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Submitted by masterlinkace 1319d ago | opinion piece

The 7 Most Disappointing Sequels in Gaming

We’ve all been there, a new game is announced for our favourite franchise, the hype builds and builds until our minds our at meltdown point with excitement. You wait up at night to go to the midnight launch, sprint home to play it incessantly for days on end, the dream has come true. As you start playing however, things quickly take a turn for the worse, your dreams start to crumble, and it dawns upon you that the game that you have waited patiently all this time for, is merely a massive kick to the crotch. (Devil May Cry 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Final Fantasy XIII, GameCube, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, PC, Perfect Dark Zero, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360)

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OzzieArcane  +   1320d ago
Personally wouldn't consider any game in the Final Fantasy series a sequel except the ones that are just that like X-2 and XIII-2. They're really just a bunch of games that borrow lore and themes from each other.
justpassinggas  +   1318d ago
I agree. XIII is a standalone game and not a sequel. It may as well have been called "Lightning 'n Frendz and the Attack of the La Cie".
DivineAssault  +   1318d ago
Idk whats wrong with square enix as of late.. FF is missing the magic it once had but at least FFX HD is coming soon (has anyone seen screenshots?).. I want a new Valkyrie Profile: Hrist but after playing 2, my outlook on enix & tri ace went downhill...
zeal0us  +   1320d ago
I agree with everything except for MGS2.

I dislike the switch from Solid Snake to pansy Raiden(b4 MGS4) but overall the game was great to me.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1319d ago
I actually liked Raiden before he became a cyborg. He had more of that regular guy feel. I mean, I burst out laughing when I tried cartwheeling up stairs, only to have him fall on his back and not moving

To me though, hands down the worst sequel I have ever played is Star Wars the force unleashed 2. Unless you were hyped for the game, you would not understand my anger
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kma2k  +   1319d ago
i second the Force Unleashed 2 & add Dragon Age 2 to the list!
NonApplicable  +   1318d ago
I agree about MGS2.

It wasn't as good as the good as the first, but it didn't disappoint me nearly as much as other abysmal sequels.
Dark_Overlord  +   1319d ago
One of my most disappointing sequels was Soul Reaver 2, the first was one of the best games on the PS1, the 2nd outing was lacking in so many ways :/
Pozzle  +   1319d ago

Soul Reaver 2 is my favorite in the series.

Blood Omen 2, on the other hand, was an abysmal piece of crap with awful voice acting (except for Kain of course), ugly graphics and tanky controls. Now that was a disappointing sequel imo. :(
InTheLab  +   1319d ago
Yeah but....wasn't Blood Omen a top down PS1 game? Blood Omen 2 had it's flaws but I enjoyed it.

And SR2 felt easier than SR, but I did think it was just as good.

My favorite in the series is Defiance. It's a shame we've went this whole gen with no Legacy of Kain game...
Pozzle  +   1319d ago
Sorry, I should have clarified. I meant BO2 was a bad sequel in terms of ANY Legacy of Kain game. Not just as a sequel to BO1.

Though I still thought BO2 was a pretty lousy game in general. It was really disappointing for me after coming straight out of SR2's gorgeous world, graphics, characterizations and script. :(

And yesss!!! Words can't describe how much I want to see a new LoK game! Especially one written by Amy Hennig (though I know it's pretty unlikely now that she's with Naughty Dog. Oh well, no harm in dreaming...)
MWH  +   1318d ago
lol your first comment about SR2 was alerting then i read the correction and the alert was gone.

i agree, BO2 was the blacksheep of the series and least favorite for many reasons even though some did find it to be a good game, but mostly these who didn't play the past games or are less hardcore toward the series.

i for one, didn't like it at all.

that said, Legacy of Kain series is one of the most engrossing gaming experiences ever made in term of story and character design and development, it's enough that Amy Henning was behind it, the very same Amy Henning who is now with Naughty Dog. her unique story-telling talent lent success to the Uncharted trilogy.

if wishes come true i'd have 3 gaming wishes, one of them is a good sequel and conclusion to Legacy of Kain.
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Summons75  +   1319d ago
Aside from Devil May Cry 2 I have to disagree. All those games were great fun, and the Final Fantasy 13 was just pu there for hits.
creatchee  +   1319d ago
IMO, only numbers 1-3 belong on that list.
karlowma  +   1319d ago
Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age 2, Diablo III...
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TekoIie  +   1319d ago
Hmmmmmm no...... Dragon age 2 was decent but it's not an enormous dissapointment. ME3 was amazing right until the end. Diablo 3 I can't comment on since I don't own it :3
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TekoIie  +   1319d ago
Sorry misread about Mass Effect lol. But still ME2 was in no way a dissapointment for many and I dont see much wrong with it at all.
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karlowma  +   1319d ago
Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins are two of my favorite games of all time. Unfortunately, the things I enjoyed (depth, variety) were all but stripped from the sequels. They are becoming less RPG and more action game as they go along. Huge, huge, huge disappointments for me.

Diablo III, well it's a great game the first time through, still good the next couple of times, but by the time you have a character or two in Inferno, you realize that the real "end-game" is playing the auction house. Not my style.
_Aarix_  +   1319d ago
he said "in gaming" if you know a game at all, then it doesnt deserve to be on the list, theres dozens of god awful titles this generation (THOUSANDS IN ALL OF GAMING) The top 7 worst games would be games we probably never played, like the e.t sequal for the atari, the deserves it but no and amazing AAA title like mass effect.... disappointing and most disappointing in all of gaming are GIGANTIC differences.
karlowma  +   1319d ago
@_Aarix_ tough to be disappointed in something that you don't know exists, ie: have no expectations for. Disappointment is a subjective concept, and what disappoints me is not necessarily the same for you.
kma2k  +   1319d ago
ME2??? Seriously? I thought that was the best of the series personally!
spunnups  +   1319d ago
Bioshocks 2, story was a complete and utter piece of crap
NonApplicable  +   1318d ago
My biggest sequel disappointment this gen is Killzone 3.
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sriki007  +   1319d ago
rise of nations 3 and ace combat 7 were my most disappointing sequels...
CLOUD1983  +   1319d ago
The author doesn't mean sequels but new entries to well known/acclaimed game series, so now that I have clear this let's start there is a lot to write here:

Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Silent Hill: Origins
Silent Hill Homecoming
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Silent Hill: Downpour
The 3rd Birthday
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Diablo III

& more...

in a few words all my favorite franchise if we exclude MGS that did only 1 misstep and came back later on with MGS3 & 4 better than ever every other of my favorite game series like FF, RE, SH, PE, Diablo have turn to sh1t.. yep that's where gaming is going.

From the other hand the main reason all this game series have turn into a pile of poo is because the original creators didn't involve with the development of new entries.

FF have turn to sh1t because Sagakuchi left, RE 5,6 is heading completely in the wrong direction because Mikami left (but he prepare right now a new Surviving Horror game now with code name Zwei & I cant w8 to play it!), SH original director left & help to make the Siren game series, PE go downhill after the first because the director left, Diablo III was not made by Blizzard North the devs behind the legendary D1 & 2 and that's why it sucks.

As all of u see most of the times a game turn to sh1t when the original creator or the studio who make the original change and that's the result that's why I never follow fanatical franchises but only creators I am not FF fan I am Sagakuchi fan I am not RE fan I am Mikami fan I am not Diablo fan I am Blizzard North fan.

The creators is what makes the game so gr8 & I hope more & more ppl realize this in the future and stop buying every new game a company release from a famous franchise, because it have the same name of one of your favorite game in the past doesn't mean it's also good, did u ever think of it?
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masterlinkace  +   1319d ago
Apologies, this shouldn't have said sequels. My bad, it was meant to be as CLOUD1983 said.

Games like Bioshock 2, Dragon Age 2 and Operation Raccoon City were all almost on this list. It was very nearly just a top 10. Oh and Final Fantasy XIII was not there for hits, it was because I loved FF games up until XIII, which was just appalling, thankfully, XIII-2 made up for it. :)
Hicken  +   1319d ago
I prefer XIII to XIII-2, honestly. XIII-2 lacked the depth in the characters which made me like XIII so much. Through the same amount of playtime, you learn far less about Noel and Serah, and they grow far less, than anyone in XIII did. If anything, I'd say XIII-2 was the disappointment, as I couldn't keep playing it like every FF before it, XIII included.
elda  +   1319d ago
I agree I played FF-XIII at least 4 times despite its flaws,XIII-2 I bought day 1 & I still haven't finished it & that's the first for me with any FF game,even though it had alot going on it still was missing its core components such as Lightning,Summons & meeting,recruiting human players instead of monsters.
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IM_A_MARVEL  +   1319d ago
For me, in this generation at least, it's got to be Crackdown 2. Such a great fun premise and sand box laid out in the first, only to be shat on and made to look some how even worse graphically. Ah well.
SuperLupe  +   1319d ago
Lol yeah the game actually looked worse than the the first Crackdown. Definately MS's biggest waste this gen.
Rob Hornecker  +   1319d ago
My two for the list are Ghost recon future soldier and test drive unlimited 2, Both were the two biggest disappointments in my gaming history of 34 years playing games! Both were a HUGE waste of money!
STEWIE_PLAY_PS4  +   1319d ago
Resident Evil operation raccoon city suck very disappoint game.
D3mons0ul  +   1319d ago
MGS2 wasn't disappointing but I also never disliked Raiden.
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bwazy  +   1319d ago
Final Fantasy 14 for me. It was pretty much a sequal to FFXI-Online (can be argued, but I still consider it one).

Like holy fricking crap, they got EVERY bloody thing wrong with that game; The client (based on torrents), the login system (a seperate window from the actual game), the billing system (a 3rd party was used), the menu system (clunky).... I could go on and on all day. The only thing they got right were the graphics, HOWEVER, they were all copy pasta and the engine was TERRIBLY optimized.

Worst 80 dollars I ever spent (goddamn CE sucked too) and it destroyed my faith in the franchise.
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TheLyonKing  +   1319d ago
13-2 wasn't disappointing it was just more unnecessary.

13 wasn't a squeal it is a separate game from previous installments. I hate how a lot people have this idea that each fantasy is a sequel.
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masterlinkace  +   1319d ago
As I mentioned before, that's my bad, the article never actually mentions that it was a sequel. That was just the name I gave the submission. Sorry. :/
Chrono  +   1319d ago
At least XIII isn't as bad as XII in my opinion.
Sugreev2001  +   1319d ago
I'm sure a vast majority of users will disagree with me,but I was disappointed most by Battlefield 3.Being a massive fan of the franchise,I couldn't really get into this one.
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TENNESSEE  +   1319d ago
Socom 4 should top this list.
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Rock_On_PS4  +   1319d ago
ffxiii is the worst sequel bar none. It is an absolute painful experience. Poor game play, linear path way, annoying emo characters, boring repetitive game play, no towns to explore, cut scenes all the time even when they were not needed.

Press X the whole entire game to win and endure long drawn out cut scenes every step of the way.

There is 30 hours of CGI cut scenes to only 10 hours of game play in one play through of the game without doing any side missions.

75% of the game is CGI cut scenes, complete insanity. What were the developers thinking? Games are supposed to be fun, not boring.

Playing FFXIII was like a visit to a theme park and seeing the sides show on rails. I did not feel like I was playing a game, I was watching 3 times more than playing the game.
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Rock_On_PS4  +   1319d ago
FFXIII-2 is almost the same as FFXIII except for no Lightning in team, you have to pay for her as a downloadable character. 2 more locations added to FFXIII-2.
I think I will pass on FFXIII-2.

Defending FXXIII/XIII-2 is literally defending the indefensible.
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masterlinkace  +   1318d ago
it wasn't the fact that they barely added new locations, it was that they opened up the gameplay completely.
They added in a massive list of tameable creatures, all with unique stats and abilities, plus they added in side quests galore...Besides, any FF game where I can have a chocobo in my party is an almost instant win for me. :P
BlackPhoenix  +   1318d ago
I thought people hated Modern Warfare 3. Wasn't it MW2s sequel?
Rob Hornecker  +   1318d ago
The problem with CoD games is that there always more of the same old thing, with nothing as far as game play thats new.
BlackPhoenix  +   1318d ago
So now it doesn't even count as a sequel? :-P
Unlimax  +   1318d ago
^ YES .. and guess what the whole game isn't sequel , Its Just a normal game talks about wars like any other games .. it doesn't even have a storyline at all to call the game "Sequel" from the first game to the last one , If you look at the book by its cover you can distinguish whether or not sequel .... This game simply made for gaining money , not made for Gamers Get it Through your head !
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BlackPhoenix  +   1318d ago
All games are made for money. There's no reason to be angry if you don't like a game. Just say why you dislike it and don't play it. :-D
masterlinkace  +   1318d ago
most people (myself included) weren't actually disappointed by it though, which is entirely the point. I wasn't hyped at all for that game, or for modern warfare 2, quite frankly as soon as the franchise decided to go back to WWII in WAW, it was pretty much a dead franchise to me. The original MW was so good, then it all went downhill from there. :/
skullmcrex  +   1318d ago
Glorified expansion packs for the masses of casual and people who think they're pro gamers. As well as the people on teh internetz forums/news websites like this one who complain about COD every year yet still buy it day one.

My personal one is Resistance 2 - I don't care what anyone says apart from maybe Halo R1 was the most fun I've had on a shooter on a console - That was game was so intense and rewarding online when it came out and for a few year afterwards, so underated. Then they turned around and made a completely different game with average gameplay and sub-par graphics with the pull being that there was 60 player games - 60 players in a shiite game dosn't make the game not shiite. The single player was medicore and to add to that they slapped you in face by killing off the main character for no apparent reason and in effect cutting off any connection that any of R1/R2 players might have with the abomination that is R3.- Prototype 2 anyone?

Maybe I've fallen out of love with consoles in general but the release PS3 days of Resistance, Moterstorm and Warhawk were far better than anything that followed. Well we shall see for that star Warhawk game. Where are the great online PS3 exclusives? No Uncharted is not anywhere near as good as the above online.
Philoctetes  +   1318d ago
"but the release PS3 days of Resistance, Moterstorm and Warhawk were far better than anything that followed."

What? Motorstorm PR was better than the original, and Killzone 2 was better than any of the games you mentioned. Even if your tastes are a little different than mine, you have to concede that both of those titles are great exclusives with superlative online experiences.

I do agree though that things have been a little slow since then. Uncharted's online is fun, but it's not as deep as games that were built around online multiplayer first and single player second. And Killzone 3 sucked
Unlimax  +   1318d ago
Don't forget The 3rd Birthday .. !!
helghast102  +   1318d ago
FFXIII isn't a sequel to anything, idiot.
MWH  +   1318d ago
bravo, i think it's a very fair list.
Donnywho  +   1318d ago
FF13 wasn't a sequel like everyone else is saying, but I think we're ignoring the fact that the author needed a picture of one of the highest selling video game franchises in his header to draw people in.
masterlinkace  +   1318d ago
I think you need to actually read the article, this was submitted incorrectly, and actually just focuses on poor games within a franchise. People are whining that FF XIII isn't technically a sequel, but neither was the number 1 spot on this list.

FF XIII wasn't there to draw people in, in fact, I would have imagined people to care more about the fact MGS2 was in this list over FF XIII, but that's just me. I was disappointed hugely by FF XIII, so it got put in the list...simple.

(Edit: take note, the list is not about sequels! it is disappointing games from my favourite franchises. Please don't start telling me FF XIII isn't part of the franchise now... it was not a draw point, it was my opinion, in fact, I thought this was pretty much standard internet knowledge that this game was a massive let down for all FF fans, like it was to me. Christ, I hate to think what would've happened if I'd gone with my original list (in which it came 3rd).)
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Donnywho  +   1318d ago
But it wasn't a sequel. It was your draw point.
Picnic  +   1318d ago
I know that it divides opinion but Perfect Dark Zero was fine and got decent critic reviews. Maybe it wasn't as deep as the N64 game but I don't think that I'd want it to be given that I gave up on that game on the first level because I couldn't work out what to do. Maybe Rare once had greater ambitions for PDZ to be more than a slightly silly, shiny, arcade game but if you just want a bit of colourful fun it fits the bill and although the graphics aren't all great it's still not a bad early tech demo for the Xbox360 capabilities. Give me that over another identikit war-themed shooter any day.
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Emilio_Estevez  +   1318d ago
I could think of a few more.
trenken311  +   1318d ago
To me this gen was one of the worst ever because it's really been defined by Call Of Duty, FPSs in general, and tons of really lame sequels. FF13 sucked, GT5 isnt even close to Forza at this point, GTA4 was a little dull. There are so many more I can't even think of them right now.
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