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Oh Nintendo, please don't make a 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro

"Well, it's not like wishing is going to do us any good. Nintendo told Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that the bigger, and likely not much better, Nintendo 3DS XL will get its very own Circle Pad Pro accessory.

"The Circle Pad Pro adds another analog nub to the 3DS, giving players a more comfortable control scheme if they're used to dual-stick gameplay. So far, only a handful of titles have used the extra stick effectively.

"I don't see how adding a second nub would be particularly detrimental to the handheld if Nintendo laid down guidelines requiring developers to build control schemes for both models. Resident Evil: Revelations features a system for the Circle Pad Pro, which changes very little in terms of gameplay.

"Nintendo wants more plastic accessories, however, and just like every one of its portables, I'll buy all of them," writes Jasmine Rea of Bitmob. (3DS, Nintendo, Tag Invalid, Tech)

yewles1  +   998d ago
WOW!!! What a way to say "Okay, I'll take it up the ass for you, because you're Nintendo...", I mean WOW!!!!
SeekDev  +   998d ago
Kind of contradictory at the end there. It's like telling someone you don't want them to sell you bad eggs, buy then telling them you'll buy them anyways. What's the seller gonna do with their bad eggs? Sell 'em.
christheredhead  +   998d ago
Unfortunately, I will be purchasing the circle pad pro for the XL. It would be nice if it were integrated into the handheld itself, but oh well. There is no way I'm passing up Monster Hunter 4 because of it.

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