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LOGICWINS1993d ago

"Assassin’s Creed III Limited Edition will retail for $119.99 and contains essential items for gamers to ignite the American Revolution, including:

•Assassin’s Creed III video game.
•Stunning 9.44″ Assassin statue featuring Connor poised to strike with tomahawk and hidden blade.

•Embroidered 28″x48″ Assassin’s Creed-inspired colonial flag.

•3″x3.25″ sturdy metal belt buckle to proudly proclaim your allegiance to the Assassins."

So for 120 bucks thats all you get? No DLC? No encyclopedia? YUP, def buying this game used. The greed is strong with Ubisoft, can't blame em though considering that plenty of people are ready to buy this game Day 1.

user54670071993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Well Americans complained that they wern't getting anything and now they are...obviously not as good as the Europe version but even then we don't get everything in one package...we still got to buy the limited edition to get the Assassin Medallion. They are greedy, I think they are turning into Activision/EA....give it a few more years.

If there was a reason not to buy this game for me it wouldn't be about the would be about how pro American Ubisoft are treating the franchise even though they said that the war it's self is the last thing Connor focuses on...well sorry Ubisoft but after everything we've seen being pro American, which they've even admitted for marketing reasons, I highly doubt Connor will be neatural in this. I mean how can a company do that just for marketing reasons, making one country look really bad so it will sell more, it's terrible.

Nimblest-Assassin1993d ago

They released a new trailer today, showing Americans getting blown up by the british

This whole, oh Ubisoft is lying needs to stop. Think about it like this... the game takes place before during and after the revolution. The Brit's left after the revolution, so who is left for you to kill? Americans. And they weren't even americans back then, they were colonists. Either way you slice it your still killing British people.

I mean, they just can't reveal everything at once. I mean look at ACR, it never had ezio choosing sides with the byzantines or the ottomans, hell you were mostly killing ottomans, regardless of the fact your allies were ottomans as well.

Give them a chance with out jumping to conclusions. As with the greed with the collectors edition, All I really wanted was the statue to complete my collection with Atair and Ezio, so personally Im fine with the $119 one... if you excuse me Im going to go an pre order it now

user54670071993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )


For god sake it's not about who your killing, it's about Ubisoft bullshi*tting us just so they can promote the game in America with a horrible marketing they think thats the only way to grab peoples attention and make them buy the game...showing them that they are going to kill Brits.

""Give them a chance with out jumping to conclusions."

How....can we we not jump to conclusions, if this was over one or two screenshots then fair enough but they've showed us a ton of crap on AC3 now and it all points to a horrible pro American campaign they've set up. How can you be blind to this, I mean I say that while you have a AC3 display picture and the whord Assassin in your name but still...come on man

The whole point of it is that for months Ubisoft have been going on about how Connor won't get involved, how they didn't want to show one side being evil and how the templars are on both sides...AND YET show nothing the minute it's announced of Connor kill nothing but Americans. How can you back up your own claims when your own marketing goes against them.

So yeah it's not the killings which bother me it's how Ubisoft are handling it...they are greedy cowards and liars. If they really wanted to show both sides of this war and show that Connor wasn't involved he wouldn't of been fighting for one side in the E3 trailer for example....I mean it looked like he was leading America to victory, even though we know he was going for a templar, the whole video gave off a totaly differen't impression, especaily to new comers which they most likely are trying to aim the game at.

If you don't speak up now then it won't matter after release because they will be too busy counting their money.

GraySnake1993d ago

There is no reason to speak up because YOU haven't played the game yet. Simple as that. You have no idea the of the story, motives, and personal connection of Connor at all yet. How do we know that Washington doesn't become corrupt near the end of the game? How does Connor become and assassin? What role does his father play in this? There is alot that is simply not known.

user54670071993d ago


I couldn't care less if something like that did happen in the end of the game but I'm not talking about the game I'm talking about the marketing.

Is that how you see it in your eyes, do you think if they do that in the end of AC3 it makes up for the terrible pro American marketing they've got going it dosen't, by then whats done is done.

I mean do they think Americans can't handle their own anscestors dying and think they hate to see themselfs as a bad guy.

So yeah it's not about the game, it's more to do with the marketing.

GraySnake1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Its Marketing, for a time period that formed a nation. Did you really think they weren't going to ride the Patriotism wave? Do you really think they want a FOX/CNN controversy like the Medal of Honor one? On EVERY PS3 vs 360 article on this site you always see idiots proclaim that America is the biggest market in the game industry.. so why piss people off?

I'd love to see America be the bad guy. And Heck Ubi kinda points that out with the Templars in the Present Day part of AC.

Does it seriously Bug you THAT much?

How do you know they lied? How do you know it's BS? Point is you don't. Simple as that. You're bitching about marketing.

Then the marketing on AC:B was war against the Church and Catholicism. Didn't see to much complaing about that.

AC 2's marketing is then just about revenge and how you are a mass murderer.

user54670071993d ago


Course it bugs me...a developer has lied to us and fed us BS to keep British fans happy.

They've made it look like in the marketing campaign for America a game where you just slaghter the British. Thats not what AC was about, it shouldn't just let go because developers shouldn't do that sort of thing. If Capcom came out a fed us a load of BS like they are doing with RE6 about them focusing on horror when it's painfully obvious that theres no horror there what so ever should we just "let it go" because it's for marketing we shouldn't.

Developers who feel the need to lie and do things like this just end up being greedy at the end of the day and soon turn into what Square Enix, Capcom and Activison have become....want to know how those developers became the way they are today, because people "just let things go" and gave them a free pass.

VanillaBear1993d ago

@Nimblest-Assassin - That Video shows nothing to support Ubisoft PR bullcrap. Wow one quick second of two Americans being blasted back....

When I see some footage or even a full trailer, something they should of done at E3 to support there bullcrap, where Connor is helping the British and kills a ton of Americans for them then fair enough

You Americans know where people are going with this, hell you probably know were in the right here but you will never admit it because you just think to yourself

"Well this game is going in our favor as long as we arn't being shown as the bad guys...who cares"

And you know that if you did back British people up with this then you would have to see Americans be killed aswell. SO it's pretty obvious why you guys would disagree with this and be on Ubisofts side.

Americans will never admit how much Ubisoft are targeting the American audience with this "Kill the British" marketing they have going on because they aren't the ones being made to look bad.

If the shoe was on the other foot you guys would be raging over this. Don't say you wouldn't care because lets be honest you would.

I mean the thing is I don't get is why are they not showing Pro British marketing for us in the UK or even Europe. It's not that hard to do or are they scared that Americans might see it and get the wrong impression, maybe they'll wait untill the last week before it's out untill they do it.

Nimblest-Assassin1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )


Sorry, I went out to pre order the CE. And no, im not american, Im canadian. Im the bastard child of both America and Britain.

I couldn't care less of who Im killing. As long as they have a good story. Your going to ignore all these great improvements to AC simply because they haven't shown you killing any Americans? Really?

Look at it logically. They fully said that the game takes place before during and after the revolution. THE BRITISH LEFT AFTER. And they aren't even americans.... they are colonists. The American revolution WAS A BRITISH CIVIL WAR...

It's funny, because you just proved your hypocritical nature by assuming I was american, simply because I was excited for the game?

I have been a fan of AC since the original... that has not changed, and you think because they would make a game where I killed canadians I would be offended? At the beginning of ME3 Canada was destroyed by the reapers, Im technically killing Canadian zombies right? But I do not care, and I didn't get offended


Like I said I do not care of the time period, I do not care of the marketing.. I care about the final game, the game I am about to play. Look at all these great changes

-Ship free roaming
-Climbing trees
-Guild Quests
-Enhanced multiplayer
-Gameplay in both the cities and wilderness
-Vastly changed control scheme
-Season changes
-Completely new tools
-A new graphics engine
-Completely changed combat

And you guys are complaining about the marketing campaign? From what I've seen AC3 is going to be a fantastic game. I DO NOT CARE IF IM KILLING BRITS OR "AMERICANS"... hell I'd buy the game if I was killing Canadians. I do not give a flying f***.

The game looks incredible, and people are complaining over virtually nothing. I haven't seen a controversy this stupid since the RE5 white man killing black zombies.

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dumahim1993d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the stuff from the digital edition was included as well. No pictures were sent and neither Amazon or gamestop have it listed on their website yet.
At least Ubisoft is giving us the option now instead of nothing.

Nimblest-Assassin1993d ago

1) Why would they give the encyclopedia again? If you got revelations last year in both Us and europe, you get the encyclopedia

2) I guess that these CE's are first print copies, meaning the same dlc that came when you pre ordered it will still be there

Also belt buckles are 20 bucks, that statue would be 30 and if that flag is embroderied, then it would be around 30 as well

So 60+30+30+20=140, so its not that bad. Also you don't need this stuff, its for collectors or people who really like the franchise, like me. Im happy with this since I am sucker for cool stuff.

Also, that DLC is pretty meh, I have bought all the AC ce's, but I never played the DLC. Hell, there are a lot of times when I get a game, but never use its dlc

Just pre-order the regular edition, easy

rezzah1993d ago

This Encyclopedia is Volume 2.

Which means it isn`t the Volume 1.

SnotyTheRocket1990d ago

I Pre Ordered back in February (or March), because i'm an AC fan. That is all.

Biohazard88601993d ago

Its a better deal than the Resident evil 6 premium edition lol stupid leather jacket 1300! but Im def getting the Assassins creed limited edition!

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strange19861993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I still think the Ubiworkshop edition is the best. It seems to represent the best value by far, especially since I actually want everything included.

GraySnake1993d ago

I agree after seeing this edition's image.

StarFox1993d ago

Another shitty collectors edition thanks alot ubishit.....assholes