Baldur's Gate: Enchanted Edition DLC Isn't A Bad Thing

Paying for DLC isn't usually a happy thing. Gamers buy the game, then purchase some pieces that might have been removed for the purpose of unfairly draining our cash. The new update to Baldur's Gate is getting some DLC, but the addition might not be a bad thing.

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NYC_Gamer2153d ago

I wouldn't buy dlc for a game that's already years old and complete

TheSpoiler2153d ago

Not even if it was additional content related to the game?

It's one thing to have stuff cut out of the title, but it's another to have new content that gives me a reason to buy it again.

Better than a re-release with a slight graphical upgrade.

Bimkoblerutso2153d ago

Well, technically you ARE just getting a re-release with a graphical upgrade, because you're required to pay extra for the additional content.

Anon19742153d ago

But Overhaul has already said that BGEE would contain Tales from the Sword Coast and new characters and missions just by default. If they do all this, and DLC as well - I can't see anything to complain about here.