - With Sony's acquisition of Gaikai, the PlayStation platform is speeding forward into the digital-only future. So what can we expect? (Gaikai, PS3, Sony)

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-Mezzo-  +   1094d ago
I honestly don't see Cloud Gaming being popular with game until 2020.

Most gamer are on Average Net Connections, and then some are like with, with below Average Net Connection.
darthv72  +   1093d ago
as with pretty much anything tech wise
sometimes it takes the right company to come along and get the ball rolling. Cloud storage and gaming were before sony. Sony obviously carries more weight in the name and could be what was needed to make cloud gaming a viable market.

The same could be said about apple and the ipod. There were mp3 players before the ipod but it was their approach and delivery of the centralized marketplace that really made people take the idea of digital entertainment more seriously.

nothing against the smaller companies who try to bring to market big ideas. They just seem to get the brush off at the time until the bigger companies either decide to buy into their idea or come up with their own.
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KonaBro  +   1093d ago
Cloud gaming is the future.
Whether we want to accept it or not is up to us but it's obvious that this will greatly impact Sony's strategy with their business moving forward as they bring cloud streaming to TVs, Playstation products, and mobile phones. The opportunities for Sony to maximize growth in these areas and offer services that consumers will want are opening left and right and this was an extremely smart move for Sony. As for the gaming side, it will be interesting to see how they bring Gaikai to the PS3, Vita, and beyond. BC is just one of the many possibilities in this complex equation and I'm excited to see where Sony takes it.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1093d ago
I know people will disagree with me but the day I can have xbox,ps, nintendo & pc games on a single device & get to buy once and play everywhere I will be a happy gamer.

But I think the need to have the feeling of exclusivity will not go well with some gamers. One day there will be no such thing as a port because a computer in the cloud will be the platform.

If sony wanted to expand it brand to the 900 million windows pc's + tables & phones I wouldn't be mad but a lot of gamers might cry tears of anger.

Also some people think it will be no more than a demo service but if I spent 380 Million in the same year that I lost money I would be trying to expand the service not demo it.

A demo would do the person without a ps4 no good. If I play uncharted 4 on facebook(yes you can play gaikai on facebook) and wanted to play it I would need to spend $400+ to play a game I just played?

They might as well since it's going to happen anyway why not be the first to be universal which would equal more funding for games.
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Neko_Mega  +   1093d ago
I see this doing for those who have good internet that can handle it, other then that. Most likely no one with poor internet will waste time on it (well until they get better internet).
MrDead  +   1093d ago
I'm not sure what the average internet speed is to make this a viable option to all. I think I'm ok as I'm with Virgin Media, I have the basic package which gives me a 30mb connection.

I still love my physical media though, there's nothing like opening a new game.
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Godmars290  +   1093d ago
Has anyone mentioned the fact that you wont own games that you buy? That more than anything you'll be renting them?
WeaseL  +   1093d ago
HOME will go cloud along with Vidzone

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