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Submitted by Autydi 1319d ago | news

New Majora's Mask 100% Speedrun World Record - 6:06:26

ZeldaFreakGlitcha has recently broken the Majora's Mask 100% speedrun time. The new record is 6:06:26 (6 hours 6 mins 26 secs). (Nintendo, Retro, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Wii)

jsslifelike  +   1319d ago
Ahhh, yes- I remember you... the BEST of the Zelda series. ;)
cpayne93  +   1319d ago
I'm going to download a rom to play it. I used to own it, but I have no idea what happened to it! I think I might have let some kid borrow it or something. Never was able to finish it.
jjdoyle  +   1319d ago
for reals. shame many more didnt play it.
ninjahunter  +   1319d ago
Mother of god :O
My speed run: Never completed
Maby ile revisit it, that game was Hard as hell if i remember correctly.
Fyflin  +   1319d ago
HD remake please:)
greatcrusader44  +   1319d ago
Beat this game again about a month ago, easily my favorite Zelda game, with Ocarina and Windwaker preceding it.
claud3  +   1319d ago
Why is this news. I can beat all zelda games in under 5 hours. By exposing glitches
JKelloggs  +   1319d ago
Watch out, we've got a badass over here..
Laxman  +   1319d ago
Cool story, bro.
claud3  +   1319d ago
Ha ha, its the same with all games. Expose the game and win the end
DesertPunk  +   1318d ago
Majora's Mask is truly a unique and beautiful game... oh the nostalgia this speedrun brings! :)
It deserves more recognition by the gamers. Easily in my top 5 of the greatest games of all time.
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IQUITN4G  +   1316d ago
A lot of people passed this Zelda off as a failure yet it's the most remarkable Zelda in the minds of many. People tend to reach ignorant conclusions and that was part of the problem to why the game was often seen as a bit of a dud.

People reach these ignorant conclusion often concerning games they think they know, but the truth was that this game was an exceptionally rewarding thrilling experience once you understood it. Most people simply jumped ship when they felt it wasn't a good game and only now are realising that perhaps they were just a bit rash

And it's not just the medium of games either that people are so blinded by their own stupid opinions. In this case though i'd say that ignorance wasn't bliss for those that did miss this one
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