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"The idea of ‘mature’ gaming has become much more serious in this generation of consoles and games. Many developers claim that their game offers ‘mature’ story telling that will make the player cry out their nostrils or some similar, falsely-stated drool. More often than not, this game turns out to be another bang bang shooty shooty experience but with more blood or more grey. It’s the way of the world."

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NYC_Gamer2352d ago

Gaming is growing up from the days when many viewed it as some kids hobby

Patriots_Pride2352d ago

I am still waiting on an XXX mature game that would spits on ESRB face and DONKEY punch those animals in the white house.

Dead_Cell2352d ago

You are exactly why gaming is still seen as a kids hobby.

lzim2352d ago

But only because the 'mature'content should be included not paraded in everyone's face or be optional without being laughable compared to books and movies that DO have explicit sex but aren't pornographic, just 'adults only'.

It isn't just about the ESRB.

How do you draw the line for games and keep them out of the hands of minors (because we can't blame parents anymore)? We'll never know until retailers (brick and mortar and online) with reach to millions of gamers, can sell Adults Only content, and aren't held accountable for policing the sale of mature content to minors where parents should be expected to do that for whatever content their minors should be shielded from.

And some developers just loving stroking their artist ego and not give a wider audience an experience with the game that suits their tastes. At $60 for a dozen hours of gaming they can cut out anything really objectionable according to the ESRB check box. No sex? decapitation? murder? nudity? rape? foul language? that stuff can easily be censored out, or the missions omitted when minors are playing, or content muted to achieve a teen rating in all games, while leaving it alone for audience without parental settings nerfing the game to teen who want/don't mind that stuff.

Example GTA.. you expect it to have HBO/Starz level content but there's no way to keep the kiddies from playing and getting scarred for life or their little virgin minds from becoming twisted.

While other games are held back artistically for the same reason.. where's the mature content in some mature RPGs? When will games be on the same maturity level as R rated movies? They end up laughable by adult audiences with missions and content that seem prepared for the kiddie table but still have shock value shit. When arguably the basic mechanics of GTA and other games can be toned down to core mechanics and a vanilla story, leaving out the near explicit shock value stuff. Such is the nature with games that a dev can patch stuff out, or should be but Rockstar doesn't give a rats ass about minors or people who don't glorify violence playing their game and don't want the shock value, just the entertainment value of a well made game to play for a dozen or more hours alone or with friends.

There's too much unskipable stuff where these games want to be marketed to mature audience but can't allow a softer version for minors which is just focused on game play and switch between T and MA or AO based on your profile/parental settings (maybe adults don't want as much T&A rape and murder in their games either).

Patriots_Pride2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Double post x_x

JBSleek2352d ago

Mature gaming is kinda subjective.

Many gamers consider Nintendo childish and not mature while Sony and Microsoft is a "real gamers" console.

The gaming perception is changing and that is good but it will be divided due to gamers fighting amongst each other about mobile gaming, and casual vs hardcore, etc.

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from the beach2352d ago

It's a bit like gaming, except it's for immature people and it's not really gaming.

corrus2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Sony evolving Microsoft evolving but Nintendo no they are still 10 years back.

lzim2352d ago

No truer words spoken.

Nintendo's higher ups really need to get more cultural exposure before making big decisions about what 3rd party games to support AND to start making their own mature titles in-house for the over 30-40s that still for whatever reason support their gaming machines.

But then.. Japanese AO content isn't something that needs to leave Japan given all the bad press certain hentai games get and color the whole AO gaming landscape so black that other studios can't even put a toe in the door without getting labelled 'PORN' so the point may be moot.

Gaming is still too young to be confused with other mainstream entertainment. Needs more studios successfully breaking ground to then encourage other studios to make content for adults only, that aren't just 'porn' or too objectionable to sell to a wide enough audience that they would make their money back.

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