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The 10 Most Racist Video Games

Complex: We're not just talking about the 13 year old bigots who spew slurs over Xbox Live but actual video games that have crossed the line. Here are 10 video games that have jaw-dropping racist overtones. (Ethnic Cleansing, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Relientk77  +   1243d ago
Wow at numbers 3, 2, and 1 lol
Blackdeath_663  +   1243d ago
suprised that call of duty isnt up there
HammadTheBeast  +   1243d ago
Why? Other than the "Save the Congo" thing in MW3 it's not overly racist.

P.s. I do not play or associate myself with this C.o.D. thing. I have played it at a friends house though.
blumatt  +   1243d ago
Unfounded Cries of Racism Happen Too Often, IMO
I think people are entirely too quick to the draw to cry "Racist!!" at movies and video-games alike.

It's funny how even certain words nowadays are bleeped out on television, like faggot, retard, and, for fear of being flagged for language, the "N" word.

One huge example is the book Huckleberry Finn. The N word's use in that book incited all kinds of anger. It's just ridiculous. The author wanted that word in there to greater reflect people's diction in that time period.

Political Correctness has gotten way overblown.
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Gaming101  +   1243d ago
1, 2 and 3 are all racist - the rest is some overly sensitive boy waving his politically correct wand, complaining over what noone actually thought was racist other than him and other P.C. lunatics.
The problem with racism are the people who cry wolf over it - you never take them seriously at the point, so when racism actually happens you don't listen when they cry about it. That's the real problem.
Blacklash93  +   1243d ago
"It's funny how even certain words nowadays are bleeped out on television, like faggot, retard, and, for fear of being flagged for language, the "N" word."

That's because many find them personally offensive and don't want to hear them. Them not being used or allowed often in television isn't much of a sacrifice to people who don't find them offensive. Abstract and debatable values and of aristic freedom and anti-censorship don't take precendence over the feelings of a relatively or potentially large portion of an audience. You seeing them as harmless and inoffensive and drawing the conclusion that's how everyone should feel is pretty egocentric.

In the case of HF keep it was published in the late 1800's where such words commonplace so the intention was clearly not for setting flavor but a reflection of the author's time and very likely his actual views on the word, which were that it was okay to use (which was commonplace at the time). The fact that Finn and the book had some anti-racist messages isn't relevant as those words are widely inappropriate and offensive unlike when they were common slang. I'm not taking a position in this instance, for the record. Just stating the facts.

I'm not saying the best course of action to address such issues is entirely clear but rather that the pro-censorship side of it has an understandable point.

On topic, this feature is bogus. The only actual racist things I see are the last three.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1243d ago
If you're talking about the multiplayer, you could put just about any MP game ever in its place.
pixelsword  +   1243d ago
With expression comes consequence, especially if you depend upon customers.
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TruthbeTold  +   1243d ago
@blumatt regarding Huck Finn

I hear you, but try being the only black kid in the class when reading a book like that aloud. It's one thing to explain to people how things were. It's another entirely to have to temporarily have to live it psychologically as you try to immerse yourself into a story, and kids of other races chuckle and whisper, and some stare at you uncomfortably because they don't know how to handle it.

A good teacher can get across to students such a concept easily without having to have students read a book like Huck Finn. Not a bad book at all, but it's time we moved on to some different and arguably better selections imo.
guitarded77  +   1243d ago
I'll give 'em 3, 2 and 1, but the rest of the list is fluff. Too many people are overly sensitive to what they deem as racism. Traits become stereotypes because they are prevalent among a group of people or they really happened. Like the Vice City example... Cubans and Haitians were pissed, but the game was set in early-mid 80's Vice City (MIAMI). The Cubans and Haitians killed the s#!t out of each other in Miami at that time. It was the murder capital of America because of Cubans and Haitians killing each other over Colombian snow. It's called history and GTA just played off it like Scarface. Stereotypes can be fun too... like Mario. Would Mario be the most identifiable video game character on earth if he wasn't the Italian plumber? Plus many of these were Japanese created characters, and they don't have the same social lines that overly sensitive westerners have. You want to see some funny Japanese hating, check out a Yakuza game. If you're not the strong good looking character, you get made fun of in the game. It's like America was back in the 80's before everybody got a trophy for participation.
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Wenis  +   1243d ago
Laxman  +   1243d ago
How is Clusters Revenge racist? Sure, he's a creep and a rapist, but that has nothing to do with being racist.

If something bad happens to a minority, does it instantly become racist?
guitarded77  +   1243d ago
@ Laxman

Hmm... how is "Custer's Revenge" racist. First, let's define race.

race - Each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics.

ethnic group - people of the same race or nationality who share a distinctive culture.

Okay. Now that we know what race is, let's look at the two races portrayed in the game. We have General Custer (the white rapist)... I'll attach a pic, you may understand that better.


... and we have Native American women (the people of a different ethnic population being raped). Here's another picture so you can keep up.


Now that you understand that there are two different ethnic groups portrayed in the game, it's also important to understand that one of the worst genocides in human history was committed by the Westerners against the Native American people for centuries. This involved white settlers in North America stealing land from the Native Americans and killing and raping their women. There's many books on the subject... some with pictures too.

For a game to portray the raping of women of one ethnic group by a man of an ethnic group that committed one of the worst genocides against said ethnic group is racist. Hence the title of #1 on the list "Ethnic Cleansing". Imagine if there was a game called "Jew Raping Nazi"... that's kinda what "Custer's Revenge" is like. You see, Custer was killed in battle against the Native Americans, but he's getting his revenge by raping all the Native American women.
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Gorilla_Killa_X  +   1242d ago
Clusters Revenge is racist against white men. It depicts white men as rapist.

Seriously though #1 is the only racist game on this list. The rest are based on stereotypes. And stereotypes are there for a reason.
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Oh_Yeah  +   1243d ago
The only one thats bad is #1...I mean usually a big group of a race does fit the stereotypes given, thats why they are known. Stereotypes are funny, I think they give games a sense of personality and humor. We need more in video games to make them less serious. What we dont need is over the top racism though, just subtle. Racism or stereotyping is not something taken that serious nowadays atleast where im from, black people call white people the N word and vice versa...just another word for dude, mexicans dont get offended if you tell them they are awsome grass cutters or an asian guy, askin him if he put my cat inside this eggroll etc...its all laughs and jokes now...its a part of our past, present and future.
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Rowland  +   1243d ago
you're not wrong !
Jio  +   1243d ago
As a Mexican, I find "Spanish for Everyone" hilarious.
Ken22  +   1243d ago
Lol same here xD.
Guwapo77  +   1243d ago
And Mexico got some sexy as women too. Just look at the news. Geezus.

- There was this rediculous weather lady...I'd drink her bath water.
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Mr_Kuwabara  +   1243d ago
Only sexy Latina weather girl I could think of is Jackie Guerrido. And shes Puerto Rican.
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Guwapo77  +   1238d ago
@Mr_Kuwabara - yes my friend, she IS the one! Excuse my ignorance - I remembered it was Univision and I instantly thought she was Mexican. I love her...
danimitsu  +   1243d ago
me too!! lol
LOGICWINS  +   1243d ago
"But the fact that the game doesn't have "White Power-ups," in some extremely conflicting way, makes us think that they missed an opportunity."

TopDudeMan  +   1243d ago
Really? There's a game called "ethnic cleansing"? That's just wrong!!
LAWSON72  +   1243d ago
Racism... lol
SpinalRemains  +   1243d ago
ethnic cleansing is the only one that's racist.

How is Great Tiger racist? Do indians not wear turbans

Do Italians not frequently plumb?

This list is awful. Having characters employ stereotypes is not racist. If that were the case then professional wrestling would be the most racist enetertainment in history.
Lighten up, guys.
Shadowstar  +   1243d ago
Hm. I'd say Border Patrol and Custer's Revenge are terrible, too.
Reverent  +   1243d ago
Custer's Revenge... My God. That game...
ChocolateGiddyUp  +   1243d ago
Yeah, you're right...who could find this offensive?

Related image(s)
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arjman  +   1242d ago
Only Sikhs are supposed to wear turbans by religion, most of the Indian population do not wear turbans
telekineticmantis  +   1243d ago
"The gamebegins with your Mexican friend stealing your Nintendo DS and fleeing south of the border. In order to get it back, you have to go to Mexico and find him."

The beginning of this article was hilarious by itself.
ChrisR2131  +   1243d ago
This is the most pointless and dumb article I've seen on N4G bin a while. Out of all the games he/she showed, only one is actually racist and was made with racist intentions behind it. One example of non-racism in the article is Jynx from pokemon; It wasn't made with racist intentions behind it. And others, like Punch Out, are so out of no where it makes me laugh. Why? Because the writer of the article is saying all the racist and bigoted remarks.
He says and I quote (I'll put numbers next to the racist remarks for the slow one's out there) " Bald Bull, the hulkish and scary black man [1], Great Tiger the turban rocking Indian guy [2] who wears a Bengal tiger skin and Aran Ryan (which sounds a lot like Aryan), the angry Irishman. As if that wasn't enough, who could forget your trainer Doc with his bugged out eyes [3]."
Three remarks; This is a racist article in its own right and is one that I hope to forget soon.
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justpassinggas  +   1243d ago
So that game about shooting Mexicans ISN'T racist?
ChrisR2131  +   1243d ago
Not necessarily racist in my opinion. Looks to me that the game was made for laughs; As a joke. For me I can mark it off because comedians make racist jokes all the time, people laugh, and no one should get offended. Same goes for that game; Just a joke so don't take it so seriously. The #1 spot on the other hand was not made for laughs and is completely racist in every way.
thereapersson  +   1242d ago
"So that game about shooting Mexicans ISN'T racist? "
They should have called that game "Fast and Furious".
c1oudy  +   1243d ago
Most of these are just stereotypes that are handled tongue in cheek, I don't really see an issue with them, well, all except for ethnic cleansing.

Most of them are quite funny to be honest :)
ambientFLIER  +   1243d ago
I wish that people would learn the difference between Racism and Stereotyping BEFORE writing and/or submitting stupid ass articles.
Zweihanders  +   1243d ago
I'm nitpicking, but the article is dumb so whatever, but the Balrog (Boxer)character is not racist nor stereotypical. It's based off a real person.. Mike Tyson. Hence why in the Japanese version he's called M. Bison (close to M. Tyson isn't it?). They changed his name to Balrog in the US so they wouldn't be sued. In the Japanese game Balrog is actually Vega (Claw), and Vega is M. Bison (Dictator). A bit confusing but there you go. Now you know more than the author of this article (I'm sure this was the case before you read this post as well).
Hicken  +   1243d ago
Bubbles up for the info, good sir.... or swords.
Gigglefist  +   1243d ago
People get offended too easy. This article is just trying to bring negativity onto the gaming scene.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1243d ago
#2 and #1... That's just plain wrong lol.
Reverent  +   1243d ago
and #3 isn't? A game where your objective is to physically RAPE a Native American women isn't also wrong?
chadachada123  +   1243d ago
To be fair, that game is so pixelated and ugly that it's hard to get offended by it. It's more pathetic than wrong.
ApolloTheBoss  +   1242d ago
Did I say no?
ApolloTheBoss  +   1242d ago
Did I say no?
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Bonerboy  +   1243d ago
What isn't racist? Perhaps I am offended when white people are killed in a game? Why is it that things are only racist when it is a race other than white being killed? Given that the world is breeding in so many mixed races in a rapid rate the "white man" is becoming the minority....which is fine by me, I couldn't care less about such things. Racist....the entire world is fucking racist but people are opportunist whiners when it comes to the majority of such issues. Get off your fucking soapbox way up there on judgement mountain because the majority cant or wont take a minute for self reflection to realize that they are also racist.
Eyeco  +   1243d ago
So a game where play as a KKK/ Neo- Nazi and go around killing blacks,and latinos that make chimp noises and final boss is Israels President ISN'T racist ?

Did you read the article or did you just read the title ?
Bonerboy   1243d ago | Bad language | show
Ravenor  +   1243d ago

Making an assumption, while assuming some more.
BlaqMagiq24  +   1243d ago
Street Fighter racist? Who thinks that game is racist? Because it has fighters all over the world? It's called the World Warrior Tournament for a reason. And only dumbasses thought Jynx's original skin color was racist. I mean really, I don't think a little kid is gonna look at her and start making racist comments. And this author doesn't know the difference between stereotyping and racism. Get this sh*t outta here.
Arcanine  +   1243d ago
wow is the answer to this
Skateboard  +   1243d ago
Jinx isn't racist, wtf ?
310dodo  +   1243d ago
Racism exist everywhere. duh. its the world/country we live in.

Tired of "gaming" journalist bringing racism and sexism into everything under the sun.

Most people have no problem playing as a white dude.
but dont want to play as a black.

is that "naughty"? I guess so
but its how the world works
nukeitall  +   1243d ago
I want to play as an Asian dude, but almost no game even offer the opportunity. Even in one of my favorite games, Gears of War, the only Asian character, Lt. Kim, was killed in the first game!

At least Gears got a Mexican like dude, called DOM!
KrimsonKody  +   1243d ago
So imagine how African Americans feel when they go to see a movie & the black guy, often portrayed as the strongest, gets killed first.
Or how Latino "Americans" always are put into particular roles & forced to speak in excessive accents just to over-express that they are of latin descent.


Yeah, Manhunt, along with a handful of games, kind of get an slight "Ok pass" for the ignorance they portray, because the game was intended to express the traits of the characters involved.
See, games like Border Patrol were designed & created completely around the act of racism/sexism/stereotypes, as where Manhunt is a game designed around crazy madmen locked up. So the things you hear & see can be a bit "fitting" in order to authenticate the atmosphere being delivered.
nukeitall  +   1243d ago


Spoiler alert for Gears of War 3!!! You been warned.

Dom does die in GoW3. lol.

What pisses me off more, is many other countries worship caucasians. Case in point, Japanese anime almost always has a white protagonist (or at least look like one).
sjaakiejj  +   1242d ago

There's also many places in the world that hate Caucasians. Case in point, there are towns in China where white people are not allowed, with actual border patrol checking your car to ensure that you're not "smuggling in" any white people.

Hope that makes you feel better.
mayberry  +   1243d ago
I thought the game "manhunt" was racist when the southern, aryan gang, "The Skinz" kept calling me a "half-breed", or "mud man".
fossilfern  +   1243d ago
Italian & Brazilian ? Last time I checked Nationality isn't a race
Tony-A  +   1243d ago
I agree, but "racism" typically entails more than just race. In America, racism is used to describe overall discrimination, whether it be against African Americans, Hispanics, Germans, Jews, Homosexuals, etc.

I feel like the term is thrown around way too much.
jjdoyle  +   1243d ago
obvious is obvious
silvacrest  +   1243d ago
i'll give them ethnic cleansing and boarder patrol but thats it, the rest is meh
Elvis  +   1243d ago
This article is stupid.
ps3rulz  +   1243d ago
where's postal 2??
That game is well f***ed up
Mr_Kuwabara  +   1243d ago
The only truly offensive ones were the top two, the rest were just stereotypically hilarious.
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fpshooter2  +   1243d ago
best games list, worse games list, racist games list. whats next I ask you? WHATS NEXT!!!
Y_5150  +   1243d ago
Stupid games list?
Elite_737  +   1243d ago
FinaLXiii  +   1243d ago
Then i guess you could say LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption are racist because both have racist talk and text on it.

This is clearly a bogus article since the top 3 games on that list are the only ones that deserve being labeled as racist.
solid_si  +   1243d ago
I played the most racist game without even knowing..its called throw the jew down the well.
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