The Walking Dead: Episode 2 – Starved For Help Review (PSN) - PSLS

Alex Osborn from PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Unlike the majority of content that comes from developer Telltale Games, The Walking Dead is a dark and depressing experience that embeds itself into the player’s emotions and never lets go. Episode 1 – A New Day was filled with death, loss and other heavy themes that not only serve to tell a captivating story, but also add weight to the consequences resulting from the decisions made by the player. Episode 2 – Starved For Help takes all of these elements and cranks it up to eleven, delivering one of the most engaging, haunting experiences I have ever had with a video game."

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dbjj120881991d ago

I've tried several series from Telltale, but this might be the one I finally finish.

TheDoctor10011990d ago

I still cannot download episode 2 from the PSN store, even after the patch. PLEASE HELP!!

PS3gamer4life1990d ago

i got the game day it came out downloaded fine on mines game is dat damn good