USA Weekly Chart, Ending 23rd Jun 2012


1: X360 - 45,292 (-2%)
2: 3DS - 39,002 (+10%)
3: PS3 - 34,740 (0%)
4: DS - 18,486 (-10%)
5: PSV - 14,415 (-23%)
6: Wii - 13,949 (-12%)
7: PSP - 3,027 (-8%)

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browngamer412121d ago

The 3DS seems to be picking up steam again..

mt2121d ago

the opposite is happening for VITA. I'll buy it soon when I see enough games that go with the flow of my taste.

SpinalRemains2121d ago

yeah it has a lot of games that just came out, but most of them are not my taste at all. Way too Japanese and weird.

Golden Abyss and playing through NG Sigma super + are really awesome though.

Denethor_II2121d ago

"yeah it has a lot of games that just came out, but most of them are not my taste at all. Way too Japanese and weird."
" playing through NG Sigma super + are really awesome "


morkendo232121d ago

must be some kind of conspiricy going on with MS.
how is it possible with gaming system only have GEARS an HALO, FORZA plus KIDDY KINECT continue out beating PS3 with loads of games.
360 45,292
ps3 34,740
something seriously wrong with that picture.

KingOptimusOrigin1112121d ago

The reason is because of casual gamers mostly like 360 and will pick it over PS3 because of Microsoft advertisement tricks.

lastofgen2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Many people do not really care for exclusives. The way ms markets their console and the multiplats also have an impact. And america is trending towards xbox 360. Among young kids, especially, xbox is seen as the go-to system for their games, namely call of duty.
But you go ahead an call it a conspiracy if you want to.

@KingOptimusOrigin111 What's your definition of "casual gamers?" I'm just curious.

wnek92121d ago

its because microsoft are better at marketing their shit.

in the past week i have seen over 30 360/kinect ads on tv and that also applies for third party games most trailers end with a 360 logo pretending like they are exclusive. while only seeing about 10 ps3/vita ads mainly vita ads too.

of course this is only in america I know in europe with all the soccer that is going on ps3 is advertised more there.

when i walk into a gamestop out here 360 alone takes up 2/3rds of the store shelf inventory.

shoddy2121d ago

In US people only buy what the media tell them to.

Qrphe2121d ago

Most consumers aren't knowledgable consumers. It works like that in every market.

ShaunCameron2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

@ morkendo23

The PS3 might have loads of games, but how many of those games are impressive enough to sell the console? It only does everything, but doesn't do ANYTHING particularly better for the potential buyer to favor it over the competition. And even Blu-ray playback isn't cutting it.

@ KingOptimusOrigin111

Not really. Maybe they're choosing the XBox 360 over the PS3 because they deem social gaming and being able to play without a controller a greater value than sheer hardware power and bleeding-edge graphics.

@ lastofgen

Indeed. It's just that Sony's exclusives are less cared about than Microsoft's and Nintendo's.

@ Shoddy

Isn't that the whole point of advertising? Sony this generation has found out the hard way that brand-loyalty alone is not gonna win a console war. It didn't work for Microsoft last generation nor did it work for Nintendo the generation before that. You're only as good as your last console.

GribbleGrunger2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

all this logic to suggest why the 360 sells better than the PS3 in America. I wonder why Sony sells more consoles in Europe? I guess Sony must advertise the PS3 better there, sell more casual games there, and have more exclusives there. Yep that's the only reason I can see that the PS3 outsells the 360 in Europe...

I've got to admit though, it is astonishing that an American console sells better in America.

I wonder how busy the European and WW sales threads will be?

Dante1122120d ago

@ Shaun

The Ps3 had no system sellers? The first Resistance pushed alot of consoles, MGS4, God of War 3, and I know Gran Turismo 5 sure did (I remember when it's first week sales as well as the US PS3 numbers were released. Oh the spinning that went on then lol). Please stop with that bs that PS exclusives don't sell cause they do.


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Bonerrr2121d ago


Good work Microsoft

Tewi-Inaba2121d ago

How is the DS still even selling that much

cstyle2121d ago

Xbox still ruling the home turf.

Zefros2121d ago

even if xobx is selling better than the rest, 45 000 is not great, ps3 not doing great either.

lastofgen2121d ago

Many people who want current gen consoles have them by now. These consoles are ending their cycle and I guess that's what is so flawed with the idea of a 10 year console cycle: the declining sales overall.

ShaunCameron2120d ago

HD gaming is getting redundant. The next Microsoft and Sony consoles are not ready yet because the technology to facilitate them doesn't exist. And it's only recently that the mass market adopted HDTV's.

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