Far Cry 3: Should Release Delays Be Outlawed?

Or should developers just delay announcing games until they are actually near completion?

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SavageKuma2183d ago

Well they have to say something for the industry but keep their mouth shut for us the consumers. I do not mind the delay, what I do mind is when they delay a game and it still turns out like crap, which sucks. Great post.

KMCROC542182d ago

Too worlds 1,2, too human, to name a few.

slaton242182d ago

sad thing is no matter the game if its cod,ffv13,or many others someone will find something wrong with it and complain...nothing is perfect i got too worlds 2 and i like it delays are to help fix bugs they have found or to add a new game mode for example.....i hope that made some since im half

Army_of_Darkness2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

I prefer delays over DLC.
But when they pull shit like a delay, followed by a DLC, I'd say [email protected]#K you.

HK62182d ago

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a great example of a delay not helping the game at all. The MP didn't even work until months after release on TDU2.

zeal0us2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Two worlds 2 was an improvement compare to Two Worlds 1.

Amy and Alpha Protocol could be added to that list though. Both had some hype behind them, got delayed and both fail to succeed.

Brink is one of those games that should have been delayed and beta tested

interrergator2182d ago

i thought too human was fun :)

Neo Nugget2182d ago

Same, but the death scene really was a gamebreaker for some people.

Gaming1012182d ago

The only reason anyone got upset over a game being delayed is this one - you have no life, and nothing else to do than play videogames. Blame yourself.

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360ICE2182d ago

Really? I felt rather sure, after reading the first paragraph that surely this must be a joke article.

First of all, his first idea is a macro idea, that without macro-control (or as we would have said "a governing body") would be subject to individual judgement. Should developers do this for the sake of consumers? Yup. Will they? No, as we clearly see. So it's not really that interesting.

The second idea is just too awful. A governing body would control release dates? False advertising is one thing, little does he know that if you do have money on a delayed game you can demand it back, or sue for false advertising. If you think it's annoying that a game is delayed, then send an angry letter. Don't demand the establishment of an institution that fines (really?) companies that are already in a problematic financial situation.

Believe it or not, companies do lose money on advertising a release date that later reveals itself to be false.

Nitrowolf22183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

The thing is many devs feel confident enough that they could push a game out on time, when in fact there is still work left to be done. That leaves plenty of room for error to occur during that time.
A release date now a day is really used to keep people interested and hopeful for that period of release. It brings hype, which increases sales even with a delay. I'm not bothered with the delay TBH.

I prefer having a release date and a delay occur than rather a game with no release date (FF VS 13, Last Guardian, GTA5, ect) cause at least I know it's coming.

I like when they announce release dates. It prevents the developers, for the most part, to slip away with their game and never be heard of for years. Youknow what should be outlawed? Announcing a product that isn't heard from for years. Agent and FF VS 13, WTF are you guys.

SavageKuma2182d ago

Honestly I agree especially games that turn out to be vaporware which means they never come out like Starcraft Ghost. Why mention something as a teaser and do not produce?

360GamerFG2183d ago

I think they should hold off on announcements until the game is months from completion. Forza 3 was announced a mere few months from release and look how well that game was recieved (sales wise for those that believe 2 years to create hype and pre orders is necessary).
This not to say that should the game NEED more polishing that they should release it anyway. Far from it. But don't announce a game and 3 years later we wondering if it still even exists, yes I'm looking at you Agent.

theDECAY2182d ago

Forza was always going to sell well. Not really a great comparison.

raymantalk12182d ago

yeah forza 3 was so great when it released it had millions of bugs in it they should of not released it and fixed all the bugs then released it who wants to buy a game and then have loads of bugs in it ?

and forza is always going to sell well since on the 360 there is no other exclusive racing games on xbox worth mentioning anymore.

hopefully when forza 4 comes out they will of learned from the past 3 games and fixed all bugs.

neoMAXMLC2182d ago

Do you read what you write??

dumahim2182d ago

Are you posting from the past? FM4 already came out.

FrightfulActions2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Delay announcing a game? No, announcing the game, even years in advance (though such lengths are excessive), helps spark hype to the consumers and will result in more press and potentially better sales. Not giving out an actual release date until it's dead set? Totally.

Would be nice if an actual date wasn't given to the public until say, 2 months prior. There would still be 'insiders' leaking it to the internet though, but at least it wouldn't be 'officially' announced as the release date. It'd probably be something like Amazon, Gamestop or Walmart 'accidentally' adding the release date to the preorder.

DwightOwen2183d ago

Games should be announced once they hit Alpha, along with a release date, so that the only thing left to do is polish it up and rake in the sales while hype is at an all-time peak. This waiting 1-2 years is pure bullshit. It only serves to create an unreal level of expectation which many games then fail to live up to.

annus2182d ago

You do realise that a huge amount of games are announced around alpha time right? I'm assuming you don't actually know anything, and are just throwing around the word alpha.

Also just so you know, alpha is just a RUNNING version of the game, it doesn't even have to have good graphics or physics. The time between alpha and going gold CAN be over 2 years, go look at Diablo 3 if you want a good example.

DwightOwen2182d ago

You're right. 'Beta' is the stage I was thinking about, where all the known bugs have been fixed and the developer is preparing to go gold.

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