Metal Gear Turns 25

With so much history behind it, it's hard to talk about Metal Gear without getting a little caught up in nostalgia and awe. The series constantly challenges video game traditions. Each new Metal Gear game strives to be cinematic, bold, and filled with subtle gameplay systems that allow for player experimentation. This is the essence of Metal Gear: It's as much about sneaking around to avoid conflict as it is about testing the boundaries of the world around the player. Each unique adventure presents a gripping narrative rich with social political commentary that engages the state of the military world and the effects of rapidly growing technology.

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NegativeCreep4272151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

That is at least one statement that Nintendo and Sony elitists can agree on. If you disagree, you must be a gamer that only recognizes Microsoft's gaming consoles.

Heavenly King2151d ago

Caption of the pic:

Which element does not belong in the picture XD

optimus2151d ago

I would have thought that with this anniversary they would have released some kind of special edition compilation for all platforms...or at the very least an hd release of the original game.

PirateThom2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Yeah, I'm a little disappointed the Vita version of MGS HD is the "game" that celebrates the anniversary. I would have loved for some sort of collectors editions or something to celebrate it properly... originally, the Limited Edition for MGSHD on PS3 from Zavvi in the UK was going to have the game, a download code for MGS1 and MGS4 all in the same box.

Unless Kojima is going to announce a game....

optimus2151d ago

That's odd they would pick that one since it's only 17 yrs old. I guess it's because that's the one most people remember and the one that broke new ground...maybe they'll give it a proper compilation for the holidays.

I know i missed out on several metal gears seeing as how they were spread out through several platforms that i don't have, so it would be nice to have them all in one package...ooorr how about a disk that would include levels from all the metal gears in order, that way people can catch up on what they missed from not playing the others on other platforms.

I don't think something like that has ever been done before (not counting fighting game compilations).

PirateThom2151d ago

Well, MGS HD has Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 for the MSX anyway within MGS3, so if you get the PS3/360 versions you get 5 of the cannon games right off.

MGS1 can be downloaded from the PS Store and MGS4, obviously, isn't too expensive anymore.

The only thing you're really missing then is Portable Ops, but it's place in cannon is... disputed, since Peace Walker kind of ignores it.

After that it's things like Ac!d, Snake's Revenge, Mobile and the GBC game, none of which follow the proper timeline and are spinoffs.

optimus2147d ago

I don't have a ps3 or a wii so that's why i missed those others. I played metal gear 4 at a store and was impressed but it wasn't enough to make me run out and buy a ps3. Same for the portable versions...good to know metal gear hd has those old games within it, i like when they do that as easter eggs like ninja gaiden did when it moved to the xbox. More developers should do that.

PirateThom2147d ago

Not sure what your PC is like, but MGS is available on PC as well... might fill that gap for you anyway.

optimus2147d ago

This is my last bubble... Well my pc is a pentium 3 and i never use it for gaming as all it's parts are over 8 yrs old. And i'm not about to spend money on parts just to make games run smoothly for a year or 2 before the "latest and greatest" parts come out a mere 2-3 months later. (don't get me started on pc gaming)...

i stick with consoles for the most part and even then i tend to just buy 1 and that's it (even if i could afford others)...

I'm not a religious metal gear player as once i finished solid:substinance on the xbox the ending left me with little to look forward to as it went into this political sociological rant (all that for a life lesson, really??)...

The other sequels after that on ps2 and gamecube have intrigued me from what i've seen and read but i'm kind of over it being a "must have" franchise for me.
It's been years since i actually played another which is why i tend to keep my fingers crossed for a compilation of some kind for the 360...but i'm not holding my breath...

Nowadays there are other games that fill that void of action/stealth for me. If i end up feeling nostalgic for it i suppose i can put an emulator on my tablet and download those other metal gears. ;)