Badass “Over the Hill” Heroes

Gaming has blessed us with some of the greatest heroes in the past couple of decades. Yet one trend find our heroes getting well a little older, a little wiser. The majority of these badass characters have appeared in multiple games and are celebrated throughout the industry. So what makes you an over the hill badass?

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TheSuperior 1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Lol go ezio and Sam! My favorite 'grandpa' in gaming would be John marston!

sloth33951989d ago

cant be Sam he is getting younger in every new game

Tokyo_reject1989d ago

He's actually older in the new game.....just new design lol

sloth33951989d ago

if he is older then how come he can more so much better then he could in the older games where he said he is getting too old and not able to do as much as he did before

LackTrue4K1989d ago

can any one tell me how old John Marson is? i love that character!!! I just know he cant be old enough to be on this list.

TheSuperior 1989d ago

I'm pretty sure that John was born in 1873. He's one of my favorite characters of all time!

waltyftm1989d ago

Agreed, Old Snake is the greatest gaming hero there has ever been.

Mr_Kuwabara1989d ago

He sucks at CQC compared to Big Boss though. If they would had fought hand to hand combat, I'm sure Big Boss would had smacked him silly.

The_Hooligan1989d ago

Big Boss from MGS3 vs Solid Snake from MGS. Would be a very intriguing match up.

MySwordIsHeavenly1989d ago

Haha. I like Deckard because he was named after a kid from my school. He won the contest that Blizzard ran years ago, so they made a character with his name.

HebrewHammer1989d ago

NO WAY! So the famous Deckard Cain was named after your friend?!

Does your friend also happen to say "stay a while, and listen!" lol

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