High Moon Developing Marvel Game

The studio best known for creating Transformers titles War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron appears to be tackling a game from Marvel Comics next.

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Ser2151d ago

This is good news. WFC was surprisingly decent.

Haha1232151d ago

Best transformers game so far

ChronoJoe2151d ago

Underrated too with only a 70 something metacritic.

morganfell2151d ago

Likely to be Iron Man 3 tie in.

Magic_Spatula2151d ago

It won't be an Iron Man 3 game cuz SEGA has the game license for the movie.

Diver2151d ago

sorry cuz you are wrong.


no more marvel games to be published by sega.

DarthJay2150d ago

It makes sense to be Ironman 3 since High Moon is one of the few studios that seems to understand flight mechanics and how to get them to work right.

AmkOwns2150d ago

Lol I wonder how he'll die since he's immortal and stuff

Ck1x2151d ago

I for one would like to see a great Iron Man game! Their experience with the whole robotic nature of Transformers would make for a unique take on Iron Man since he's surrounded by lots of high-tech gadgets all of the time... It could be Marvel's answer to the success of the Batman franchise in gaming.

cannon88002151d ago

They need to make another Darkwatch game. It was awesome! Come on High Moon Studios! We should make a facebook page or something to get their attention.

Tonester9252151d ago

Hoping it to be Gritty like the Wolverine game. I like how they changed it up.

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