Why cloud gaming could save PlayStation by turning it into something very different

David Houghton: So, financially-troubled Sony has bought cloud-gaming network Gaikai. And for a fairly fat price-tag at that. Yes, this was predicted in our pre-E3 GamesRadar UK podcast special, but I’m not going to bang on about that. What’s important now is what this really means. I’ve weighed it all up, and I reckon that while it could be a game-changing fortune-turner for Sony, it might also mean a quite different PS4 than the one you were expecting. And maybe a very different future for PlayStation overall.

But that’s no bad thing. Trust me.

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JoGam2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

Does the Playstation brand need saving in the first place? I mean why can't it just be that Cloud gaming could add to the Playstation brand? The word "SAVING" just make it seem like Sony is failing with Playstation.

WeskerChildReborned2090d ago

Yea i know and i also wonder what this mean's like does that mean the new PS4 won't matter cause PS3 or Vita will be getting cloud gaming? or is the PS4 just for people who can't play cause they don't got any internet activity?

blitz06232090d ago

It gives flexibility both to Sony and consumers. Take a look at TheSixthAxis's article on how this may impact the PS4.

To quote a line:

"Skipping the costly first half of its life, when they’re selling at a loss and allowing half their users to stream on cheap hardware would be a huge money-spinner for them early on in the new console’s life."

shoddy2090d ago

Sony is teh dooooommmm!!!!!!
since 2006

MultiConsoleGamer2090d ago

Different is a massive understatement.

But I agree with a previous reader who said "saving" makes it seem like its in trouble, when its not. The brand is fine, the parent company on the other hand...

TheKindRoost2090d ago

PlayStation needs saving? Last I heard it was one of SONY's most profitable division.

Machioto2090d ago

It needs saving from mindless drivel people spout from their gobs.

cstyle2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

You heard wrong. That division lost close to 3 billion.
Many deny the fact that sony is in trouble financially but its true. This may give them a small boost though if they don't screw it up.

CGI-Quality2090d ago

Really? Show us where the PlayStation brand recently lost 3 billion.

Overall, it may have lost money, but the division is currently Sony's profitable faucet.

CGI-Quality2090d ago

You're out of bubbles, so there won't be a response, but I can be humble and admit that they have, in fact, suffered losses.

As to whether or not they are in trouble financially, that's a horse of another color. You nor I know that situation in it's entirety, so that is merely speculation.

DivineAssault 2090d ago

Sony is making moves that will future proof their playstation brand.. I used to hate playstation cuz they killed my beloved sega saturn but i must say, they have the best damn games and media on the market.. thats what counts.. sega was ahead of their time & playstation has found a place in my living room forever

CGI-Quality2090d ago

Sony didn't kill Sega's brand, Sega themselves did that.

The more you know.....

DivineAssault 2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

ya that may be but saturn couldnt make polygons the way ps1 could.. they had to bend sprites cuz it was designed to be the ultimate 2d system.. ps1s engine was more capable of making 3d games.. ps2 just took a $hit on dreamcast so ya they did it themselvs but sony owned the market.. After sony gained squaresoft, it was game over..

cstyle2090d ago

There is your proof but it doesn't matter cause people will still deny it.

Skateboard2090d ago

You gotta love the media. If Playstaion was failing Sony wouldn't be going crazy on shopping sprees.

Silly gameAr2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Buying Gaikai, hiring Seth Killian. This doesn't sound like a brand that needs saving, well as far as Playstation is concerned.

BanditGamer2090d ago

surely does to me. The new acquisition points to a new direction, obviously they believe it will lead them back to profitability.

Silly gameAr2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Spend money to make money. Yep. That's what the level headed people have been saying. Then again, so have the trolls...and something about TV' yeah. Oh yeah, not to mention the different divisions within Sony. Notice I only mentioned Playstation in my comment? That's doing pretty well I heard.

Oh, I didn't check your link by the way. neogaf=N4G, but a little worst imo.

BanditGamer2090d ago

is a means to get out of trouble? Ever heard the expression "you gotta spend money to make money"? Obviously if they are/were in trouble they wouldn't just sit there and wait to die. They'd take drastic action. Acquiring a cloud gaming company seems drastic(not in a bad way)to me.

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