5 Gaming Trends Every Gamer Has Participated In This Generation

Charlie writes:

"They come and go all the time, sometimes lasting for a few weeks whilst others last for a few years. This generation has been no different, and gaming trends have come and passed and are still going on right now. You can’t deny that you have participated in one of these 5 gaming tends one way or another."

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Kran2182d ago

I can just see it now.

Some gamers coming to the comments saying:

I ain't done any of those


Baka-akaB2182d ago

lol the problem is , is still true for many many many gamers

Gen0ne2182d ago

Well... I ain't done any of those. And I haven't either. I half participated in the community levels for LBP and Trials but lost intrest and went back to the retail product levels. Oh well.

Kalowest2182d ago

lol same here, I didn't follow non of them trends.

TBM2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

the only thing on this list that i've actually done was play community levels in lbp. i have not donated any money to these kickstarter games.

i havent bought any indie bundles, but i have bought certain indie games. i didnt play that day Z game. i havent even played minecraft.

aPerson2182d ago

Same here, although I do plan on giving DayZ a go at some point.

pixelsword2182d ago

I almost fell for it Kran... ;)

MrKingofVideoGames2182d ago

Yeah, but the one we have all done is play a game with sub-par motion controls!

Christopher2181d ago

I need to get me some DayZ :(

Over7262181d ago

Looks like he was wrong about "Every Gamer" doing this.

avengers19782181d ago

ah, I guess since they through the LBP community level thing on there... Yeah that one, but I try them out, and LBP 2 has some interesting stuff, but other than that no.
I thought for sure it be like music games, motion games, open world, or RPG elements being thrown into every game, or every person in every game being a free running expert.

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NYC_Gamer2182d ago

I've done these...

Indie bundles

Mintyrebel2182d ago

Indie Bundles
Day z

Good list though mate.

Kran2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Forgot to say. Personally, i've done:

Indie Bundles
Community Levels in Portal 2

I've only watched DayZ videos :( I want it though :'(

SethThePirate2182d ago

Nice piece, short of Day Z i've given them all a try. Was expecting a more general ambiguous list but pleased to see you actually committed to ideas on the list!

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