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Do You Buy Collector’s Editions?

TGC writes: Every major release nowadays comes with some sort of special edition to help bring in that extra bit of money...It’s all fancy stuff, and majority of collectors editions are certainly worth the money they are sold at.

However, this is the problem – cost. (Call of Duty: Black Ops, God of War 3, PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

CustardTrout  +   1243d ago
I'm a gamer, I'll eat my own faeces if it means I can get a cool special edition.
Although I do that anyway.
onyoursistersback  +   1243d ago
I have only bot one (killzone 3) i was going to get the Borderlands 2, but they sold out. -_-
avengers1978  +   1243d ago
KZ 3 too, i got for the sweet Sniper
Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, So yea I guess I do
God of War Ascensions next Kratos figure!
dumahim  +   1243d ago
Heck yeah. I've got my pre-order in for the Ultimate Loot Chest. Had no idea it would be limited. It's times like that that makes it all worthwhile. Forza's CE is usually limited as well.
The rest winds up being found much cheaper months later, but I don't really buy for the value. I buy to collect.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1243d ago
I've bought a lot
-Assassins Creed
-Assassins Creed 2
-Arkham Asylum
-Assassins Creed Brotherhood
-Infamous 2
-Arkham City
-Uncharted 3
-Mass Effect 3

It depends on what it contains... im a sucker for statues so thats why I bought most of these. A lot of people complain its a waste of space/ useless trinkets... but to me its kind of a hobby collecting these things, kind of like how people collect stamps/coins. I think its awesome, because each statue I have reminds me of the great times I had with each game
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Psychotica  +   1243d ago
Not a chance, just a bunch of little trinkets that's worth about 25 cents, that you lose or clutters your house up and that you won't care about 2 months after you got it.
avengers1978  +   1243d ago
I was offered 40 bucks for drakes belt buckle,
And 60 for the cole statue.
Something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1243d ago
A friend offered me 100 bucks for the ACB jack in the box

They do add up over time
raytraceme  +   1243d ago
I had bought one and made a $200 profit from it ;) The Crysis 2 Nano ed.
CrescentFang  +   1243d ago
It depends on the company and what you want. I usually get NISA, Atlus, XSEED and other companies that publish japanese games. They usually have a soundtrack, artbook and other stuff, but what I like most are the outer boxes.
I kind of dislike Capcom USA's collector's edtions so I don't normally go for them unless there has been a significant price drop.
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2pacalypsenow  +   1243d ago
Only ones i have bought are GT5, MGS Peace walker , MGS HD collection and MGS 4
user5467007  +   1243d ago

They're like a small investment at the end of the day, you buy them, keep them in good shape then you can sell them for even double the amount you payed for them on ebay. Hell I sold my AC Brotherhood Codex book for £150...JUST the codex book

I've still got most of my CE though, I don't have the heart to sell them yet. I'd rather wait untill I know all the other CE of it are sold out or peoples are used and damaged so yours has a bigger chance of going for a better price.

I just hate CE which give you either a Soundtrack especialy digital ones, a CE full of DLC or a making of DVD which is so requested in CE while people don't realise that they could give you Behind the scenes stuff for free like ND did with Uncharted 2, or the developers can put them up on a youtube page.

The best CE are the ones with little goodies in the game. Take Uncharted 3s with Drakes ring, Fallout 3 with a bobble head, New Vegas with the Platnium chip or even inFAMOUS 2 with Coles bag. I think all CE should come with a steelbook aswell

As for RE6...I MIGHT buy it if they have any left after a months time. Unlike most people I stick to my guns and are not supporting Capcom day 1 this time. So I'll wait untill it goes for cheap and if it's sold out then so be it.

I'm a little sad about Halo 4 how they are just doing a Limited edition full of DLC and a steelbook. Where the hell is the legendary edition...it's Halo, it's not like it's not going to sell
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Nimblest-Assassin  +   1243d ago
I do enjoy those things in CE's as well... which is why Im fine with AC3's limited edition... its all goodies, and none of that annoying DLC stuff, I would have never played in the first place

On Halo 4, I think they are trying to do something similar to COD. COD stopped doing those prestige editions, and now only does the hardened with all kinds of DLC. People feel like they are missing out or they get an advantage with that stuff, personally I could care less for it
Ser  +   1243d ago
Yes...a ton of them.

Assassin's Creed
Fallout 3
Fallout New Vegas
MGS HD Collection
Assassin's Creed 2
Mass Effect 3
Soul Calibur V
Uncharted 3
Killzone 3
Demon's Souls
Dark Souls
God of War 3

Those are just the ones in eyesight at the moment...I'm waiting on my Guild Wars 2 CE. It's truly one of the best I've seen.

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Gran Touring  +   1243d ago
I CE of Gran Turismo 5. There was no reason for me getting it other than it having a nice booklet which had a lot of info on the history of cars and racing. It's a good coffee table-style read for when I'm just lounging, and people that come by my place and read it often find it interesting.
happpy11  +   1243d ago
I only have the collectors edition of little big planet 2. But I love my stuffed sackboy.
grifter024  +   1243d ago
The last CE I bought was Mass Effect 2 with 2 DLC missions for free (Normandy crash, Zaheed) Which added NOTHING to the actual story, a little comic book that wasn't even the whole comic book, and a behind the scenes featurette that showed NOTHING behind the scenes it was a damn marketing commercial.

After that I haven't bought one.
Zweihanders  +   1243d ago
Max Payne 3 came with the statue which I think is really nice, and was fully funded with spare change I've saved up at work from breakfasts and lunch over 6 months :)
Fatty  +   1243d ago
It depends on the CE, but outside of Steam, I always will buy the CE of a game over the vanilla copy. I'm a collector, never sell my games, so it's worth the extra money to me if they have fun extras.
tigertron  +   1243d ago
I've bought a few in the past:
- Mass Effect 3
- Uncharted 3
- Killzone 3
- Resistance 3

I pre-ordered the Halo 4 limited edition. :D
miamicanesruleall  +   1243d ago
The only collectors editions I purchased were ME2 and ME3. They were reasonably priced compared to some other collectors editions and included items and dlc I found interesting/necessary. I buy many games for my 360 and PS3, but I have never purchased one piece of dlc for any game other than the Mass Effect series. That includes games like call of duty, Uncharted, Gears of War, Infamous, Halo, GTA IV, etc. etc. I do buy alot of games, but usually (with the exception of Mass Effect) by the time dlc comes out, I've moved on to some other game or life has gotten in the way and I never get around to it.
SITH  +   1243d ago
I buy them a lot, but not always. Depends on what I am going to get as far as in game exclusive content. Flaming helmet in halo reach was my favorite. Stuff like that, gets my extra bucks.
Swiggins  +   1243d ago
I buy em when they're reasonably priced, and mainly when they contain in game goodies or downloadable content.

Stuff like the MW2 Hardened Edition, Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition.

If it's just $20 extra plus I get a steel book and some exclusive goodies I'm on board.

Stuff like the CoD Prestige Editions or the Halo Legendary Editions I don't buy because I simply don't have the funding to drop an extra $90 on a single game.

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