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Irishguy951938d ago

Oh, so he is fighting on the American side?

iamnsuperman1938d ago

Who knows really. All I got from this trailer was an over emphasis on patriotic themes trying to get an emotional response. This trailer sucks (worst out of them all). Lets hope the full game isn't so full with patriotic themes or I am going to need a bucket to throw up in while I play

xPhearR3dx1938d ago

You realize it's Independence day on July 4th right? Hence the patriotic theme.

Ser1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )


Some people hate the very idea of patriotism. Granted, I live in the US, but I still loved this trailer and its 4th of July theme.

There's nothing wrong with getting a little hyped over patriotism. It's usually (I said "usually," not all) people that live outside of the US that have such a beef with this game. It's pretty funny to see them get angry.

clarkjudo1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Many lives were sacrificed so people need to be honored and shown respect in this way of song or other means. These men died for everyone else's freedom. Freedom is not free. If you feel this way about being patriotic as an American, leave and go to another country. If your from another country, stay out. Remain on the remote island your living on in that mind of yours.

Fez1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Perfect example of how patriotism can sometimes lead to nationalism, segregation and anger towards fellow humans.

I like my country, like living here, like the people, am proud of some of the achievements of other people from here...but I hate propaganda and patriotism. Patriotism is choosing to remember the good things and forget the bad things, for example, most American Indians would not agree that the invaders were noble freedom fighters.

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shadowwizard1938d ago

That was AMAZING. (lulz, bad pun)

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theodopolopolus1938d ago

Bloody hell ubisoft, just tell us if he's neutral or not, because it doesn't seem that neutral with all this american patriotism.

Adexus1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Who cares really? I'm going to enjoy killing everyone in the game! :P

theodopolopolus1938d ago

I don't care who I kill, in fact I think it's about time England and America aren't portrayed as the good guys. However, Ubisoft said he would be neutral, yet we've only seen red coats being killed.

So like I said, the killing isn't the problem, but being lied to as a consumer is.

omi25p1938d ago

i care because i dont like being lied too.

Adexus1938d ago

Well maybe there's a twist in the game that involve you killing the Americans later on in the story that they don't want to spoil? If Ubisoft says he's neutral then I'll just take their word for it.

Urrakia341938d ago

Wow somebody actually used some logic. N4G may have hope yet.

Fishy Fingers1938d ago

Meh... Trailer by numbers.

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