The Amazing Spider-Man [Xbox 360] Review | DigitalNoob

DigitalNoob's Russ Pirozek reviews The Amazing Spider-Man on the Xbox 360.

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fastNslowww2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Terrible, even worse than the first game, IMO.

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antz11042091d ago

First game? What does that even mean? Does this title have a 2 at the end I can't see?

ACBAA2092d ago

those guys knew what they were doing when they named themselves digitalnoob

detroitmademe2092d ago

wat is the ".5" for in the 4.5/10 review score

optimus2092d ago

Wow, seems like his biggest gripe was releasing the game before the movie. Here's an idea, how about you don't review a movie based game before you see the movie? I haven't bought or played the game for that reason alone...

And the other gripe he has is that it borrows previous play mechanics...really?? So i take it that any super mario game after the 1st one was garbage to you? Lets add all the resident evils, streetfighters, call of duties, and every other videogame that had a sequel to it...would arckham city be as good as all the reviews claim it to be if it didn't keep the play mechanics of arckham asylum?...

The irony here being had they changed the play mechanics then the complaint would be "if it ain't broke, why fix it?"

This is the lowest rating i've seen for this game and is one that holds no merit based on what he finds wrong with the game...a rating like that would lead one to believe that the game is unplayable...then again, he knew that a low rating would garner hits to his site seeing as how most reviews came out a week ago and he didn't want his "me too" review to be overlooked...
if the game is better than the dreamcast or xbox incarnations then i would give it a good review without even playing it as i felt those games were pretty damn good.

camel_toad2092d ago

Its not "Amazing" but its definitely better than a 4.5.

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