The 10s: Women That Deserve or Benefited From a Reboot

Rose Whitcomb writes:

"As games have aged over time, more and more females are being brought to the forefront of the scene, be it as main characters or strong supporting characters. Well, strong might not be the right word for some of them. Either way, there have been many games that have brought a new look to a female character while others desperately need that kick in the rear to either regain that oomph or get it in the first place! Before we go on, let’s go over what I mean by a “reboot”. For some, it’s a completely new game. A few years on the shelf and they come back looking like a brand new woman. For others, it’s a simple hop from one game to another in a series. With so many strong series out there, finding that one game that changes everything for a female character can mean a lot. Let’s look at five for each in no particular order for each section."

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Tuxedo_Mask1905d ago

I don't think you should have included anyone from a Final Fantasy game in the "needs a reboot" section because SE will never reboot those games.

Instead, you could have put two other characters, like Regina from Dino Crisis and Marina Liteyears from Mischief Makers for example, on the list.

Kyosuke_Sanada1905d ago

Would love to see Hana (Fear Effect) and Konoko (Oni) return to the stage.....