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Max Payne 3 Review - Dusty Cartridge

It’d be unfair to expect me to write a full review of Max Payne 3 because Max Payne 3 isn’t really a full game. Yes, it does meet the minimum requirements of ‘is a game controlled by a player’, but it’s far less of a game than say, Point Blank. At least in Point Blank there isn’t an illusion that there should be so much more than a simple shooting gallery, or have the option to be more and simply refuse to acknowledge it. (Max Payne 3 , PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 6/10

edwineverready  +   1243d ago
lol. i don't agree loved this game.
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THESHAUNZY  +   1243d ago
obviously doesn't know a good game
Linko64  +   1243d ago
''It’d be unfair to expect me to write a full review of Max Payne 3 because Max Payne 3 isn’t really a full game''

Why would you expect people to read your 'review' if you cant even be arsed to wrote a full one? and when has Max Payne ever been non-linear?
ape007  +   1243d ago
6 for max payne 3? lol wut
xPhearR3dx  +   1243d ago
"But what about bullet-time?’ Well what about it? It’s been done to death everywhere"

Does this guy realize Max Payne was the first game to really implement bullet time? Why would they remove it simply because other games have a similar version? This guy sounds like he just started playing video games this gen. There's a reason for the "3" at the end of the title. It wasn't a feature Rockstar thought would be cool to add and threw it in there lol
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Derek-Flint   1243d ago | Spam
fastNslowww  +   1243d ago
The game is a 3rd person SHOOTER..what did this guy expect?

Love how some reviewers expect all this diversity/variety in every genre, not because they want it, but they think that's how a game is expected to be or an excuse to simply bitch and moan for review hits/traffic. So cute.
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user5467007  +   1243d ago
It was good but it just didn't feel like Max Payne, thats the part of me agreeing with this score. Lets not forget all the smaller issues it had, the stupid flashes/distortion in all the cutscenes were annoying, the checkpoints were annoying, the gun switching when you've already had your chosen gun out was annoying etc

The flashback levels set in New York were fantastic...why didn't they just make a game out of that story. <Spoiler> Max kills the mob boss's son and he has to survive...yet the twist could be that he stumbles across something that goes even deeper making him want to keep on going to fight back. They could of had things that tie back to the first game...who knows

I just hated how the second game you got to see Mona help Max try to move on with his life, away from the death of his daughter and wife, yet in the third game he's back to square one, not to mention they imply that Mona is actually dead, killing off a great, strong female character that would of stood out from the ones we get today.
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fermcr  +   1243d ago
A 6 for Max Payne 3... what a joke.

Max Payne 3 is simply the best game released this year so far.
MyNameIsNotRick  +   1243d ago
well this was my first max payne game and I loved it (I'm 41...just one of those apparently great series that got by me) First game in a long time that I will replay the sp.
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ALLWRONG  +   1243d ago
What did you do review the Redbox version?
Laxman  +   1243d ago
What the hell is a Redbox?
ALLWRONG  +   1243d ago
Those redbox movie and game rentals you see at gas stations and super markets. they only give you like half the game most of the time.
Laxman  +   1243d ago
Ah, I know what you mean.

Few online Game Rental places only gave out first disc of this game, too.
SeekDev  +   1243d ago
Thirsting for hits huh? I'd be hard pressed to rate any game a 6, that's low, man.
InTheLab  +   1242d ago
Agreed with the review. This is one of the worst 3rd person shooters out there. S*** plays more like GTA broken shooter mechanics than a true TPS. And the story....Max makes a generally cheerful person like myself want to commit suicide..

For example: Max fails at every opportunity to do his job properly. He fails because he's too hammered to think straight, so what does he do after his failures? He bitches and complains about it while drinking and pill popping. That's basically the entire first chapter. You can only take so much of "I didn't save the girl, so I did the next best thing....drowning myself in booze and self pity".

Another overrated Rockstar title.

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