Clouded vision: what Sony will do with Gaikai

VG247: Rob Fahey makes sense of Sony’s Gaikai buy. Streaming is only part of PlayStation’s future, but it’s going to be a vital one which leverages an enviable back catalogue across multiple devices. Question is, who’s going to buy OnLive?

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RAM-352155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Clouded vision: what Sony will do with Gaikai?

use it?

GribbleGrunger2155d ago

lol. I've been talking about this on another forum and the only feedback I get is: 'the internet isn't fast enough yet'. It's almost as if they don't understand that Sony just bought Gaikai for that very reason.

'let's buy Gaikai!'
'It won't work!'
'Buy it anyway.'

ChronoJoe2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Well it's true. Gaigai's application is limited and there's no physical way it can provide a better experience than playing the game locally simply because data transfer isn't virtually instantaneous as it is across your your motherboard on a PS3.

There are some games that cloud gaming can simply never benefit from. Like SSFIV for instance, are games like this to be left behind? or will Gaikai's application be very limited and selective?

I doubt I'll end up using it anyway. Cloud distribution is nice for movies, services... etc, the stuff that doesn't demand an instantaneous response, but for games when local games are always going to be better I'll stick to buying my games to play locally.

The application I see is for people who can't afford the hardware to run these games locally... with cloud gaming for instance, PS4 games could even be playable on PS3s. That'd amp up the potential distribution of their next consoles launch games, if everyone with a PS3 could already play them. After all you have to remember they don't usually make much money selling their hardware.

Amazingmrbrock2155d ago

I could almost see sony morphing gaikai to allow video and music streaming as well. They've been trying to push their music unlimited thing for some time now but without much success.

They will definitely keep it doing games but since they also sit on a massive publishing catalog of music and movies its almost silly to not put those out streaming as well.

BattleAxe2155d ago

Its possible that the next service that Sony will buy is Netflix. This was a rumor that was started about a year ago.

princejb1342155d ago

people gotta stop saying the internet isn't fast enough
are you sony?
are you a game developer?
do you do networking?

if you answered no to all of these, let sony do their thing, they know what their doing
if they believe they can pull it off they probably can

thank you

SilentNegotiator2155d ago

Sony has lost it. They just sunk $380M into technology that isn't ready when they're losing more and more every year.

Furthermore, Onlive proved that people don't want to pay for server use....same game prices minus expensive server costs and the customer gets less quality (compressed video, less response)....not exactly a very sound business model.

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ChronoJoe2155d ago

Yes but in what way? Replace retail releases with cloud ones? alternative method of distribution? means of supporting an otherwise incompatible back catalog?

sllshrm2155d ago

I don't think they'll deviate from Game Demos for now

ATi_Elite2155d ago

Gaikai is a good service and works better than onlive. With advancements in technology Gaikai will improve.

Onlive uses different Tech and it sucks! End of story!

Sony could use Gaikai to stream all it's Old games, music, and movies! This should make SOny some well needed ca$h!

also this could help the PS4 be cheaper by not worrying about backwards compatibility. This is a good move by Sony as Sony's video game division is pretty profitable.

The Tsunami, Earthquake, Radiation, and Riot in England really put a hurting on Sony's cash flow along with the recession and dismal sales of TV's!

Sony's Picture division should be profitable this year. Last year they spent Billions making movies that will release this Summer!

Spiderman, Resident Evil, Total Recall, and Skyfall will all get my money! (well maybe not Spiderman)!

2155d ago
ElitaStorm2155d ago

maybe not Spiderman?

are you kiding? Do you know how many kids wanna see spiderman?

we Will see about that tomorrow.

joab7772154d ago

How will Jack Trenton mesh with Perry. One is truthful and the other wants to tell you that gaikai will be the greatest gaming device in history, able to stream pc Battlefield graphics on the ps3 tomorrow. It'll b fun to watch but maybe Sony's purchase is an insight in to their next Gen perspective. It will be interesting to c exactly what they will do with a pc browser streaming game company. At least they are out in front of something. It's good news. I wanted them to team up with valve, but it's too much to ask.

chukamachine2154d ago

Cut it up, put it in a sandwich and feed me.

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Apocalypse Shadow2155d ago

if gamers have been watching closely,KEN KUTARAGI(yes,that guy!) has been working on cloud based computing up into December 2011.that's six months ago.the questions you have to ask yourselves is

what was he working on that was so "totally cool" that dealt with cloud computing?

was gakai a better alternative or a grab at patents?

sony has so much content from movies,tv shows,music and games,that they would have an advantage over,microsoft,etc,don 't OWN content like sony.they just deliver content to you at a PRICE by making deals.which includes sony.

but what if sony delivered that content exclusively to every device that's capable?

not saying i like cloud,but it is,amazon,hulu ,pandora,etc are convenient.if sony makes it easy for you to get it,and puts it everywhere,the money will rake's why microsoft is gunning to create it's own offering of content on xbox.they know sony is working on's why they LEAKED that document.stop you from thinking about last of us and beyond...or just sony in halo 4 has created no hype.

but as we already know,sony will still offer bluray for those that don't have great internet.but for sony,it's easy money,no piracy and cheap hardware as ps3,ps vita are capable of doing it just like ps4.and every other capable device.if gakai can work in a web browser,it will work on anything.and with nvidia's grid.....

things just got INTERESTING.....

GribbleGrunger2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

truly exciting times ahead! yes, people keep talking in terms of absolutes. they want to assume it's a 'replacement' so they can shoe horn in their claims of slow internet connections.

but the truth is that people with good internet connections will use it and those without a good connection or no connection at all will still buy the retail copy.

LOL_WUT2155d ago

@ Gribble +1

Thanks for making things more clearer. I was under the impression that Sony would go the streaming route only, but if they have both then it's a big win.

JBSleek2155d ago

I wonder what Sony will do with this. Do they have the ecosystem for this to be a success, I don't really follow Sony closely anymore.

If executed well this could be game changing in a sense but a hardware company pulling off a software driven ecosystem is going to be rocky.

I use Onlive on my Mac and it works fine so peoples fear on log and other concerns should be somewhat smoove if you have broadband internet.

Also, does Microsoft buy Onlive now? Hmmm this is going to be good.

Squall50052155d ago

I don't think Microsoft will acquire Onlive as it's 'gaming' related.

JBSleek2155d ago

What does that even mean?

stage882155d ago

@JBSleek Are you new to gaming?

2155d ago
Squall50052155d ago

When we said we wanted 'Cloud' on PS3 we meant a FFVII remake.

But this is close enough.

XabiDaChosenOne2155d ago

Things just got interesting...

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