Metal Gear Vita sneaks into the UK Top 10

Chart compiler UKIE says MGS HD sales shot up by 532% (having been out on Xbox and PS3 for some time), so that's mostly all Vita sales, making it one of the biggest Vita launches outside the console’s first week, only a small number of sales behind Unit 13 and Gravity Rush. It also shows that gamers weren't put off by the lack of the original MGS and Peace Walker in the package.

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ANIALATOR1362124d ago

I know i bought it. Off the store.

Knushwood Butt2123d ago

Does anyone know if you can re-map the buttons?

I don't really want to use R1 for first person view...

ANIALATOR1362123d ago

I'm not sure you can. I've went into options and there doesn't seem to be anything for controls. Just for the camera views.

Knushwood Butt2123d ago


Yeah, that's what I found..

Pretty surprising they didn't add the option to do that. I mean, it can't take very long to implement it.

When I first fired it up, it took me a few minutes to figure out the controls. Been years since I last played it. Plus, using R1 for first person view just doesn't feel right nowadays.

Ultr2123d ago

well I would have bought it for a discount as I already have the ps3-collection...

Tidybrutes2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Technically it is discounted compared to the PS3 version, as its £19.99 on the ps store and most online retailers are selling it for around £23

Although personally i think there should be the option to remote play it via your ps3 seems you already own the game.

1nsomniac2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Its actually £24 on PS Store. I would take a punt at £20 but even though its only £4 more im not interested anymore. Shady Sony tactics again, Less content higher price because they know there's no competition on the Vita & people are desperate as there is a severe lack of content so they will buy it anyway. Shady business 101 = Sony specialty.

Think I might go for Gravity Rush though instead.

Tidybrutes2115d ago


Yeah it was £19.99 on release day and now its gone up to £23.99.... i think ill buy a cartridge copy for £22.99 from Shopto now... especially seem ive only half a gig left on my 8 gig memory card LOL

HarryMasonHerpderp2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

This is great news.
I bought Gravity Rush instead though as I already have MGSHD on the PS3 and had to make a decision.
Will pick this up when it's cheaper though.