The 7 Most Disappointing Sequels in Gaming

We’ve all been there, a new game is announced for our favourite franchise, the hype builds and builds until our minds our at meltdown point with excitement. You wait up at night to go to the midnight launch, sprint home to play it incessantly for days on end, the dream has come true. As you start playing however, things quickly take a turn for the worse, your dreams start to crumble, and it dawns upon you that the game that you have waited patiently all this time for, is merely a massive kick to the crotch.

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OzzieArcane2182d ago

Personally wouldn't consider any game in the Final Fantasy series a sequel except the ones that are just that like X-2 and XIII-2. They're really just a bunch of games that borrow lore and themes from each other.

justpassinggas2181d ago

I agree. XIII is a standalone game and not a sequel. It may as well have been called "Lightning 'n Frendz and the Attack of the La Cie".

DivineAssault 2181d ago

Idk whats wrong with square enix as of late.. FF is missing the magic it once had but at least FFX HD is coming soon (has anyone seen screenshots?).. I want a new Valkyrie Profile: Hrist but after playing 2, my outlook on enix & tri ace went downhill...

zeal0us2182d ago

I agree with everything except for MGS2.

I dislike the switch from Solid Snake to pansy Raiden(b4 MGS4) but overall the game was great to me.

Nimblest-Assassin2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I actually liked Raiden before he became a cyborg. He had more of that regular guy feel. I mean, I burst out laughing when I tried cartwheeling up stairs, only to have him fall on his back and not moving

To me though, hands down the worst sequel I have ever played is Star Wars the force unleashed 2. Unless you were hyped for the game, you would not understand my anger

kma2k2181d ago

i second the Force Unleashed 2 & add Dragon Age 2 to the list!

NonApplicable2181d ago

I agree about MGS2.

It wasn't as good as the good as the first, but it didn't disappoint me nearly as much as other abysmal sequels.

Dark_Overlord2182d ago

One of my most disappointing sequels was Soul Reaver 2, the first was one of the best games on the PS1, the 2nd outing was lacking in so many ways :/

Pozzle2182d ago


Soul Reaver 2 is my favorite in the series.

Blood Omen 2, on the other hand, was an abysmal piece of crap with awful voice acting (except for Kain of course), ugly graphics and tanky controls. Now that was a disappointing sequel imo. :(

InTheLab2182d ago

Yeah but....wasn't Blood Omen a top down PS1 game? Blood Omen 2 had it's flaws but I enjoyed it.

And SR2 felt easier than SR, but I did think it was just as good.

My favorite in the series is Defiance. It's a shame we've went this whole gen with no Legacy of Kain game...

Pozzle2182d ago

Sorry, I should have clarified. I meant BO2 was a bad sequel in terms of ANY Legacy of Kain game. Not just as a sequel to BO1.

Though I still thought BO2 was a pretty lousy game in general. It was really disappointing for me after coming straight out of SR2's gorgeous world, graphics, characterizations and script. :(

And yesss!!! Words can't describe how much I want to see a new LoK game! Especially one written by Amy Hennig (though I know it's pretty unlikely now that she's with Naughty Dog. Oh well, no harm in dreaming...)

MWH2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

lol your first comment about SR2 was alerting then i read the correction and the alert was gone.

i agree, BO2 was the blacksheep of the series and least favorite for many reasons even though some did find it to be a good game, but mostly these who didn't play the past games or are less hardcore toward the series.

i for one, didn't like it at all.

that said, Legacy of Kain series is one of the most engrossing gaming experiences ever made in term of story and character design and development, it's enough that Amy Henning was behind it, the very same Amy Henning who is now with Naughty Dog. her unique story-telling talent lent success to the Uncharted trilogy.

if wishes come true i'd have 3 gaming wishes, one of them is a good sequel and conclusion to Legacy of Kain.

Summons752182d ago

Aside from Devil May Cry 2 I have to disagree. All those games were great fun, and the Final Fantasy 13 was just pu there for hits.

creatchee2182d ago

IMO, only numbers 1-3 belong on that list.

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