How Big is PlanetSide 2? This Big | Gamespy

Up to 2,000 players at once will be able to do battle in PlanetSide 2. Two thousand. Yes, Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide sequel puts the massive in MMOFPS.

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SeekDev2211d ago

Really? I'd like to try this, the features sound great.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

indeed! This is next gen! only possible on one platform.

taquito2211d ago

totally excited for the game....missed out on the first....but this game looks very, very intresting :)

camel_toad2211d ago

The first one was great. I havent upgraded/replaced my pc in 5 years but I am for this game =D

ninjahunter2211d ago

Im pretty sure i read or heard in an interview(total biscuit) that 2000 is just the alpha cap and that the engine has no limiting factor to the number of players. Its just a bit unstable right now since it is in alpha.

Bolts2211d ago

Being free to play is huge for this game.