Tomb Raider devs: 'Rape' is not in our vocabulary

Destructoid says, "The Tomb Raider "R-word" controversy just won't quit, especially with Kotaku poking at it with a big stick. The outlet recently spoke to Crystal Dynamics' Karl Stewart, attempting to push him further on the whole issue of potential rape attempts in the game. Stewart's response essentially amount to, 'What's rape?'"

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LOGICWINS2119d ago

Sooo...what do you call it when a person is an unwillingly participant in a sexual act? Screwing without permission?

Tired2119d ago

Don't be so stupid.

Rape is not in MY vocabulary either. It's just 'SURPRISE SEX!'

I believe you have to shout/scream SURPRISE! at the point of no return or it doesn't count.

Getowned2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Can't rape the willing :)

just call me Bubba

da_2pacalypse2119d ago

lol you guys are hilarious!

But seriously, I just wish this topic would die down -_-

The new tomb raider is a huge step up from the porno's they used to be, why are we complaining about this?

Thatguy-3102119d ago

does she even get rape? I mean i just saw that she was touched inappropriately leading to her defending herself but no sexual attack was presented at all. This topic is way out of grasp.

chukamachine2119d ago

Making something out of nothing.

Kotaku is worse then IGN.

STFU already.

LOGICWINS2119d ago

I agree, these people are pretty dense. Bad guys don't do nice things. Bad guys + vulnerable attractive heroine = ??????

I'll give you a hint, its not a dinner at Red Lobster and a box of chocolates.

WeskerChildReborned2119d ago

I seriously don't understand the fuss cause rape is in movies and other form of entertainment.

BuffMordecai2118d ago

Cause every game journalist has a huge mangina.

Y_51502119d ago

It's just a major case of sexual harassment.

dark-hollow2119d ago

Of a fictional video game character....
Gawker sites are the lowest of the low.

Canthar2119d ago

It takes something pretty major to happen in some ones life to instigate the type of change Lara would be going through to become the one we know. Let it be what it is, I know a few women who have looked at it and the fact that Lara fights they viewed as empowering in its own right.

user54670072119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

"to become the one we know"

The thing is though this isn't our's a reboot telling an "origin" story of a total differen't Lara.

That Lara in Tomb Raider 1-3 which we came to love become the person she was at the age of 21 after her plane crashed in the heart of the Himalayas on her way back from a skiing trip, she managed to survive for 2 weeks before finding a village to get help. Thats what changed her.

This Lara though is totaly differen't

Canthar2118d ago

In the beginning she is. This is suppose to be about her transformation. These traumatic events lead to that.

AngelicIceDiamond2119d ago

Kotaku making something out of nothing, Kotaku started this whole entire thing with the whole "Rape" aspect. Its funny, when everyone saw that scene, I don't think anybody saw it being OMG rape rape for say. But her being in a terrible situation that you'll be encountering in the game. But Kotaku will do anything for hits.

vikingland12119d ago

Plus she Knees the bad guy in the balls ouch! So he got what he deserved.

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