Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 Lead Development Platform Revealed

TGH Writes: "As soon as the big reveal of Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 and its counterpart Mirror Of Fate were announced, we just knew we had to talk to our good friend David Cox the series Producer over at MercuryStream."

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fossilfern1938d ago

Looking forward to this! Loved LoS1 and cant wait for the 3DS edition

GribbleGrunger1938d ago

same here and it's good to see that the PS3 is the lead platform.

Mounce1937d ago

Fuck yea, PS3 Lead platform = Gorgeous graphics with nothing holding back Teh Cell.

mewhy321937d ago

well the ps3 being the lead platform is a good move for any multiconsole release. Ports from ps3 to xbox 360 usually go great. The trouble begins when you lead on 360 and then try to port to ps3.

NukaCola1937d ago

Heck yeah I got C:LoS in PS3 and it is down right the best looking multiplat action adventure rpg I have ever played. It's almost as good looking as god of war and uncharted. The story was 20+ hours and the gam was just incredible. the Spanish mythology used int he game would make Guillermo del Toro weep with joy and the presentation was flawless. This game was GOTY worthy and deserved more attention.

Only thing I would of wanted is an open world style more MetroidVania and not just levels. They could of loaded between the areas but wanted something with more exploration for those upgrades and treasures. Still this is one of my favorite games this generation.

tawak1937d ago

yep, no compression of anything, and cutting off extended scene to fit on Dvds.

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Jio1938d ago

The 3DS version is 2D and not like LoS1 or 2. The Vita version will be 3D, so they're very different from the 3DS version.

ShadyDevil1938d ago

There is no Vita version.

MoveTheGlow1937d ago

I don't see where that article confirms anything as to the format of a Vita game...

But it's because it's a 2D game that I'm interested in the 3DS CV! Hopefully we'll get some Itagaki-esque magic on that one.

nintendojunkie281937d ago

"it's because it's a 2D game that I'm interested in the 3DS CV! Hopefully we'll get some Itagaki-esque magic on that one"

Same here...I'm more excited about the 3ds version than the home console version.I'm probably in the minority though.

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showtimefolks1937d ago

konami games i think always use ps3 as lead console. also i hope down the road the 3ds version comes to psn/xboxlive or atleast Vita

Heavenly King1938d ago

It makes sense to have the PS3 as lead console, because the game sells more there. And it is easier to port a PS3 game to the 360 than the other way around.

taquito1938d ago

really looking forward to this, the first game was downright amazing:)

KwietStorm1938d ago

Good. The first one ran great on PS3. No reason to port now.

Hufandpuf1938d ago

I hated switching discs on my 360, but the game was so good I'll be getting the second one.

GribbleGrunger1937d ago

you've been waiting for that second disc THIS long? aren't you interested in finding our how it ends before you buy the second game?

doogiebear1937d ago

What, are you slow? He meant buying the 2nd game, not the 2nd disc of the first game. I'm sure he wasnt that lazy.

GribbleGrunger1937d ago

could you demonstrate 'slow' for me

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The story is too old to be commented.