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Submitted by TnS 2870d ago | video

PSU Exclusive: 2 Days 2 Vegas Gameplay Demo

Here is the first look at 2 Days 2 Vegas in motion.

Remember once again that the game is still early in production, and this media was taken when the game was at 50% completion. (2 Days 2 Vegas, 2 Days to Vegas, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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tony  +   2870d ago
looks ok.
nothing impressive.
HeartlesskizZ  +   2870d ago
I kind of like the driving... looks very nice and smooth for a work in progress... this game is on my list =D
jwatt  +   2870d ago
It's just to many things that remind of what gta already did but it's not finished so lets wait and see. So far I would rather see what the getaway has in stores with gta style gameplay.

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sonarus  +   2870d ago
game looks like crap even at 50%. It will get better but not by much. Taking this game off my radar now.
Staircase  +   2870d ago
What do you do....?

Walk around and look at stuff?
Blademask  +   2870d ago
This game looks absolutely nothing like the screens posted before the "50%" Mark was hit.
Looks like ass, and that is why no one is interested in it. The only thing this title had going for itself was the Graphics we all saw earlier. The car shaders are terrible. Its clear that they just loaded up 3dsmax and Vray to spit out the shots earlier of the 'in game' engine. GTA doesn't need smoking graphics because its such an amazing game with great stories.

As everyone else has said, this one definitely looks like a PS2 title. Engine doesn't seem to technical if there is nothing going on in it. Yeah a car driving around a bunch of low poly buildings that you cant go inside of. Where is the crowds of people that were promised?

I dont get why devs do tech demos when they aren't close impressive. They might have wowed some people with elements of the story or how dynamic the game is to play. now thats at least impressive. OLD but kicks the dirt outta this 2days
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IGNFTW  +   2870d ago
tony  +   2870d ago
half life 2 is...
ygxbrayzie  +   2870d ago
doesnt look jaw dropping like those old pics
but i hope once is done its gonna at least look like those pics
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Blademask  +   2870d ago
yeah right?

lol "screenshots"
mullet  +   2870d ago
To be honest.
Meh. Very meh.
Blademask  +   2870d ago
You know Mr.Ledger died today?
INehalemEXI  +   2870d ago
This reminds me of brandon lee and the crow kinda. creepy.
mullet  +   2870d ago
@ Blade.
Yes of course. Very unfortunate but they finished filming the movie 2-3 weeks ago. I understand that it's not about that though, he was a very talented actor.


@ DuB; Yeah it's sad. Depression / drugs obviously, due to his wife filing for full custody of their kid.
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mighty_douche  +   2870d ago
just checked the news (actual news), f**k me...

INehalemEXI  +   2870d ago
Why they would show a 50% build is beyond me. It shows potential but it also shows it needs alot of work.
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Jamegohanssj5  +   2870d ago
That song is pretty addicting. If the song is in the game, I'll buy it. Lulz.
InYourMom  +   2870d ago
The music made me want to stab my eardrums with a screwdriver! I couldn't even get thru the whole video without hitting the mute button.

OnTopic: The game looks meh, nothing like the early screenshots but if it is only %50 done then I am not taking it off my radar just yet.

With Saints Row 2 and GTA out this year I hope they push this game to 09 and spend the time on it because it will get buried in 08.
jontay  +   2870d ago
The song is "Le Disko" by "Shiny Toy Guns"
Meus Renaissance  +   2870d ago
Why are people judging the games visuals when its made very clear that its nowhere near done? We should be grateful to be given an insight to game development and see how games look before they're polished.
THX7168  +   2870d ago
The Graphics Aren't The Real Problem
I understand it's a work in progress so the cheap graphics don't really bother me. What they showed is really lame though. Just some driving around and then some walking around. Not very interesting at all.

UPDATE: It's off topic but people are mentioning it here. Heath Ledger was a great actor. After only seeing the trailer I could tell that Heath did an amazing job as The Joker for the upcoming The Dark Knight film. He was incredible in Brokeback Mountain (don't be immature, it was a great film). I was also one of the few that actually like A Knight's Tale. He is truly going to be missed. May he rest in peace.
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Blademask  +   2870d ago
Mainly because they posted 'screenshots' a year ago.
Which look better than where they are at now with the "50%" Version.
carl ps3  +   2870d ago
The pole-dancer dancing looked realistic! Not that i would know how one would!!! ;-D
hotshot127  +   2870d ago
seriously people. didnt you guys read the introduction
this game is still in VERY EARLY DEVELOPMENT.

thats why its not good to give whining people what they want to early because they clearly cant understand gamedevelopement. not to mention, you guys only saw one part of the game.
thats like if they just started working on the game yesterday and they showed you thier early progress,you guys would jump down thier throat and send deathnotes or something.

be patient people and understand this is gamedevelopement(things take time)

OFF TOPIC: R.I.P heath ledger. now when i see the movie, im gonna be sad
Jamegohanssj5  +   2870d ago
Whoever disagreed with me will be ended with a toothpick.
CaliGamer  +   2870d ago
The game has a long way to go, and to say that it like "ass" at 50% done is a bit premature in my opinion. Not to mention I don't know how anyone could claim to be able to pick out any amount of detail from the crappy video we were provided with.
While I will concede that the quality of the models don't look anything like the pictures they showed previously, I wouldn't write this game off as crap just yet. If KZ2 has taught us anything is that even ambitious visions can be pulled off given the right amount of time and money. Lets just wait and see.
Jamegohanssj5  +   2870d ago
You guys really blow for disagreeing with me lulz. Toothpick time.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2870d ago
see... and people thought I was crazy when I said it didn't TRUMP GTA IV in graphics like the earlier "screenshots" did.
Doctor Strange  +   2870d ago
This game still has a lot of potential but showing stuff like this and even telling people that its was done very early in development doesn't help their game since now many people are going to write this one off.

The next time they show this game I hope they show something really interesting.
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2870d ago
So then, we can drive, go to strip clubs and stalk people on the mini bars? I can do that in real life. =P

Pass until I see some bloodshed.
EastCoastSB  +   2870d ago
They didn't really show any "tech". All this did was show that it still needs A LOT of work.
chrno6  +   2870d ago
Looks nothing like b4. May be they have to downgrade it, coz u know...
jay2  +   2870d ago
There was NO point in the 'game play' where was the 'game play' it was just driving down 2 roads and walking around in a club with a music track on top. game play is actually showing you something you will do in the game when playing it, this includes duologue ect.

There was none of that, we didn't see any guns/shooting, police shushes, no voice-over nothing, PUS, you really need to look up some definitions. I'm very disappointed and, more to the point confused.
m9105826  +   2870d ago
From a technical standpoint, the engine has a lot of room to stretch it's legs. It has a wonderful lighting engine, impressive atmospheric effects, and a nice use of diffuse maps. Whether or not they can tie a riveting story into the equation is anyone's guess at this point. But saying it looks like a ps2 game just makes you look ignorant. Look at how different colored lights cast different specular highlights on the character as he walks by them. Look at the quality of the skin, even at this early stage. It has a way to go, and could be a successful engine, were they to license it after development is completed.
stuntman_mike  +   2870d ago
i agree with most it looks okay, but thats because its only 50% right... if this game is getting released this year (on 360,pc) why show 50% why not something closer to completion, i get the feeling this game will quietly pass under everyones radar.

also on the first walking bit where the guy walks into the bar i thought it was shenmue lol (shenmue looked way better than that aswell).
Dr Pepper  +   2870d ago
They may regret releasing this video, much like SK with the E3 Too Human trailer...

Why would you show something, like this boring video, that's only 50% completed? Of course it good to release some info/pics but many people don't pay attention to the "still early on" part and move on to better and brighter things. Ever wonder why the Project Offset dev was so mad when that trailer was somehow released when the game was still early in the works (even though it looked amazing)? Because people make assumptions off of everything you give them.
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Figboy  +   2870d ago
unless you're an *ESTABLISHED developer,
it's really, *REALLY hard to pull off the whole "look what we can do at 50%" marketing tactic.

considering that not many people outside of, well, Steel Monkey, know *WHO, exactly, Steel Monkey are, when we see footage like this, we don't get excited, we go, "huh, that's...that's not looking too good, actually."

the reason why we get hyped about Rockstar's efforts, is because they have *EARNED it. GTA3-San Andreas, Manhunt (disturbing social experiment), the Warriors (fantastic beat 'em up), and Bully (fantastic schoolyard sim), so even though GTAIV doesn't seem to be pushing any technological envelopes like a, say, Killzone 2 or Heavy Rain, we know that they're good for it.

as you're seeing here, first impressions are *EVERYTHING.

imagine if Sony Santa Monica, back before God of War released, started showing those half done, empty levels and unfinished gameplay elements (you can see those incomplete levels and vids on the God of War 2 bonus DVD). at the time Sony Santa Monica was still a "B" studio. Twisted Metal was well received, as was War of the Monsters, but they hadn't broken into the big time. instead of releasing some 50% complete vids, they showed us finished levels and builds that looked incredibly impressive, especially being squeezed through the PS2, and then they knocked it out of the park a few months later with that classic demo of Kratos vs the Hydra.

now, with all that said, i'm keeping a look-out for this title, as i really enjoy the sandbox genre, and i'm always open to new games in the genre. but the GTA mold is getting a bit tired, honestly, and i'm more interested in sandbox games like Infamous, which add cool super-powers to the mix, or period pieces like LA Noire and Mafia 2, than the typical modern gangland take on the genre. but again, i'll try just about anything once, and i always give things the benefit of the doubt, i just think that, in comparison to the other games being released this year, and how far along in progress *THEY are, Steel Monkey should have held off a bit longer, until maybe 65-75% of the game was complete, before showing it off.

i mean, compare it to screens of games like Borderlands, GTAIV, the Getaway, Infamous, etc, and you see that 2D2V has a *LOT of catching up to do.

but the die has been cast, and first impressions have been made. it's not the end of the world, and believe me, Steel Monkey can turn, and most probably *WILL turn this negative perception of the game around, just not right now.

if it can happen with Sony and Killzone 2's pre-E3 2007 grandiose claims, and the subsequent reveal of the ingame Killzone 2, it can happen to anybody. the backlash isn't nearly at that epic of a level in concerns to the early 2 Days to Vegas screens, and the current, 50% game.

i'm looking forward to following this game's progression, really.
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bloop  +   2870d ago
You work for Steel Monkey, don't you ?? ;) J/k
Figboy  +   2870d ago
i definitely don't work for Steel Monkey, but i'm trying not to be too hard on them. now, when we see the game at E3 and beyond, i'll expect it to be more polished.

having worked in the games industry for over 3 years, i've seen first hand how builds of games progress in leaps and bounds when the developer has their noses to the grindstone.
HardcoreGamer  +   2870d ago
dont like it
dont like it at the momemtn, but i did enjoy the FULL BLOWN SEX DEMONSTRATION IN THE BAR
bloop  +   2870d ago
And everyone is surprised??
Did anyone actually believe they would achieve in game visuals on par with the "screens" they released? I for one, did not. It's just going to be another poor GTA clone.
KidMakeshift  +   2870d ago
Why did they have to ruin the video with that god awful song

I hate Shiny Toy Guns
Kulupoo  +   2870d ago
GAH~ I hate this song
same with the razor commercial w/ this song.... arghhh
Jamegohanssj5  +   2870d ago
Disagree one more time and I'm going to go Hogan on someone.
THX7168  +   2870d ago
I wasn't the one who originally disagreed.
I did disagree with all the others though. Sorry but your comments were just hilarious. I had to keep going see where it would lead. I gave you good rep (bubbles) so I hope that makes up for it.

I disagreed with comments 10 and 12 first and then more people disagreed. I don't know who the others were though. Maybe they did it for the same reason as I did.
power of Green  +   2870d ago
The animations and lighting effects looks ahead of most games already. Looks better than GTA4 whentalking about what I stated above.

#22 Never seen gameplay for the "the Getaway" only CGI, never heard of Infamous *I'll look for gameplay* GTA4 has great detail in some things and look bad in others like Charactor textures some of GTA4 charactor design and animation look PS2-ish.
Xcal2k3  +   2870d ago
At least these guys have the balls to show us gameplay at such an early state unlike GTA. Why is everyone being so harsh on a game thats at 50% completion. Yu guys are idiots, and im sick and tired of people always talking about graphics this, graphics that. Video games are way much more than just graphics. And some of you sound like you dont know jack crap about the processing power of the next gen consoles. I mean, saying that this looks like it can run on Ps2, give me a frikkin break, ps2 wouldn't even run this at a frame rate of 15 or above. Get your heads out your ass and do some frikkin homework before you start criticizing or even trying to fling your worthless half of cents of bull crap to these developers. Im through.

Dr Pepper  +   2870d ago
It's not just the graphics. Basically, that video was boring. Are you excited for the game after that vid? Did it grab your attention?
aiphanes  +   2869d ago
We still have not seen in game GTA4 video...maybe tommorrow?
Why come we have not seen anything and it is suppose to be released in April?

2 days to Vegas will be good if it comes out in 2009....or like somebody said will get lost...saints row 2 might be good also...
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