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Gametrailers: Square Enix May Outsource Future Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy XIII had an enormous team of over 200 employees at one point and Square Enix believes it contributed heavily to the game's difficulties. According to the game's director, that experience means outsourcing may be the future of the beloved franchise.

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Community1939d ago
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Ranma11939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Outsourcing may not be necessary. I just want the old Squaresoft back ! Fire this Wada fool.

Last week he said FF dev teams should be smaller because they take to long to make games, but its all his fault because he made games go multi-plat middle of development.

Does anyone really think SE has made an FF game as good as FF6-FF10 ???

PirateThom1939d ago

XIV wasn't outsourced, it was one of their internal development teams.

Outsourcing may not be a bad idea, considering how poor their internal teams have been with the franchise.

wishingW3L1939d ago

Nomura is our savior! As long as he is the one directing the game the chances of it being good are much more higher than Toriyama or any other.

xflo3601938d ago

Just give it to level 5, one look at ni no kuni makes you realise just how poor ff13 really was!

TenkoTAiLS1938d ago

If XIV wasn't outsourced then why did it have character/creature name errors which resulted from mistranslation from Chinese to Japanese. The Japanese Final Fantasy Dec team wouldn't call a Chocobo a "horse bird".

I'm pretty sure they admitted that they outsourced to China for help with the game in one interview. Then again this was all reported on Sankaku Complex, so it may have been them making a mountain out of a molehill.

MorbidPorpoise1938d ago

Would be interesting seeing what Sakaguchi and Uematsu could do with Final Fantasy again.

guitar_nerd_231938d ago

I would bet both my testicles it would be awesome.

It would be quirky and wonderful and probably just slightly pervy- I loved the bit on the Last Story where you walk up to Callista and it just thows up two options out of the blue "Talk to her" or "Touch her" it made me practically fall of my chair laughing.

That's the sort of quirky touch that Final Fantasy will probably never see again.

Reibooi1938d ago

I just don't want studios outside Japan touching FF. People complain now but imagine something happening to FF like what is happening to DMC right now.

Also the title of the article is somewhat misleading. SE isn't talking about giving another studio the franchise. They are talking about having other studios do contract work to help with development. They already did this with XIII-2 as Tri-Ace helped with that and I think they want to do more of that in the future to both help speed up the dev time and to help keep things in check.

HarryMasonHerpderp1938d ago

Wada is an idiot he just hasn't got a clue what he's doing with the franchise.

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Kamikaze1351939d ago

As long as the games are good, I don't care who makes it. If I read this news years ago, I would have been disappointed, but SE has been nothing but disappointing lately. The only time I look forward to one of their games is when they remake a classic(IV DS/PSP and Dimensions on iOS/'s classic-ish) or offer fan service (dissidia). When it comes to new games and sequels to old games, they have been doing a horrible job.

Snookies121939d ago

XIII-2 was... Decent... But nowhere near what a Final Fantasy game SHOULD be. Wada has run that company into the ground. Maybe if they'd ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THEIR FANS?? They could do something right, but no... Obviously the fans don't know what they really want lol.

Kamikaze1351938d ago

Yeah, I actually did enjoy XIII-2. That was a step in the right direction, imo. XIV is being rebuilt and 2.0 looks like it will be really good. I just hope SE keeps heading in the right direction.

izumo_lee1938d ago

Outsourcing Final Fantasy is beyond stupid. Squarenix has the development team in their house already, they are just denying/delaying them the opportunity to work with the series.

Final Fantasy in all its iterations has that distinct Japanese flavor (whether it be storytelling or character designs) that separate it from others. To outsource that flavor will make the game lose its character. FF 13 although a good game is no where near what we hoped for has a story only the Japanese can come up with.

The last time Squarenix designed a game specifically for the Western market it was a horrid piece of a game called 'Mystic Quest'. Keep your games Japanese & people will respect you more Squarenix....maybe fall in love with you again.

young7yang1938d ago

how the mighty have fallen!

KeiserSosay47881938d ago

Outsource them to feelplus. I believe they developed Lost Odyssey. I'd be ok with that.

tiffac0081938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Lost Odyssey was also developed by Mistwalker with feelplus but feelplus is dead its been absorbed by another company if I'm not mistaken.

KeiserSosay47881938d ago

My mistake then. So it's Mistwalker then! Let them do it!

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The story is too old to be commented.