Top 5 Hardest PS3 Trophies

Gamezone writes: All PlayStation 3 games now released include trophy support, as well as the more popular older titles having trophies integrated as well. While many of the aforementioned titles feature trophies that can be achieved with almost no skills, certain titles, inevitably, are notorious for their painstakingly difficult trophies. We take a look at the top 5 hardest PS3 trophies to acquire.

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Hisiru1969d ago

It's not hard, it just takes time.

Gaming1011969d ago

Crappy list.... I mean Killzone 2? Really? Beating it on hard was easy - playing to get those annoying online trophies was teh biggest pain in the ass of life. Same with every other game with online trophies - like Twisted Metal, being #1 in the world for a bronze trophy? Really?

jsslifelike1968d ago

Why couldn't all of them be on one page?? Cheap, click-grabbing crap.

brbobcat1968d ago


Seriously, the effort required to click to the next page is just way too hard on my index finger.

admiralvic1969d ago

Try most over rated trophies. Demon Souls always had co op, the ability to level out of problems, tons of build guides, etc. Everything after beating it once is just a grind more or less and could be accomplished by someone dropping it on the floor. So Demon Souls is really no different than any other game, especially when you consider roughly 60% beat the games story once. (thats the percent on most trophy sites)

Eyeco1969d ago

Did anyone play Resistance 2 there was a trophy that required you to get 10'000 KILLS ON THE MULTIPLAYER!!!!!!!

EeJLP-1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

That's time, not hard..

..and Bad Company has a 10002 kills trophy and you get less kills per time as far as I can remember. Not 100% sure if it does take longer, but either way time is time, not hard.

GamingManiac1969d ago

Which was a fun grind, and not hard at all ;)

egidem1969d ago

Like Hisiru said, this is also not hard. It just takes time. I frankly hate these trophies where you are forced to grind for hours.

Personally I dislike online trophies for various reasons - community might be dead by the time you pick up the game or servers might no longer be working (like LoTR Conquest). They should be implemented in to be simpler (like the way ND did in Uncharted 2, excluding the DLC trophies).

Soldierone1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Yeah I loved that trophy, too bad trophy whores didn't want to put the effort in to get it. Instead they whine and pout about it so Insomniac doesn't do it again.....and instead puts something easy to get.

I agree that online trophies suck at times when communities died. However you are EARNING a trophy so why do you not want to EARN it? Instead people want to be handed free trophies for doing basic things....

Trebius511968d ago

the 10,000 kills trophy was FUN FUN FUN to x3 !! I miss it, sometimes i want to pop in Resistance 2 to play ... but then i see my plat trophy and im like ... dam i wish i hadnt gotten those 10,000 kills so i could still have a goal to shoot for ...

pixelsword1968d ago

It is hard when you have to play ranked games to get those kills, and people hardly play the ranked games, and those ranked games have a low kill count PLUS the matches are only one round.

You could select a rank game ten times, and three or four out of those ten you will get a match, and out of those three or four maybe one once in a while will be full.

My friend blew me away in terms of playing online and in ranked games, but he's not even near getting that trophy. If you actually have it, I don't know if that's the only game you have or if you're strapped to your PS3, but dang, that's dedication that borders an unhealthy obsession.

Trebius511968d ago

lol yeah man i got the game at launch, and i played it religiously for a while. I stoppef playing for about a year then ipcked it up again, then dropped it, then picked it up again, and eventually got the trophy. Thankfully the servers were still pretty decently stocked when i was on and off the game. The only plat trophies i have are Uncharteds, Resistance 2, and resistance 3. I might have 1 or 2 others but the resistance 2 plat was definitely the most time consuming.

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PshycoNinja1969d ago

I got the platinum for Killzone 2 & 3...... yeah.

cpayne931969d ago

Naw Demon's Souls was the only game I decided to platinum so far. Loved every minute of it, trophies weren't that hard, you just had to unlock everything in the game. I honestly wanted to do that irregardless of the trophies.

pixelsword1968d ago

Me too until my PS3 broke, I lost everything. I still have the trophies, but my game is gone if I get my PS3 repaired through Sony. I still have it and I might fix it myself, but after that, I didn't even think to get Dark Souls because of my PS3 repeatedly breaking.

Maddens Raiders1968d ago

Sebastian Vettel and the GT5 Plat overall. Not easy at all or attainable by 98% of the gaming public.

avengers19781968d ago

I honestly believe that if anyone takes the time you can pretty much get any off line trophy. Its the multiplayer and co-op ones that get me.
Be ranked #1 in the world. Have a team do this, get so many people to download something you've done(LBP, MNR)
Trophies were you are not relying on your own skills, but skills of other people. That's the one's I don't like... Then again I hardly take the time to get every trophy in every game I play... I play far to many games, and trade in games on a regular basis... Just not enough time and money.

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C0MPUT3R1969d ago

That would be cool if their was an option to turn off the Trophy prompts. Especially for the first time through the game. Can be immersion breaking.
Then if you want to collect the rest of the trophies turn the prompts back on and earn them.

pixelsword1968d ago

What he's saying is that people want to make a game that gets you into the story and athomsphere, but then you get a "ding! You've collected a treasure!" prompt splattered all over the cut-scene.