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Canary2151d ago

Not at all. HD remakes are a beautiful thing. Final Fantasy IV complete and Chrono Trigger on the DS were both fantastic.

What -is- rather boring are HD ports, which is what this article is really about. Leave it to IGN to think that Sony's PS2 ports are remakes.

I honestly don't even understand why it's necessary in the first place. Why can console games only display at a certain resolution? Well, the 3D ones, I mean. Prince of Persia on PS2 can only display at, what, 480x360? Why's it locked into that? The PC version could display at multiple resolutions, and could be modded to display at -any- resolution simply by tweaking the .ini file.

Shouldn't game developers know that whichever console they're developing a title for could, concievably, be replaced by a newer model, that future games could, in fact, be built to display on higher resolution screens, that backwards compatibility (no matter how Sony and Nintendo act) is an increasingly important aspect of the hardware market? Shouldn't they realize all of this, and then code their games so that, in that all-but-certain future, they might display at higher resolution?

PC developers learned this decades ago. I can whip out a 15 year old PC game designed to operate on an OS six generations old and get it to display in in HD. I can apply filters to make old games look better, even.

So why is it when I stick a PS2 game into my PS3, it either looks like ass or blurry ass?

MrKingofVideoGames2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Interesting points. However, to be fair, Chrono Trigger on the DS was a port not a remake (like FFIV). I actually had a disc for the PS2 that would "upscale" any game to 720p or 1080p. I think Action Replay made it and I sold it on Ebay when I git a backwards compatible PS3 (somebody out there has to remember this thing,too). Anyhow, somehow this disc managed to squeeze some extra resolution out of a standard ol' PS2 so what you say certainly seems feasible.

Canary2151d ago

@Pastorjake: a port, not a remake? Are you sure? I've only played a bit of the SNES version (Wiiware) and am currently playing through the DS version. It is my first experience with the game, so I don't know first-hand, but I'd thought all of the sprites were re-done and that new content was added.

But, hey, for more examples of -awesome- HD remakes, again I'd have to point to the DS and the three Dragon Quest remakes. The new sprite-work, particularly in DQ4, really blew me away. Absolutely fantastic.

This is one of the reasons I prefer the idea of a low-budget remake of Final Fantasy 7, among others, w/ new art and models to the CGI cluster-**** everyone else seems to be rooting for. On the DS, I've seen a number of these re-makes turn out remarkably well.

Conversely, I can't think of a -single- big-budget remake that was worth anything.

flappersack2151d ago

The games you love, touched up and made better and a chance for people to play something they might have missed and/or is now hard to track down.

Nobody is forcing anyone to buy the re-releases, so it's not an issue if you don't want them.

Ultr2151d ago

"Nobody is forcing anyone to buy the re-releases, so it's not an issue if you don't want them."

It's SO SIMPLE! Thank you!!

ya haters would kindly read this comment? k? thx!

deletingthis346753342151d ago

Bore. I have backward compatibility on my PS3. I have no reason to buy any of these. It is Sony praying on the owners of a non-backward compatible PS3 (the majority of all PS3 owners) to buy the same games they already have on PS2 just to suck more money out of their pockets. If it wasn't for Sony discontinuing backward compatible PS3s, none of this would happen. What a shameful cash grab. I am guessing trophies and HD graphics are good enough for people to lap it up.

moegooner882151d ago

And for those who missed them, what do you suggest, paying 20-40£ for each original PS2 title at Amazon, what you are saying would have made sense if all Sony did was release HD remakes, but that is not the case, there have been plenty of new PS IPs and exclusives this gen.

SKUD2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Less remakes. More new IP's. Most of the time they can't seem to really improve upon the classics of yesterday. Wasted resources.

Qbanj692151d ago


Didn't read the article, however, I'd rather they not waste their time remastering a game and actually work on something new. ZOE3 comes to mind.

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