Gamers spend $3.4B on all types of games in Q1

Gamers spent $3.4 billion on both physical and digital games in the first quarter, according to market researcher NPD Group.

Consumers spent nearly half of that amount, $1.5 billion, on PC and console games in physical stores. Meanwhile, they spent $525 million on used and rental games and $1.38 billion on digital games, including content downloads, subscriptions, mobile games, and social network games. The numbers show that digital games are very close to exceeding physical retail game sales.

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roblef1875d ago

Seriously, and there are layoffs left and right. :(

jamezrp1875d ago

Seriously, where are people renting games nowadays? Besides for Gamefly, that is.

ATi_Elite1875d ago

Blockbuster Video or any Mom and Pop video store!

christheredhead1875d ago

I live next to a Blockbuster, so that's usually my go to spot. Unlimited rentals for 15 bucks a month is a steal. Especially cause they stock new releases on day 1.

deantak1875d ago

Any month now, digital will beat physical.

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