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Submitted by disturbedcobra 1318d ago | opinion piece

Will Elder Scrolls Online be a unique MMO experience, or another WOW?

The much anticipated announcement has been made, coming 2013 the Elder Scrolls Online will be released! Now to wait and see if it lives up to what the makers and fans hope it to be. An all out epic mmorpg that hopefully distinguish itself from the other mmo’s out there such as World of Warcraft and at the same time still remain the Elder Scrolls series that the fans have come to love. (PC, The Elder Scrolls Online)

zeal0us  +   1318d ago
I think it will be another SWTOR

Have so much potential but slowly end up going downhill. Zenimax/Bethesda don't need to sub it. They need to treat this like their other games or how NCSOFT does with GW1&2.

Allow me to pay for it once and play for no fee. They can still charge me for expansion. They can even add an cash shop but long as its not P2W like some other F2P MMORPGs.

P2P is slowly on its way out. Only a few P2P MMOs are surviving and thats because they build their audience back when P2P was more suitable and the economy/development cost was better/cheaper.
aliengmr  +   1318d ago
I'll disagree that it will be like SWTOR, though how the game turns out is "iffy" at best.

EA is clearly trying to copy the success of others. SWTOR is trying to emulate WoW just enough to cash in on its success. Give players the same feel of WoW but with a whole new look.

I don't see ESO being used the same way. Its success though is another matter entirely.

Totally agree with you on pay methods though.
MonopolyRSV  +   1318d ago
Skyrim sucked, so will this.
Vettur  +   1314d ago
Please tell me why Skyrim sucked. There is a reason why it got GOTY everywhere. You might not like it, but if so you should tell us it in a little bit more "mature" way. For example; I didn't like skyrim, therefore I don't have any expectations for TES Online.
Chrono  +   1318d ago
What exactly is "another WoW"? I've seen people calling almost every MMO that, no matter how different it is. It's like saying Mortal Kombat is "another Street Fighter".
Lucretia  +   1318d ago
another wow means

same type of combat. hotkey, stand there it spells.

if it plays like normal skyrim then it will be way different than wow and be very skilled based. example is tera, u aim where your attacks go and movement and dodging actually counts.

but star wars, wow, aion etc all have the same type of stale combat where you run around hitting hotkeys or doing macros.
Lucretia  +   1318d ago
its not hard to get right. make the same game.....then make it online, so yeeeaaaah

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