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GC writes, "Pew pew pew! Today we talk a look at the sequel to an under looked game, Stardust.

To those of you who aren’t familiar with the first stardust which was released for the Amiga, it is simply an asteroid based shooter. Shooting and maneuvering remain the same between the two, but the new Stardust Delta cannot say the same. This time around it was released as a downloadable game for Vita owners. Also, it can come with some downloadable content for a few more dollars which we will cover as well. Is this remake bringing the Stardust series to life? Let’s find out".

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guitarse2154d ago

Great review, looking forward to playing this one.

izumo_lee2154d ago

It is super fun & i often get glances from people when i play this on my bus ride to work. I need to get back in the game to build on my trophies but right now Disgaea has me 'trapped' in its clutches.

dietdrkelp_2154d ago

so addictive, few seconds has me hooked for atleast 40 mins

BootHammer2154d ago

Sounds like a blast! Asteroid based shooters are always entertaining ;)